The College on the Hill

It is the first sight you see on the college application next to the great bold words of Ohio University. It’s as old as the place gets, College Green to me makes me feel at home. Between the endless old brick walkways sit beautiful Cutler, McGuffey and Wilson Halls. They have been the foreground to this university since it was referred to as “the college on the hill”.

When I first arrived at Ohio University of course I got that homesick feel as this was the first time ever being away from home for an extended time. The part that made me realize that the change was for the good, were the friends I could tell I was making and the memories I was creating.

“The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice.” – Mark Twain

Walking to my classes everyday through College Green, in that first fall semester, I could hear the leaves crunch under my shoes as they started to change colors and fall to the ground. That same cool homey feel you had growing up as a kid walking to your bus stop. You could tell winter was coming because you had to put an extra layer on to keep warm. I got the same comfort walking back and forth that first semester which made me settle in very nicely.

“Sometimes in life, we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find the joy in the journey”- someone on a journey

Through the years College Green has taken a new form in my life. Every time I see a commercial come on for Ohio University and I see the walkways and trees as old as the University itself I get that feeling of pride. Not the same pride feeling as you get when you study all night and ace a test but that pride feeling of knowing you were apart of something bigger than yourself. Learning about the old traditions of this great university and realizing that only a selected few will ever get to experience something as great as the time you had here makes it feel special and well worth it.

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