Journalist Turned Engineer: An Easy Transition for Sam Bloget

Sam Badget
Sam Blodget, Ohio University Senior, Engineering major, stands in his Court Street apartment.

Sometimes it’s the simple questions that seem to give us the answers that surprise us the most. For example, “Do I even know anything about my next door neighbor?” For me, that answer was obvious, how I could be so introverted and set in my ways that I never took the time to knock on the door and meet my neighbor I have no idea, but today was the last day I didn’t know my next door neighbor.

But what would I find on the other side of the door?

As it turns out, I live next door to Sam Blodget, a senior from right here in Athens, Ohio. For Sam, the decision to attend Ohio University was an easy one, almost a no-brainer if you will.

“It was just easy to do, you pick up your things and move them across town and you’re done,” Blodget said.

It also helped that when it was time to decide on a school, he was interested in journalism, and one of the best journalism schools was basically in his backyard.

Fast-forward four years later, Blodget now finds himself studying in the Russ College of Engineering.

“Journalism just wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be. It wasn’t giving me what I wanted,” Blodget said. “When I was in Scripps I was working with CAD (Computer Animation Design) and you get a chance to do that, working with all three, which I enjoy, so that’s why I switched to engineering.”

While Sam loves Athens, the city he says “has elements of a small town and city” he knows his days are numbered in Athens.

“You can’t really find job opportunities in Athens for CAD or engineering. It’s been hard finding work in Athens the last few summers. I know I’ll probably have to leave Athens sooner rather than later.”

Sam spends his free time doing some of the same things he is accustomed to doing inside the classroom.

“I love playing videogames and messing around with computers. I don’t really have a favorite thing to do, or place to hang out here in Athens,” Blodget said. “Some places are better than others, but I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite or that one is way better then another.”

Sam and I may not have that much in common, but he is a person with a story, a story which I am happy to know a small sliver of. Sometimes you need to open a door and see what or who is behind it.