Ohio Women’s Ensemble: Finding a Home


By Chris Yangas; Video by Lily Rhodehamel

As Ohio Women’s Ensemble’s fall concert approaches Oct. 23 at Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium, sophomore Lindsey Bowden reminisced about her first semester at Ohio University (OU) before joining the all-female choir.

“My first semester was pretty rough,” Bowden said. “I didn’t like it here at all. I didn’t make very many friends besides just my modmates that I lived with.”

A member of the OU chapter of Delta Gamma Fraternity, Bowden believes her involvement with campus organizations is what turned her rocky first year around: especially, once she joined Ohio Women’s Ensemble (OWE).

“It gave me my first friends,” Bowden said. “Just being able to be involved with music and singing with a group again just made me a lot happier.”

Bowden had taken voice lessons since she was very young and also participated in choir during grade and high school. When she stopped singing in college, OWE gave her an opportunity to rediscover what had been missing till that point of her college experience.

“That was a lot of the reason I was so miserable: I took away a big part of my life and I didn’t even realize that I did it,” Bowden said. “When I found [Women’s Ensemble] my second semester, my whole experience changed.”

Bowden encourages women around campus who enjoy singing to join the non-audition group, which till Sept. 21, this year, to date, held a record-high 107 members, according to Speakeasy Magazine

“Our choir sounds really good,” Bowden said. “Even if you’ve never done music before and you were just interested and wanted to do it, you can. That’s one of the reasons I like it so much.”

OWE will collaborate with Choral Union, a choir that features male students and non-OU members, during its fall concert on Oct. 23 in Memorial Auditorium.

Author: Chris Yangas

Chris Yangas is a junior who majors in journalism. He desires to become a sports columnist and one day live in the Southwest (Cali, New Mexico or something). A firm believer that doing cool things is better than having cool things, he wants to someday change the sports industry for the better.

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