FC Cincinnati podcast: FCC goes unbeaten in three-match homestand

So often with Futbol Club Cincinnati, the biggest storylines surrounding the second-tier soccer club have focused on everything off the pitch.

What’s the latest with a soccer-specific stadium? Is promotion to Major League Soccer actually realistic?

Well, not to say the questions have been answered, but the spotlight has finally focused on what actually matters: play on the pitch.

FC Cincinnati had more than 23,000 fans at its home opener. USL’s average attendance last year was less than 4,000. | Pic by Charlie Hatch

In its first home stand, FC Cincinnati went unbeaten with a win and two draws from three matched in eight days at Nippert Stadium.

More impressive, though, were the results compared to the strength of the opponents. Cincinnati entered all three matches against the team that was then top of the league.

Here’s a quick podcast breaking down the matches, the club’s first month and analysis of the offseason summer signings.


The Cannon Weekly

Arsenal Football Club is loved not just in London, but around the world. Arsenal related news is popping up all of the time and it is hard to imagine keeping track of all of it. Well here is your place to catch up on everything Arsenal that you have missed in this past week.

Ian Wright backtracks

Former Gunner Ian Wright had mentioned last week that Arsene Wenger “was near the end”. With speculation over Arsene’s future such a burning topic, this naturally sent Gooners everywhere into a frenzy. Since then Wright has backtracked a bit and said it was nothing that Wenger had said to him, just the impression he got.

Sign all the players!

With the winter transfer window now closed, rumors have started to disappear. Arsenal had a quiet window given that for the first time in a long time, the squad is deep. The typical cries for more signings were almost nonexistent. Although Arsenal did sign one for the future with young left back, Cohen Bramall.

Xhaka charges dropped

Our bad boy, Granit Xhaka, is now eligible to return to the squad since his 4 match ban has been served. The midfielder was unable to avoid punishment for violent conduct on the field but was able avoid criminal charges. The charges of racial abuse have been dropped and the player is back in training.

Arsenal Valentines

Still need a card to send to your valentine? Our favorite cartoonist “Poorly Drawn Arsenal” has exactly what you’re looking for with these Arsenal Valentine’s Day cards.



Mohamed Elneny is back! Elneny had a great run with Egypt at the 2017 African Cup of Nations where they finished in second place behind Cameroon. Great to have him back in the squad heading into a congested part of the schedule.

‪I'm happy to be back ‬?

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The Cannon Weekly  is a weekly newsletter pertaining to all things Arsenal. As an American, when I first started following Arsenal I never knew where to get my news. My hope is that this newsletter can be the one place where you can find everything you need to know to be an informed Gooner.

This weekend in OU athletics: Winning and losing, standing up and cheering

It was a tragic week for sports fans this weekend with the loss of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and golf legend Arnold Palmer. But at least for Ohio Bobcats fans, they had some reasons to stand up and cheer.


Ohio defeated Gardner-Webb, 37-21. 


Ohio swept both Akron and Buffalo this weekend. 

  • Ohio kicked off their conference schedule with great serving, including 13 aces. (WOUB) 
  • Ohio also honored last season’s championship team by unveiling their championship banner


Ohio lost to Toledo, 2-1. 


How to have fun when you’re under 21

Curated by Elizabeth Backo and Kate Fickell

Although Ohio University has been dubbed a No. 1 party school, there is still much to do before turning 21. Athens is filled with a variety of music and art groups along with fitness centers and beautiful bikeways. Although fest season and HallOUween may seem like the ultimate party at OU, seeing a movie at the Athena Cinema or attending a football game at Peden stadium can be just as much of a buzz.

Here’s a guide for how to have fun when you’re under 21:

Performing Arts:

1. Instrumental music, located in Memorial Auditorium and the Glidden Hall (which is at the top and bottom of Jeff Hill)

Free music is abundant on campus. The School of Music hosts different events throughout the year including OctubaFest, an event dedicated to tuba playing, and the annual Jazz Festival. In addition, there are several organizations for music majors and non-majors to participate in, including symphonies and orchestras. Events and information can be found on the School of Music’s website

2. Athena, located near The Chop Shop and The Shack on Court Street

The Athena Cinema is placed among the oldest movie theaters in the nation. It has three screens and an art deco-style interior. The theater also offers popcorn and concessions. The films include documentary, independent, classics, foreign and local. Every year, the Athena Cinema hosts multiple events including Ohio University student screenings, environmental panels and the Athens International Film + Video Festival. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with what’s happening.

3.Improv/Comedy, located at Front Room, Donkey Coffee and Baker Theatre

Black Sheep Improv, an improvisational group on campus, takes over Front Room on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and on Thursdays in Baker Theatre at 9 p.m. The Improv troupe spends its time making jokes and trying to get the audience to crack a few smiles. Comedy groups can also be found around campus and uptown, such as the Blue Pencil Comedy stand-up group that frequently performs at Donkey Coffee and Espresso. “I think anyway of making new friends is something I would be interested in haha! I know no one.” Bethel Park High School in Pittsburgh, PA.

4. Art Barn, located down the road behind the Summit Apartments at Coates Run

The Dairy Barn Arts Center promotes artists and provides the community access to fine arts and crafts from outside the region. The program calendar that you can check out here includes international juried exhibitions, festivals, touring exhibits, programs of regional interest, live performances and activities for all ages. They have volunteer work and Kroger community awards.

5. Choirs, performing in Memorial Auditorium on College Green

The Choral Union is a large, mixed chorus of students, faculty and townspeople. The ensemble unites annually with the Ohio University Symphony to perform outstanding major choral works. Click here to check out their page and other singing and instrumental groups. “I hope to find a job and join the choir. I don’t need alcohol or partying to have fun. Yeah, those can be fun to do but also remembering things sober are much better than not remembering.” Harrison Central High School in Cadiz, OH.


1. Bike Path, behind South Green

When the weather is warm and sunny, the bike path located behind South Green is a go-to place for bikers, runners, skaters and walkers. The path is relatively flat with a few twists and turns. Anyone can enjoy a view of the Hocking River or witness the blooming Japanese Cherry Blossoms in the spring. It also can be used to take a trip to Wal-Mart.

2. Ping, behind Clippinger near South Green and the golf course

The Ping Center is 168,000 square feet spanning three floors with a 36 foot, double-sided climbing wall, five basketball/volleyball courts, two multipurpose gymnasiums, a four-lane indoor running track, seven racquetball courts and two fitness areas. Ping Center also provides free weights, aerobics, fitness, combative sports, dance, and meeting rooms. Follow Ping on Twitter to keep up! “I just want to take in as much as possible and find what interests me. I want to get the experience that comes with finally moving out of your parents’ house and be on your own. I love spending time in the gym.” Monroe Central High School in Woodsfield, OH.

3. Sport Fields, multiple locations described below

Peden stadium, located near the Convocation Center, has a seating capacity of 24,000 and hosts Bobcat football. Students attend football games in the fall to cheer on the Bobcats as well as collect free gear and food. The Marching 110 also plays a halftime performance that leaves the audience bouncing with excitement. The Intramural Fields are located between East Green and the Hocking River and offer individual, dual and team sports for men, women and coed teams in a variety of seasonal league and tournament formats. “I’m committed to the women’s soccer team so for fun I plan on hanging out with my future teammates.” Buckeye Valley High School in Delaware, OH.

4. Bird Arena, located near the bottom of Baker Center

Bird Arena is another outlet for people who would rather slide then run. The indoor arena provides a 190-by-85 foot surface for skaters of all ages. Bird Arena has open skate hours which can be found online and might change for the 2016-17 academic year. Skate rental fees are $3.50. Additionally, the arena offers different programs such as synchronized skating, club hockey and even beginner classes that can be taken for academic credit. You can find this icy rink at the bottom of Baker Center.


1. The Post, room 325 in Baker Center

The Post is one of several media outlets on campus. After more than 100 years of publishing, The Post is becoming a weekly tabloid with a daily digital product. The organization covers a range of topics from blog posts about pet Instagrams to political controversy on campus. The Post has several staffs that work daily to produce its product, which includes culture, sports, news, copy editing, digital, social media, design, multimedia and photography.

2. Backdrop, office located in Baker Center in room 309 or can be contacted here

Backdrop is a magazine on campus that publishes four times throughout the academic year. The magazine focuses on long-form content ranging from the history of fashion at OU to an in depth look into police officers’ K-9 sidekicks. “I also got into OSU but I chose OU over it. I am really looking forward to being involved with certain magazines on campus, especially the one dedicated to music because although I don’t play an instrument, I love all genres of music and talking about them.” Hilliard Davidson High School in Hilliard, OH.

3. The Athens News, located between Red Brick and Cats Eye on Court Street

Known for its in-depth local news reporting, The Athens News features news, entertainment and an advertising section. With Ohio University making up an important segment of the Athens County population, The Athens News newspaper is able to effectively reach both the university and community markets, according to its website. The publication has written about everything from Number Fest to the construction of uptown bars.

Pickup Soccer Unites Students of All Kind

The soccer pitch, whether grass or a number of other surfaces, serves as a home for professional athletes, college students and many others around the world. Wherever one might be, there is always a place for pickup soccer, or pelada, to be played.

Walter Fieldhouse
Club football team warms up at Walter Fieldhouse, home of many club and intramural sporting events.

I found my “home” in the middle of an open field across from Mill Street Village during move-in day. All I had to do was look for the two soccer nets. There, was a group of 25 students playing the game that so many love. After waiting 15 minutes for the initial two games to end, I joined a team of six other students and started playing my first 7-on-7 soccer game on campus.

Each week during the last semester, I would go to the field to play pickup soccer with my fellow students. Being my first semester at OHIO, I made many of my first friends on the soccer ground. The athletes included a mixture of men and women, who were Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Indian. The game connected all of us together, even if we were not from the same place or spoke the same language. Of course, soccer is a universal language in that way.

Additionally, the sport provides a way for one to forget all other problems in one’s life. It can serve as a way to free one’s mind or it can just serve as a study break.

In the winter, we take our game to Walter Fieldhouse to play on turf or the Ping Center to play futsal, a version of soccer often played on an indoor court.


OU soccer player Ligthart balances academics, athletics

Joost playing in one of their games. Photo Credit: Joost Ligthart
Joost playing in one of their games

Athleticism and academics are two disciplines that require one’s full attention, time and effort. Balancing these two time-consuming, yet important activities will require a determined and well-organized person. If not, one may suffer.

Joost Ligthart is an international student at Ohio University studying finance, and in his senior year. For him, adequate planning has been the secret to success throughout his stay on OU campus while playing with the OU men’s soccer team.

“I plan out my week before Monday and make sure that I prioritize and plan for ‘the big rocks,'” Ligthart said. He doesn’t allow extraneous factors divert his focus.

The Dutch citizen trains two hours a day to stay fit for the task he has taken up. “I have training everyday from 5am to 7am and I consider it a break from doing homework.”

He finds his current commitments as not any bigger challenge. Ligthart said it has boosted his self-confidence.

“For me, being a student-athlete makes me able to focus more in classes and feel better within myself.”

This feeling has never drawn Ligthart to a point of quitting soccer to focus on academic studies. He believes a balance of the three parts of man is salient to human existence.

Aside athletics, he is a co-chairperson for the Ohio University Global Ambassadors Outreach Committee. Ligthart said the extra curricular activities have helped him improve academically as against affecting it negatively.

“If anything, it has affected my schoolwork to be better. I like to compete with myself and playing soccer has made me more proactive.” He said.

Ligthart looks forward to playing soccer to the highest level while he finds his way to do further studies.


Football and football: the confusion, the fun

Ghana fans during a game. Source: REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko
Ghana fans during a game.
Source: REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

The excitement that accompanies football all over the world is overwhelming, especially during tournaments and leagues.

The fans, cheers, music, dance, and bets set the tone for any football game, be it home or away.

However, a simple Google search, depending on your location, produces different results for this name. In the United States, football involves quarterbacks, tight ends, special teams, offensive guards, only to mention a few.

On the other hand, football for those in Europe and Africa especially, includes a goalkeeper, forwards (strikers), midfielders and defenders.

U.S Soccer Fans Source: theepochtimes
U.S Soccer Fans
Source: theepochtimes



Confusion and disappointment

Most Europeans and Africans are not privy to American football, though some may have heard there is something called American football. Some get confused and ask questions when they arrive at the stadium (if not told what to expect) to watch football, thinking it is soccer, as it’s known in America.

One of these people is Daniel Osei. He said, soccer came to mind when one of his friends mentioned football in a conversation. When he found out it was actually not what he was thinking, he was disappointed.

“I was so happy and decided to join my friend for one of the games, only for him to tell me he was talking about American football.” Daniel said, he tried to find places on campus to watch his favorite team, Chelsea FC, play in the Premier League but was not successful.

So far, on Ohio University’s campus, Buffalo Wild Wings has been the go-to place to catch a glimpse of soccer games during tournaments. The scene, atmosphere, cheers and applauds during the 2014 FIFA World Cup made it evident there is a love for the game on Ohio University campus. The eatery was a sight to behold as the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT) was poised to eliminate the Ghana Black Stars from the tournament.

ghana usa
Ghana vs USA, Brazil 2014 FIFA Worldcup source: bbc.co.uk

The USMNT had already suffered two defeats at the hands of the Black Stars, who were seen as underdogs in their previous two meetings. The Americans were hungry for a win. It finally came via a late header by John Brooks.  The USMNT beat the Stars 2-1 to cancel out one of the 2-1 losses they have suffered at the hands of the West African team.

Where do we go to watch the game?

If there are so many football (soccer) lovers on OU campus, where do they go to watch a game, particularly in this period when the English Premier League (EPL) and the UEFA Champions League are ongoing?

Ohio University football team in a game. Source: bleacherreport.com
Ohio University football team in a game.
Source: bleacherreport.com

A visit to several Court Street bars reveled managers aren’t as concerned about football as the American football. They may give it a try, but only when a team of interest is playing, such as the USMNT; there’s nothing to show of the EPL or Champions League.

Some fanatics of the game of football (soccer) go the extra mile and subscribe to channels, mostly online, to watch the game. NBC Sports Live Extra and ESPN are some of the online platforms where people go to watch the game. On a good day, it is shown on TV for other fans across the U.S to enjoy as well.

For most international students, subscription is not the way to go though they couldn’t substitute American football for football (soccer).

“Of course I love football but I won’t go the extra mile to subscribe and watch it. I will look out for highlights on YouTube and elsewhere,” Bismark Adusei said.

Some international students also gather to compete among themselves during summer to substitute for what they have lost and have a feel of the game.

So, be it American football or football (soccer), one thing is sure: The fans will always go hog-wild but the mix-up of the two games will forever remain.