The building that teleports you

My first semester here at Ohio University wasn’t the easiest. I was indecisive about what I wanted to study, or if I even wanted to be in school at all. The classes I took weren’t very appealing so I needed an outlet. Every Thursday night I would hop on my bike and ride it to the Athena Grand to catch a seven o’clock movie. It was the best way for me to get away from everything. I loved riding on the bike path that parallels the Hocking river and seeing the beauty of Athens.

Adena Bikeway

The Athena Grand isn’t a unique movie theater by any means (except for the cheap $5 tickets),but that didn’t matter. I like to think that all theatres are like time machines. They are places from where we can teleport from our hectic lives for a few hours and see something else. Each screening room is an opening to a whole new world. It can take you back in time or to the future. It can allow you to see different viewpoints from different people. Seeing a different film every week truly opened my mind to think in a new way.

I saw Martin Luther King Jr. fight for human rights and lead a peaceful protest that changed the world forever (Selma). I watched as a Mathematician solved an important code that stopped the Germans from being able to communicate during World War II (The Imitation Game). I saw a war hero go through hell and back while fighting in a war he could never win, even when he went home (American Sniper). On a lighter note, I got to see Will Ferrell and Kevin Hear “kick ass” in the movie “Get Hard”.

My favorite place in Athens ended up becoming the major I wanted to pursue at OU. It inspired me to make content that will take people away from their lives and allow them to see life through someone else’s eyes. I still love going to Athena Grand and I will never forget how it changed my perspective on life.

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