When you’re broke and have no where to go, Court Street is the place to shop

Let’s face it, being a college student well sucks…especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere and the nearest “mall” has about three stores.


I was only exaggerating.

Don’t lose hope just yet, Court Street has plenty of places to shop and it ranges from small novelty stores to stores where you can purchase certain items we weren’t allowed to film.

Uptown Costumes, the name says it all. You’ll be able to find a large variety of not only costumes but also sweaters and posters. If you’re lucky enough you might run into Charlie, the owner’s dog. Be gentle, he’s an old boy.

Import House is a split into two sections, one side where you can take your parents other side where your mom questions whether or not she actually believes you’re using the money she gave you last month for textbooks. (It’s okay, your parents did the same thing in college.)

Artifacts has a lot of novelty items along with dresses and t-shirts. You’ll be able to find left-handed mugs for your obnoxious left-handed friend (me) and other handmade knick-knacks.

“I usually shop on Court Street after I get breakfast to cure my hangover. It’s a nice way to spend whatever is left of my afternoon,” said a student on Court Street who didn’t want their name used in case their parents were to ever Google them.

Join me as I dragged my boyfriend and a close friend around Court Street to look at things I don’t have room for but will sooner or later end up buying.

Be OU Halloween ready with 6 makeup techniques

Adding special effects with makeup such as fake blood and liquid latex can turn a harmless store-bought costume into a bloody, murderous and potentially freaky one.

Uptown Costumes located at 12 S. Court St., go for more of a Halloween-centric store to prepare for the Halloween Block Party.

Vivian Lesende, a worker for Uptown Costumes, said the store has been extremely busy since its costume collection was brought in for students.

“It’s just going to keep getting busier as it gets closer,” Lesende said. “Rocky Horror just started last night so we even had people coming in last minute trying to get stuff for that.”

In the store, there is an entire section behind the counter dedicated to all scary makeup accessories ranging from makeup palettes, to liquid latex and hair color.

“I think there’s a lot of costumes where it’s pretty necessary,” Lesende said. “It really helps to complete the costume in a lot of cases.”

Here are five Halloween makeup techniques to accentuate Halloween costumes for a more realistic, and impressive presentation.

via Jon Seidman
via Jon Seidman

1. Fake blood

It’s a technique that has been around in a theatrical sense even before black and white film. Psycho’s (1960) use of fake blood resulted in chocolate syrup, but since color film, fake blood proved to be a challenge for a realistic look, according to Slate.

Here is a fake blood recipe that will put the blood buckets from Carrie (1978) to shame:   

  • Light corn syrup
  • 2 parts red rit dye
  • 1 part black

Mix until “blood like.” Lesende said Uptown Halloween has applicator sponges and fake blood containers to give more of a congealed look.


2. Liquid Latex

Latex is a useful way to create aesthetic layers to make a costume that much more gory.   

Lesende said liquid latex is one of the more popular items the store sells. A small bottle sells for $5.99 she said.

To make burns with latex: Take an inclined makeup sponge and cover prospective burn area with latex. Take used dryer sheets and lay them on the applicated area.

Put a semi-thick layer of latex on top of the dryer sheets. After, pinch and pull the latex apart to look like there are holes and boils as a scarred area.

via gobstock.com

3. Scars

Mehron rigid collodion can be bought at Uptown Halloween for $7 to $10 to give off the appearance that one is severely scarred or deformed.

“We also have tattoos that can look like scars,” Lesende said. “We have peel and stick scars and injuries.”

To use: Thinly apply a long skinny line on cheek. This product will make skin pucker. Cover area with pink lip gloss and then cover with concealer.

Although it is not recommended, super glue is also an option to put on skin to make skin pucker.

IMG_17294. Makeup

There is a simple, cheap eyeshadow palette that can complete the look of any beaten up and bloodied zombie. Ideally one that includes a green, red, purple and yellow to look bruised.

“We have different makeup palettes,” Lesende said. “Depending on what your theme is, there’s different colors to match that theme. That’s also something that’s pretty popular.”

The store, Lesende said, has zombie and bruise palettes or even ones labeled “death.”

Maybelline has a foundation called “Porcelain” for the whitest white. Uptown Costumes also has clown paint for $8.99. 


5. Hair color

Whether students are looking for temporary spray or vegan hair dye, bold colors in a hairstyle can accentuate a neutral-toned costume and help your friends pick you out in the crowd.

There is always the classic wig option, but just in case there is a chance one might lose it along Court Street, temporary hair dye/spray is an option. Manic Panic, a vegan hair cream with vibrant color selections, is at a retail price of $13.99. Uptown Costumes sells the cream for $6.99. The store advertises that all of its prices are lower than all Amazon.com prices.


 6. Facial Hair

Fake facial hair is as simple and as fake as it sounds, and the Uptown store has plenty to choose. From mustaches to fake beards, students can seek out these accessories for an additional way to pull off a look.


Don’t forget makeup when it comes to this year’s Halloween costume. It’s accessible, affordable and it can take any character from 1 to 10 in an instant.