What to Do When…Dorm Edition

Living in the dorms is considered a rite of passage for college. It’s fun and something you’ll remember forever, but sometimes you have problems. Whether it’s a bad roommate, or you have Athens’ squirrels in your walls, follow these tips to solve any problems you may have in your dorms:

  1. You have water damage/mold/squirrels in your room: Yes, this may sound horrible, but it does happen. For example, I had squirrels living in my walls for months until someone came and trapped them. Through the fall, winter, and yes, even mating season. When this happens, make sure you fill out a work order. Maintenance usually comes within 5 days or so, so get on and get your room fixed. You also don’t want any charges at the end of the year.

  2. You have loud neighbors: Confront them. If your neighbors are so loud that you can’t even sleep at night, that’s a big problem. Don’t be scared to knock and tell them to keep it down. You are all sharing a space together, and everyone needs to be courteous of each other. If they still don’t quiet down after that, tell your RA. It should be fixed after that. No one should be sleep deprived because someone has to play Drake at 100% volume every night. giphy-1
  3. You have roommate issues: Talk to your roommate first. If they don’t respect your sleeping schedule, throw trash all over the room or always have their significant other over, TALK TO THEM. No one can solve this problem but yourself. But, if you talk to them and nothing changes, go to your RA. Most likely, you and your roommate had to sign a roommate contract, and she’ll get in trouble.

  4. Your room is too hot/too cold: If your room is too hot, shove towels underneath the floor vent heaters. It’ll prevent air from coming in them and make your room colder. Also, even if you have an AC unit, invest in a fan. It drowns out neighbor noise and makes your room cooler. If your room is too cold, tell your RA or Resident Director. They can put in a work order to fix it. If that doesn’t fix your room, usually maintenance will bring you a space heater to stay warm. giphy-1
  5. You have no space/storage: If you have too much stuff, living in a dorm is going to be hard for you. Before you come to school, make sure you downsize. Don’t bring all 12 pairs of your high heels (you won’t wear them), and shop for basic clothing rather than items that only go with one pair of pants. Your closet, laundry and space in your room will thank you. Also invest in plastic drawers. You can put them anywhere and they hold anything. Plus, when you move out, you can duct tape them shut and move with them.

Author: Hannah Wintucky

Hannah is a freshman studying Strategic Communications and Spanish at Ohio University. She loves the outdoors, hiking, scuba diving and hanging out with her Jack Russell, Bernie. You can follow her on Twitter at @wintuck

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