5 of the most annoyed faces when you see the girl you like at the bar with another guy

It happens to both guys and gals all the time.  But, being a guy, it seems like it happens to us more often.  You’ll be with your friends at the bar on Friday or Saturday night, and you see this girl that you think is really cute.  You start talking to her and start buying her drinks.  It seems like you’re having a great time until…she’ll “be right back”.  Next thing you know, you see her at the bar with her ex.

  1. Simon
Photo by Daniel Friedman via Pinterest

Simon looks over and sees his lady friend, and says (with his signature accent), “You have got to be kidding me.”  Honestly, he’s almost just as mad about spending $10 on her than he is about her talking to another guy.

2. Barack

Photo by Sundance via theconservativetreehouse.com

Barack is simply mind-blown that Michelle would blow him off and accept a drink and a conversation from President Donald Trump.

3. Johnny

Photo by Jeanne Fury via Decibel Magazine

Little Johnny’s face says it all.  Really no explanation needed.

4. Pauly D

Photo by Brandon via Pinterest

I think we all know what DJ Pauly D is saying…or sreaming.  “Him! Of all people you can talk to in the entire bar, and you talk to him.  Holy S#%t!

5. Hercules

Photo by handheld_sdsdd via handheldpyrometer.com

Lets take a look inside Hercules’s mind…..

You really just did that, really? No “nice to meet you” or “see ya around,” nothing? Thanks, you just wasted seven years of my short dog life. I officially hate you.