What you need to know about formal sorority recruitment

Deciding whether or not to join a sorority during college is something that a lot of young women struggle with. This is a breakdown of what to expect if you sign up for formal sorority recruitment here at Ohio University. This guide will take you through some common questions and concerns that freshman women have about the process. You will hear from sorority women from all different backgrounds and affiliations.


As of Fall 2015, Ohio University has ten social sororities on campus.
As of Fall 2015, Ohio University has ten social sororities on campus.

You can find a link to all ten sororities’ websites here!

A few things you should know before we get started, is that you will have a Rho Gamma throughout all of the recruitment process to help you.

A Rho Gamma is a carefully selected counselor for women participating in recruitment. They are an unbiased volunteer guide that takes incoming participants step-by-step through the process. They are there to answer any questions you may have and support you during this very exciting time. They work closely with the Women’s Panhellenic Association which governs sororities on campus.

Now let’s hear first hand from a young woman who has a hand in planning recruitment.

It’s important to note that formal recruitment may not be for everyone, and that’s okay! If after going through a few rounds you decide it’s not your thing, it is perfectly fine to withdrawal from the recruitment process. Hopefully you met a few new people along the way.

Let’s go over some FAQ’s that freshmen women ask about recruitment.

It’s natural to have worries and doubts about this new experience. Don’t be afraid to ask your Rho Gamma anything! It’s her job to make sure you have a fun and comfortable recruitment experience.

Now let’s hear about the benefits a few sorority women have gained from their organizations.

Each woman has a unique experience within her organization. No two chapters are alike, and that’s what makes Greek Life so amazing. As long as you follow your heart, you will end up exactly where you’re supposed to be. You don’t need to be intimidated, because these women want to get to know the real you and make connections with potential future sisters.

For more information, or to register for formal sorority recruitment, visit Ohio University’s Greek Life page.

Also, follow their Twitter handle for updates on what’s happening in the Greek community.

Good luck with your decision, and we hope to see you in the fall!

What to wear to feel your best during recruitment

Soon after arriving on campus the buzz of sorority recruitment will quickly catch your ear. If you’re anything like me, I had no idea what the recruitment process consisted of and had a million questions. So, to give you a little background, the recruitment process consists of four different rounds. The first round consists of the welcome days, the second is the sisterhood round, followed by philanthropy, and the final round of recruitment is preference night. All of these rounds consist of different activities and call for different outfits. What are these different outfits you may ask? Have no fear, that’s why i’m here. Picking out recruitment outfits can be a little stressful but hopefully after reading you’ll feel confident and ready to take on recruitment! Good luck!

Welcome Round:

These are the opening days of recruitment and probably the easiest to dress for. You will be given a t-shirt that everyone going through recruitment will wear and your only job is bottoms, shoes, and accessories. Below are some examples of what you can pair with the given t-shirt. Also, don’t forget that it’s okay to accessorize in your favorite jewelry!

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These dark skinny jeans from American Eagle would be a perfect pair for any color t-shirt and they are super affordable!  Pair the jeans with a casual pair of comfortable sandals, like shown above and you will be on a fast track to a successful welcome round!


Sisterhood Round: This round goes a little different then welcome. During these rounds, you will go to fewer houses and also have the opportunity to showcase your style. Dress for this is categorized as cute and casual. There are many ways to go with this, make sure you dress as yourself and whatever you’re comfortable in!

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Above is a outfit combo that would be perfect for the sisterhood round!. The top and jeans can both be found online at the juniors department at Nordstrom, and the shoes are from Target. If this isn’t exactly your style, below i’ll feature another outfit!


Here is another cute yet casual outfit that will be extremely comfortable to go from house to house in. The green shift dress can be found in multiple colors online at Charlotte Russe as well as the gold pendant necklace. The gladiator Steve Madden sandal available at DSW completes the look.


Philanthropy Night: This is a special night for the sororities, it’s a night for them to showcase the philanthropy they work hard to support. During the philanthropy round, you will go to fewer houses and are expected to dress in a cute, business casual fashion. The most popular option for this day is a dress.



This is a easy outfit to throw together yet still looks super cute! This long sleeve shift dress which can be found at Charlotte Russe goes perfectly with this classic black wedge found at Target. Pair this outfit with your favorite combo of ALEX AND ANI bracelets and you’re dressed for a successful philanthropy round.


If you’re not much into heels, these flats from Charlotte Russe will easily dress up an outfit. Paired with a classic wrap dress from Tobi and silver chain from Nordstrom, this stylish combo will be a success.

Preference Night: Congratulations, you have reached the final round! During this round, you will be down to only a few sororities left. It’s a powerful evening and the last round before the ever so anticipated bid day!!! For this night you are expected to dress your best and wear a semi-formal dress.


This semi-formal outfit is everything you need for preference night. The wine colored shift dress from Tobi is stylish and the simple necklace from Charlotte Russe adds a pop. The outfit is finished with these strap sandals from target.


This dress from Tobi adds pattern and a pop of navy. Paired with this is a simple black flat from Target and some silver rings to add some accessories. This look comes together to look very chic and would be the perfect outfit to finish out recruitment.


That about sums up the outfits necessary to get through sorority recruitment. I hope you found this to be helpful and it took away some of the outfit stress. Recruitment is a fun and unforgettable time that you will always remember. Keep calm and happy recruitment!




Grilled cheese for a good cause on Court Street

The temperature is 39 degrees, warm for the usually terrible Ohio weather but quite chilly for most other places, and I have managed to get a position on the grill at the Blackburn Spencer Pageant fundraising table. Slices of American cheese, loaves of bread and a few sticks of butter make up the meal for people in various states of drunkenness on Court Street. My assignment is pretty simple: Butter on bread, then the cheese, press together with the final slice of bread. I learn later about the 12 meal plan swipes and two relocations it took to start selling in front of Insomnia Cookies, all while trying to keep up with what is going on in front of me.

Things start slowly, with people still trying to get a feel for how their night might turn out, and a few skeptics replying, “Maybe later!” to our offers of grilled cheese. A few sandwiches are put on to get things started, the griddle temperature is adjusted and someone brings out a Bluetooth music speaker.

We’re open for business.


Many of the restaurants on Court Street shut down before students pour out of the bars around 2 a.m., leaving them with limited options other than Union Street Diner and Big Mamma’s. But for many students, their night is saved with a grilled cheese sandwich, walking tacos, corn dogs or pancakes served by groups ranging from sorority girls to student groups.

So in my initiation into Athens’ favorite fundraiser, I tried my hand at making a few bucks for the Blackburn Spencer Pageant. For the past several years, students have competed in a fundraising pageant that benefits a student scholarship given during the spring semester. The competition is among some of the predominately black student organizations as sponsors for pageant contestants, however both the pageant and scholarship are open to everyone.

Students have a short time to pull funds together in addition to attending pageant-related rehearsals and meetings, not to mention classes. Ohio University senior and pageant contestant Amber Alexander had a difficult time behind the grill. Alexander explained that throughout her experience, others who said they would help didn’t show up.

Walking up Court Street is entertainment on its own. But combine drunken college students and the temptation of the warm, on-demand grilled sandwiches, and things may get a little wild.

“My roommate tried to buy a pancake with a credit card. It didn’t work,” Ohio University student Derek Williams said.

“This guy snatched a grilled cheese off of my griddle once. This guy came up to me another time talking about he knew me. He was drunk but he wasn’t about to let it go, and it just so happened that he did know me from some random class from freshman year,” Alexander said. “Oh and these two football players I never met before came up one time and started talking about how a friend of theirs did the pageant before and they helped her out, so they helped me and were flirting with girls to get them to buy grilled cheese. It was so funny.”

And the profit may be surprising.

“I do grilled cheese for myself sometimes and people give me so much money. One friend of mine gave me a whole 20,” Alexander said. “I was shocked. A teacher gave me 20, too.”

Ohio University sophomore Sana Selemon can’t pass up such a good deal.

“You really don’t want that much half the time. Like, you eat Big Mamma’s, and that’s like $6,” she said. “And you eat five bites and then you pass out. So it’s like, “‘Yeah, a dollar?’”

And by the time 2 a.m. rolls around, anything goes.


It’s later in the night and the music coming out of The Pigskin has grown significantly louder. Not that I have time to notice . Things have started to pick up at our little grilled cheese stand.

We have three people waiting on their grilled cheese sandwiches because we’re in a bind. The very intoxicated man who stopped by 5 minutes earlier decided it was in his best interest to buy 10 grilled cheese sandwiches for $10. To him it was probably a steal. To us it meant many quickly made half-grilled cheese sandwiches.

After we manage to get 10-grilled-cheese guy on his way, I’m tired enough to try one of the sandwiches myself.

2 a.m. Court Street grilled cheese sandwiches are definitely for the drunk at heart.


It’s not easy trying to make Mom’s grilled cheese on a portable griddle in the early hours of the morning, but drunken students give advice anyway.

“[Use] enough cheese to bread ratio. Sometimes I’ll get a grilled cheese and there’s not enough cheese,” one student said. “Like one Kraft Single isn’t going to cut it. You need, like, at least two.”

It seems there are six kinds of people you’ll sell grilled cheese to.

“Okay first of all, the crust and the bread has to be crunchy. Then the cheese has to be melted enough. And it can’t be soggy,” another student said. She ate her grilled cheese happily anyway, sans crust.

The fundraisers on Court have become part of the street’s identity. Go past Washington Street, where many businesses are calling it a night, and Ohio University’s student body is still wide awake.

“It’s the busiest side of town besides Mill, but it’s also a safe side so people aren’t going to be belligerent drunk or stupid walking down Court Street,” Williams said.

“It is one of the highlights of my college experience. I encourage everyone to do it now,” Alexander said. “I like that you get to interact with people and I enjoy seeing people really care about why you’re fundraising.”

Not to mention the purpose of it all. Whether they are donations to OU’s Habitat for Humanity, one of the various sororities and fraternities raising money toward a community charity or for the Blackburn Spencer scholarship, students and the Athens community donate this money, and the funds, along with the memories, are brought back to them.


Taijuan Moorman is a sophomore journalism major at Ohio University, specializing in African American studies and visual communications. She is assistant entertainment editor for Speakeasy Magazine and a reporter for Hip Hop Congress. She is also lactose intolerant, so that grilled cheese sandwich may not have been a good idea. Follow her on twitter @TaijuanNichole