5 tips for dealing with stress

  1.  Find a strong support system
    Whether it’s friends or family, surround yourself with people who will support you. A lot of times you may find out that your friends are going through the same stressors. As Kendra Jackson at Hopewell Health Center would say, “It creates a sense of universality just to know that someone is going through the same thing, and that we can all make it together so that you won’t be traveling through this journey alone.”
  1. Write
    As simple as it sounds, writing down what you’re feeling can work wonders. Whether it is poetry, doodling, or diary entries, writing gives you a chance to see your feelings on paper as well as giving you a chance to re-create those feelings into a more positive outcome. Jackson calls this narrative therapy, recreating or reframing a story with a different ending.
  1. Read
    No matter your interests, there will always be a book out there for you. Reading creates a way for you to put yourself inside a story and experience a sort of escape from reality. Connecting with the characters and seeing their decisions might make you rethink and reframe your own as well.
  1. Spirituality
    Spirituality can be an effective way of dealing with stress. And it doesn’t have to be something that everyone else believes. Spirituality comes from within, and when you find what you believe in, it gives you a reason to live.
  1. Go back to the basics
    Find the things that soothe you, and that you find joy, happiness, and contentment from. People are always looking for some new “AHA!” invention to help them with stress, but what helped you in the past? What brought you joy before? When you find it, that is what you want to go back to when you’re having a bad day.

Source: Kendra Jackson, Counselor at Hopewell Health Center