Women’s Fashion in Athens: A guide to looking good at OU while not giving a sh*t about what people think of you


Ah…high school. Strategically planning your outfits the night before a full day of school as if your life depended on it seems to have been a common occurrence among teenagers. In college, nobody gives a sh*t about what you wear. I’m telling you right now to stop stressing. If you need some helpful fashion tips, keep reading.

The following information includes the general fashion trends. Do not limit yourself to these. Wear whatever you want. Be happy, comfortable, confident, and express yourself… even if it means wearing a banana suit!


Amazon Prime. As a college student, you are eligible for a free 6-month trial of Amazon Prime. This will give you free two-day shipping, access to hundreds of free movies and TV shows, and access to hundreds of playlists through Prime Music. It’s awesome. After your 6-month trial is up, you get Amazon Prime for 50% off ($40 a year, so worth it). Click here to sign up! 

Court Street. Fig Leaf and The Other Place are two of the more popular boutiques on Court Street. Some of their items can be expensive, but watch for their awesome sales! If you’re looking for some nearby OU apparel, try College Bookstore, Follett University Bookstore, or UniversiTEES.

East State Street. Did you know Athens has a mall? I use the term “mall” loosely. It consists of a couple stores like Elder-Beerman and Goody’s. These places usually have some good deals. Dunham’s Sports is also located at the mall. It’s basically Athen’s version of Dick’s Sporting Goods. They also have OU apparel there. If you need to go to a real mall, the closest one is actually in Vienna, West Virginia (about a 45 minute drive).

Explore East State some more and you’ll find a couple other gems like Rue 21. Check out the whole strip. You’ll also find SHOE Department.


We can’t forget Walmart. Other than underwear and socks, Walmart is good for simple clothing items like tank tops, sweat pants, or t-shirts. They also have cute, cheap OU apparel!




The following information is subject to change due to the indecisive weather of the state of Ohio.


Leggings. Skinny jeans. Boots. Scarves. Vests. Hoodies. That’s all you need to know.


Same as above. You may want to dress a little warmer and have a heavier jacket. Make sure you dress in layers because the classrooms can get really hot. If you want to REALLY break the “not giving a sh*t” meter,  just dress up as a winter Disney princess and lighten the mood on campus. Check out The Post’s article on this dude here.


Spring is an interesting time in Athens. It can be 40 degrees or it can be 85 degrees. You’ll want to have some flip flops, jean shorts, rompers, comfy dresses, and tank tops. If the weather is in the “in-between phase” you can always mix and match tank tops with a pair of jeans and a light jacket. Athens can be pretty rainy too. Invest in some rain boots and a rain jacket.


You should dress obnoxiously. Everything and anything is acceptable (unless you’re naked..then the horse cops will get you). Fest season might be the only time where fanny packs are actually a fashion trend. Sports jerseys seem to be a common trend too. Make sure you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. You should definitely consider wearing boots. Also, show your school spirit. Wearing a lot of OU apparel is another option.


Wear the same outfits you’d wear in the spring if it’s hot. You can throw a bikini in there too.


OU is the greatest school. Coming here was the greatest decision of my life and it should be yours too. I have never seen anyone get judged or made fun of over something they chose to wear. We are all a loving Bobcat family. Don’t over think it.



Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.36.11 AM
Alexa Uber (sophomore), center, poses with friends. “If you like to look cute everyday, look cute everyday. If you like messy buns and sweatshirts, that works too.”
Allison Hinton fearlessly dons her fanny pack. "This isn't high school anymore so you don't need to worry about what every other girl is wearing or if you'll stand out, do whatever makes you happy!"
Allison Hinton (freshman), left, fearlessly dons her fanny pack. “This isn’t high school anymore so you don’t need to worry about what every other girl is wearing or if you’ll stand out, do whatever makes you happy!”








Victoria Fox (senior) poses with a friend prior to #fest. "Just do you boo boo."
Victoria Fox (senior), left, poses with a   friend prior to #FEST. “Just do you boo boo.”  





Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.57.56 AM
Miranda Stepka (sophomore), left, poses with her friend. “Be your own person with confidence and you’ll look good in anything.”

















*Subjects freely contributed the above Instagram photos 

Lucky’s Sports Tavern is hOUme

Upon turning 21 years of age in Athens, Ohio, I discovered an oasis known as Lucky’s Sports Tavern. Well…okay. I knew about Lucky’s BEFORE I was 21, but that’s not the point. Being in OU’s Army ROTC program, Lucky’s has always been sort of a “right of passage” for cadets. We, of course, are strict about underage drinking, so when we are finally of age, Lucky’s is more of an exciting privilege.

Congratulations, Here's a Beer
My friend Spyro and I decided to poke fun at the way we receive awards in the military. So, he awarded me with a Yuengling for no reason and we documented it.

When you enter this establishment, it may, at first glance, seem like a typical bar. It is not until you venture there more than a few times that you discover the many aspects you will bond with for the rest of your Bobcat lifetime.

Monday Mug Club

Ah, the infamous Mug Club. You are sitting at the bar. You look up to notice an array of glass beer mugs on the shelf in front of you. Each mug seems to have a little tag with a name or number on it. What is this, you say? Well, Lucky’s gives you the wonderful opportunity to pay a small bit of money per semester for a nice beer mug with your name on it. You will get special deals on drinks like $1.75 drafts anytime and $1 shots on Mondays. Speaking of shots, the shot menu is extensive. My friend Spyro and I have made it a goal to get through the entire shot list. They range from names like grape skittle, jet fuel, silk panties, and train wreck.

Infamous Liquor Pitchers

It’s Wednesday. A well-known bar day for OU students. $5 liquor pitchers at Lucky’s. The place gets packed. Everyone usually has a pitcher of “Lucky’s Lemonade,” “Electric Lemonade,” “Big Red Machine,” or one of the other popular liquor drinks to themselves (with about 1,578 straws in each pitcher just in case you have a lot of friends that want to share). Tip: Pour your pitcher into small plastic cups. You don’t get all the extra ice and you can finish a pitcher MUCH faster (if you don’t mind dying, that is).

The Food

Whether it be the legendary cheese stix or their monthly pizza creations, Lucky’s is a great place to spend happy hour. Cheese stix are $.50 on Fridays during happy hour. I personally like their nachos and fried pickles.

                                                    The People

Alex Exum, a Lucky's bartender off duty, poses in Lucky's with a pitcher from the Cincinnati Reds. (photo courtesy of Alex Exum)
Alex Exum, a Lucky’s bartender off duty, poses in Lucky’s with a pitcher from the Cincinnati Reds. (photo courtesy of Alex Exum)

Every bar in Athens seems to have a certain crowd. From my observations, Lucky’s brings in all sorts of characters. I have seen townies, hipsters, fraternity/sorority guys and girls, and athletes. This, in my opinion, is what makes it the most likeable bar. The employees also make your experience worthwhile. They are very professional and fun. Becoming good friends with the bartenders and bouncers to the point where they know our drink orders and no longer ID us, is a pretty homey feeling, as it would be with any bar. One of the bartenders, Alex, actually came to Vegas with my friends and I.

The Atmosphere

Everyone is always having a good time in Lucky’s. As soon as you walk in, there’s almost always a crowd playing pool. You’re likely to hear the songs “Ignition” by R. Kelly or  “Africa” by Toto playing over the juke box. Nobody really seems to care about what music you play, though. Everyone in Lucky’s is pretty accepting of your tastes. You could play 15 Taylor Swift songs in a row and be fine.

Check out this video: St. Patty’s Day at Lucky’s

Overall, Lucky’s holds a special place in my heart. The biggest shock to myself is that it is technically the Steelers bar of Athens. There is no other thing in this world that I hate more than the Steelers. I am a diehard Browns fan (sadly). That alone has to say a lot about the greatness of this bar. Lucky’s is just legendary. It’s tradition. It’s home.


I always am keeping up to date on Lucky’s Twitter for specials and events: https://twitter.com/luckysst


Here’s one place that’ll reel you away from OU’s party atmosphere

If all of Athens’ entertainment venues were at a party, The Athena would be a wallflower; it might not have the party atmosphere that the college town is famous for, but it’s still an interesting — and underappreciated — aspect of Athens culture.

Athena Booth
The Athena is known in the Athens area for its unique Art Deco style

Located on Court Street, the Athena opened in 1915, making it one of the oldest movie theaters in the country. Ohio University purchased the theater in 2001, restoring it with an Art Deco-style interior.

The Athena’s distinction from many other theaters in the area is its unique movie selection. The theatre hosts many independent films, and has hosted the premises for many major movies such as Aaron Sorkin’s Jobs and M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit. Many film classes here at Ohio University take place in the Athena, and its three theaters can even be rented out for private events.

During weekdays, movie goers can access many deals. On Tuesdays, all tickets cost only 4 dollars. On Wednesdays, one small popcorn is free with the purchase of a ticket. Additionally, any show before 6 P.M. is only 5 dollars.

The Athena is a great resource for Athenians to experience great film. It provides students a great way to spend their weekend, and is a suitable alternative to the college party atmosphere.