Feeling down? This Elder Scrolls news will make you fall in love all over again.

Whether your Valentine’s Day is filled with love or a little lacking, our best friend and developer, Bethesda, will always be there. Here are the week’s top five updates on The Elder Scrolls (TES) universe.

The Elder Scrolls Comes to Nintendo

#Skyrim at home. Skyrim on the road. Your adventures begin on #NintendoSwitch this fall!

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The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition will come to Nintendo’s new mobile platform, Switch. The two companies have never partnered before now, meaning Nintendo players couldn’t play their favorite TES games on their preferred console; that all changes this coming fall.

It has to be the dopest news since a flipped sweetroll (volume warning):

H.P. Lovecraft reference in TES?

Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Fate. Photo via UESP/Legoless

This tentacle-ridden god presides over the realms of Fate, Knowledge and Memory. Speaking of memory, Hermaeus Mora reckons images of Lovecraft’s signature character Cthulhu. Mora is arguably the most intriguing deity in The Elder Scrolls as no one really seems to know what powers he holds over mortals; no one except the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. 😉

These TES game deals are truly magical

Skyrim Special Edition screenshot. Photo via Flickr/Joshua I Ezzell

Destructoid has reported a massive sale on The Elder Scrolls games and much more from Bethesda. The website hosting the deals is known for good bargains on PC games, but this takes the cake. Skyrim, the game that is still massively popular six years after release, is being sold for just $24. Now that’s an arrow through my heart.

Getting caught stealing? Just put a bucket on their head, man.

This fantastic bug in the game’s software is apparently no bug at all. The non-player characters’ AI actually have a functioning line of sight, instead of the pesky “know-it-all” feeling some games have. Now go, my children. Loot so much you put the Gray Fox to shame!

The Ayleid Mystery: Who the hell are they anyway?

You know, for a race of elves being so central to multiple games’ storylines, not much is known about them at all. Thankfully, YouTuber ShoddyCast has us covered with this explanative episode on the background behind the elusive Ayleids.


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