5 Reasons Why We Live in the Future

Despite the fact we still don’t have Marty McFly’s hover board and our cars still can’t fly we are very much living in the future today. For example, millions of people have constant access to the entire collective knowledge of the human race by simply typing a few words into Google, so long as their phone still has a charge. Everyday our world gets a little closer to the chrome covered future our grandparents dreamed of in their youth.

1. Delivery Drones

Via Daily Mail, YouTube
Via Daily Mail, YouTube

It’s Friday night, and that trip you were going to make to the grocery store has been postponed for the third time. Submitting to the basic need to eat you order a pizza, but instead of a delivery driver fumbling their way to your door, picture a drone dropping it off at your window.

2. Robot Walking Companions

Via Michael P. Shipley YouTube
Via Michael P. Shipley YouTube

One of Boston Dynamic’s most impressive creations, the Atlas brings us one step closer to having mobile robot sidekicks. A bipedal creation reminiscent of our own image, this robot can walk, get knocked down and get back up again.

3. Virtual Reality

Via Nan Palmero, Flickr
Via Nan Palmero, Flickr

With VR headsets anyone can immerse themselves in whatever digital media they please. This immersive experience allows for a whole new world of entertainment.

4. 3D Printers

Via Flickr, Mirko Tobias Schäfer
Via Flickr, Mirko Tobias Schäfer

While not an incredibly new technology, uses for these machines range from medicine to entertainment. There ability to make raw material into usable products has implications for almost every industry and soon could be even more involved in everyday life.

5. Advanced Prosthetics

Via Flickr, U.S. Navy
Via Flickr, U.S. Navy

Life like artificial limbs are close to being an accessible reality. Now those who have suffered injury or came into the world with a disability may soon have a remedy. While still years away the progress that’s been made recently gives hope to many who need it.

Women’s Fashion in Athens: A guide to looking good at OU while not giving a sh*t about what people think of you


Ah…high school. Strategically planning your outfits the night before a full day of school as if your life depended on it seems to have been a common occurrence among teenagers. In college, nobody gives a sh*t about what you wear. I’m telling you right now to stop stressing. If you need some helpful fashion tips, keep reading.

The following information includes the general fashion trends. Do not limit yourself to these. Wear whatever you want. Be happy, comfortable, confident, and express yourself… even if it means wearing a banana suit!


Amazon Prime. As a college student, you are eligible for a free 6-month trial of Amazon Prime. This will give you free two-day shipping, access to hundreds of free movies and TV shows, and access to hundreds of playlists through Prime Music. It’s awesome. After your 6-month trial is up, you get Amazon Prime for 50% off ($40 a year, so worth it). Click here to sign up! 

Court Street. Fig Leaf and The Other Place are two of the more popular boutiques on Court Street. Some of their items can be expensive, but watch for their awesome sales! If you’re looking for some nearby OU apparel, try College Bookstore, Follett University Bookstore, or UniversiTEES.

East State Street. Did you know Athens has a mall? I use the term “mall” loosely. It consists of a couple stores like Elder-Beerman and Goody’s. These places usually have some good deals. Dunham’s Sports is also located at the mall. It’s basically Athen’s version of Dick’s Sporting Goods. They also have OU apparel there. If you need to go to a real mall, the closest one is actually in Vienna, West Virginia (about a 45 minute drive).

Explore East State some more and you’ll find a couple other gems like Rue 21. Check out the whole strip. You’ll also find SHOE Department.


We can’t forget Walmart. Other than underwear and socks, Walmart is good for simple clothing items like tank tops, sweat pants, or t-shirts. They also have cute, cheap OU apparel!




The following information is subject to change due to the indecisive weather of the state of Ohio.


Leggings. Skinny jeans. Boots. Scarves. Vests. Hoodies. That’s all you need to know.


Same as above. You may want to dress a little warmer and have a heavier jacket. Make sure you dress in layers because the classrooms can get really hot. If you want to REALLY break the “not giving a sh*t” meter,  just dress up as a winter Disney princess and lighten the mood on campus. Check out The Post’s article on this dude here.


Spring is an interesting time in Athens. It can be 40 degrees or it can be 85 degrees. You’ll want to have some flip flops, jean shorts, rompers, comfy dresses, and tank tops. If the weather is in the “in-between phase” you can always mix and match tank tops with a pair of jeans and a light jacket. Athens can be pretty rainy too. Invest in some rain boots and a rain jacket.


You should dress obnoxiously. Everything and anything is acceptable (unless you’re naked..then the horse cops will get you). Fest season might be the only time where fanny packs are actually a fashion trend. Sports jerseys seem to be a common trend too. Make sure you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. You should definitely consider wearing boots. Also, show your school spirit. Wearing a lot of OU apparel is another option.


Wear the same outfits you’d wear in the spring if it’s hot. You can throw a bikini in there too.


OU is the greatest school. Coming here was the greatest decision of my life and it should be yours too. I have never seen anyone get judged or made fun of over something they chose to wear. We are all a loving Bobcat family. Don’t over think it.



Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.36.11 AM
Alexa Uber (sophomore), center, poses with friends. “If you like to look cute everyday, look cute everyday. If you like messy buns and sweatshirts, that works too.”
Allison Hinton fearlessly dons her fanny pack. "This isn't high school anymore so you don't need to worry about what every other girl is wearing or if you'll stand out, do whatever makes you happy!"
Allison Hinton (freshman), left, fearlessly dons her fanny pack. “This isn’t high school anymore so you don’t need to worry about what every other girl is wearing or if you’ll stand out, do whatever makes you happy!”








Victoria Fox (senior) poses with a friend prior to #fest. "Just do you boo boo."
Victoria Fox (senior), left, poses with a   friend prior to #FEST. “Just do you boo boo.”  





Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.57.56 AM
Miranda Stepka (sophomore), left, poses with her friend. “Be your own person with confidence and you’ll look good in anything.”

















*Subjects freely contributed the above Instagram photos 

ROTC appreciates veterans and fellow Bobcats while cadets exceed student section hype levels

The conflicting life of being a cadet and a normal college student at Ohio University can be overwhelming, yet, rewarding. Military Appreciation Day fell on the same day as Sibs Weekend this year. My sister happened to be flying across the country to see me but, inconveniently, duty called. I had to photograph the entire event and sacrifice a day with my sister.


Three cadets struggled to haul a massive flag to The Convo that Saturday morning. Cadets then had to conduct rehearsals with Master Sergeant Steven Henderson, one of our Military Science instructors. He used to be a Drill Sergeant. As a DS, your job is to yell at new soldiers at boot camp 24/7.

You can only imagine the fun times that ensued.

“Don’t let the flag touch the ground!”

“Curl your damn fingers when you march!”

The cadets rehearsed unfolding the flag more times than I could count. The veterans just smiled.

Veterans from a VFW post in Albany, Ohio, hold a large American flag with Ohio University Army ROTC cadets before the men’s basketball game on February 6, 2016.

Finally, all flag holders staged in one of the hallways that led onto the basketball court. They waited for their cue to march out. Senior Cadet Alexandra Hambleton coordinated with the Singing Men of Ohio, Title IX, and fellow cadets to sing The National Anthem together.

Before they sang, the announcer who presented the singers made a mistake. He said that OU Army ROTC cadets would be singing The National Anthem. He failed to mention SMO and Title IX.  This angered me a little since they made up the majority of the group. Kori Chenetski, a member of Title IX, said it was “no biggie.”

“I honestly didn’t really notice! I think the group of us who performed were more concerned about us being asked to participate in this opportunity! It was a wonderful experience!”

Chenetski says she had actually planned on joining the military for a while but was turned away due to health issues.

“I would give anything to serve my country, but sadly, I won’t be able to do that.”

She also says she read the recent article by The Post titled, “Opportunity for women to serve in all combat positions excites some Army ROTC students.”

“I believe it’s awesome that women are given this opportunity! I am still a bit skeptical of PT (physical training) scores not having to be the same standards though. I believe women are just as capable of reaching the goals and scores that men are,” Chenetski says. Speaking of men…

“I love a man in uniform,” Chenetski concludes. “My boyfriend rocks it pretty well!”


After cadets dodged traffic while carrying the massive flag back to the supply office at Peden Stadium, they went back to The Convo to join the rest of The Bobcat Battalion in the student section. Junior cadet, Noah Nelson, was the “pit boss” this year.

“It was my responsibility to motivate and create a fun environment during the game. I made sure that I had the crowd and student section in the game and rocking the whole entire time!” Nelson proudly states.

Cadet Noah Nelson celebrates in the center of the student section with fellow cadets after the Bobcats score a 3-pointer.

He goes on to contrast life as a cadet and student at OU.

“I am a huge sports fan myself and can be out of control at times, really like any Cleveland fan to be honest, and I catch myself saying some outrageous things. As a cadet though, especially attending games in uniform, is a little more difficult for me to do. I love to try to get into athletes heads and also mouth off to the referee now and then…who doesn’t?” Nelson winks.

The cadets are known for hyping up the halftime shows every year, according to Nelson. Last year, the Troy Pop Rocks Jump Rope Team performed. There was a coach from the Pop Rocks who couldn’t believe the cadets’ reactions.

“We were all looking forward for maybe a sequel of the “PopRocks Jump-Rope Club” but this group of boys and girls put on a hell of a show!”

This year there was a youth basketball dribbling team performance.

“At the end of it, they were so happy and into it that they started throwing us their sweatbands as almost a token of their appreciation. They loved that we were into it and they wanted to reward us,” concluded Nelson.


According to the Bobcat Battalion’s Facebook page and a press release, OU ROTC’s goals were to recognize those who have served/are still serving and positively represent their program. They seemed to have achieved just that.

Due to me being down on the court, I had to have my sister take this low quality picture on her iPhone from high up in The Convo to get the full flag.

Yes. It is funny that I “sacrificed” and did all this work only to see MY SISTER’S one photo get featured…not mine.

ANYWAYS…one thing that ROTC has prepared me for is sacrifice. You have duties to your country (or to a basketball game in this case…you get what I mean) and to your family. Once the duty is done, the reward is worth it. My sister was able to stay until Monday. We proceeded through the weekend spending hundreds of dollars (by we, I mean my sister because she’s 10 years older than me and has a real job) on alcohol and drunk food. It was nice to feel like a normal college kid again.

FINAL SCORE: OU 80 Northern Illinois 69.

Editor’s note: Caroline Pirchner is a senior in Ohio University’s Army ROTC program. Her duty was to oversee the proper presentation and unfurling of the American flag during The National Anthem at the OU men’s basketball game on February 6, 2016. She created all the photographs on this page except the one by her sister and is credited as such.

It’s a Love-Hate Relationship


David Jones

"I sailed to Panama city. I guess we didn’t sail straight there. We sailed to … the San Blas Islands first … which is a little bit further east. And then we slowly made our way to Panama City where I flew home. Just moving the boat for some people that I met in Virginia. They run a 105 foot schooner that they do charters and things on and they sail down to Panama every year to do maintenance. So, I was lucky enough that they wanted to take me with them. It was about two weeks. I grew up here, so I’m staying with my family here for the winter and I’m going back to work for that same boat this summer"
“I sailed to Panama city. I guess we didn’t sail straight there. We sailed to … the San Blas Islands first … which is a little bit further east. And then we slowly made our way to Panama City where I flew home. Just moving the boat for some people that I met in Virginia. They run a 105 foot schooner that they do charters and things on and they sail down to Panama every year to do maintenance. So, I was lucky enough that they wanted to take me with them. It was about two weeks. I grew up here, so I’m staying with my family here for the winter and I’m going back to work for that same boat this summer” — David Young

Pickup Soccer Unites Students of All Kind

The soccer pitch, whether grass or a number of other surfaces, serves as a home for professional athletes, college students and many others around the world. Wherever one might be, there is always a place for pickup soccer, or pelada, to be played.

Walter Fieldhouse
Club football team warms up at Walter Fieldhouse, home of many club and intramural sporting events.

I found my “home” in the middle of an open field across from Mill Street Village during move-in day. All I had to do was look for the two soccer nets. There, was a group of 25 students playing the game that so many love. After waiting 15 minutes for the initial two games to end, I joined a team of six other students and started playing my first 7-on-7 soccer game on campus.

Each week during the last semester, I would go to the field to play pickup soccer with my fellow students. Being my first semester at OHIO, I made many of my first friends on the soccer ground. The athletes included a mixture of men and women, who were Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Indian. The game connected all of us together, even if we were not from the same place or spoke the same language. Of course, soccer is a universal language in that way.

Additionally, the sport provides a way for one to forget all other problems in one’s life. It can serve as a way to free one’s mind or it can just serve as a study break.

In the winter, we take our game to Walter Fieldhouse to play on turf or the Ping Center to play futsal, a version of soccer often played on an indoor court.


A Not So Haunted Haven

A few of the headstones.
A few of the headstones.

When many think of the Athens Lunatic Asylum cemeteries, their minds race toward death. When I think of those same places, I am transported back to the sticky summer day that I laid my sunhat down in the grass, a few feet from an unmarked grave, and discovered my hideaway.

I had decided to spend the afternoon reading some fairytales and lounging on Radar Hill. After a pang of curiosity hit me and I made a sharp right through a clearing in the woods, I found my feet taking me over a small wooden bridge toward a stagnant pond surrounded by trees. It was gorgeous, to say the least. I have always found solace in seclusion and there was not a soul in eyesight or earshot. After the damp, slightly fishy smell of the water became too overwhelming, I made my way up a small hill to what I discovered was the back end of an asylum cemetery.

The bridge that leads to my small paradise.
The bridge that leads to my small paradise.

I saw that there were stretches of graves on the opposite side of another wooden bridge, but as I approached I noticed some headstones that tapered off down the hill I was wandering on. I immediately panicked, thinking I had traipsed all over someone’s final resting place. After checking things out, I realized that I hadn’t moronically stomped on someone.

The next hour or so, I spent my time examining the moss-covered graves and contemplating the people that lie beneath the earth. The only identifiers these departed people had were numbers. Given the anonymity of the numbers and the hidden nature of the gravesite, I gathered that these people rarely got visitors. Things like that always touch me

My sunhat, backpack and blanket.
My sunhat, backpack and blanket.

in a way that I struggle to explain, so I laid my blanket down and spent my afternoon with the lonely and (presumably) forgotten.

If I ever need time to think, be alone, meditate or gather myself, I visit my secret place among the dead. I am not always keen to share my special places with anyone, let alone the entire Internet, but I hope someone can find the same comfort and peace in this magical little spot.

A few reasons why winter fashion is the only fashion

There’s this notion that a temperate climate — a little bit of warmth here, a little bit of sun there — gives way to great fashion.

If weather allows you to wear ankle boots with a sun dress and a wool hat, you can essentially quit your otherwise normal life to become The Next Big Blogger. You broke the mold. You mixed fabric weights. You wore a beanie with shorts. Someone should pay you (or the California climate you exist in) for your unmatched genius.

Here’s the thing: That’s bullshit. A temperate climate means living in a world where you’re always too hot or too cold, and consistently making the wrong fashion choices. People that wear boots with sleeveless dresses are never truly happy — just left with a confused body temperature and no sense of time or place.

If we all wanted to be fashionable, we’d move to somewhere truly freezing. A miserable-range of freezing doesn’t allow you to make any fashion choices. You can wear a 400-pound down jacket with four pairs of leggings underneath, as long as its all a mildly attractive color, you win.

Not quite sold? Let me give you a few reasons why I’m right.

Blanket Scarves.

Via Urban Outfitters.
Via Urban Outfitters.

This is literally an excuse to wear a blanket to class and have no one judge you. You get to call this lazy excuse for an accessory “fashion.” You could swathe an infant child in it, but you instead chose to wear it around your neck. People applaud you for it. What could be better?

Down Jackets 

I’m from Michigan, where it’s unbearably cold a good portion of the year. That’s why I even know about jackets this huge and puffy. It’s necessary for life, but also a perfectly good reason to wear what would otherwise be a sleeping bag around your shoulders.

Boots with the fur

Via Bloomingdales.
Via Bloomingdales.

More than a line in a song by our generation’s songbird, Flo Rida, “boots with the fur” (let’s use Ugg boots as an example) are basically like wearing slippers all winter long. Again, one of those weird things were you get to pretend this looks good for a few months for the sake of warmth. Way better than sandals.


‘Nuff said. These guys should be worn all year ’round. They’re the perfect excuse to not send any emails, check your phone or do any heavy lifting. You’re basically useless while wearing mittens. It’s a beautiful and rare thing.

Beanies big enough to pull over your entire head 

Bad hair days don’t exist mid-November – late Match.  Nobody can even tell if you’ve showered or not. Know why? You’re covering your entire head with a magic piece of wool that cost (hopefully) $10 at Forever 21. During the summer, you’d have to shower once or twice a day just to exit the sweat swamp you’re living in and look remotely attractive.

We all look the same

Winter weather bonds us in our misery and our affinity for clothes we actually bought from Costco just to survive. That’s so beautiful.



Passion Works holds first End of Summer Bash to engage community

Passion Works Studio held its first ever End of Summer of Bash last weekend. The event ran from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Festive music played, refreshments were offered while fine arts and select gifts were on sale for buy-one-get-one-half-off. But for the first time, community members could help employees build a paper-mache dragon, a homecoming parade float or draw on white bed sheets.

Cardon Smith | artist | End Of Smummer Bash | Passion Works
Cardon Smith is one of several artists who helped the End of Summer Bash.

“We thought it’d be a cool idea to get the community involved in some of our bigger art projects,” lead production artist and sales rep for the studio Alyssa Cardwell said. “People really look forward to our sales around here, and we thought it’d be good to move the sales up.”

Five artists came on Friday and two came on Saturday to create the works for the Bash. The artists, who have received services from the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities, made the passion flowers with sheeted aluminum acquired from Athens News after it’s done using it to print their newspapers.

Participants could either buy passion flowers designed, sculpted and painted by the Passion Works Studio artists or they could paint their own flowers, which are the same but are white and without paint on them.

Passion Works also held a raffle with tickets costing $1 per ticket and $5 for 6 tickets, which are used to win prizes like a gift basket of trinkets and a 14-inch by 11-inch painting.

More artists and student volunteers were expected to help than attended, but Passion Works was still grateful for the help that those who came provided. Some students who did come mentioned that they were aware of the event because of resident assistants’ posting flyers around their residence halls. Cardwell advocates that RAs keep taking initiative.

“We were hoping that there would be more student volunteers,” Cardwell said. “We’re looking for more opportunities to get across to students. If the RAs can keep doing that, that would be great.”

Saturday’s overall turnout was higher than Friday’s. All in all, the therapeutic art studio raised over $1,000 over the two-day span.

Passion Works’ next big event is on Oct. 10, where the studio will enter its homecoming float in the Homecoming Parade float contest.