The Study Sanctuary: Alden’s Oasis of Solitude

Of all the study hot-spots on Ohio University’s campus, there is one place where even the most easily distracted can find focus. Whether you need a quiet place to read, a clean table for your study group, or just a warm corner where you can be completely alone, the fifth floor of Alden Library has a lot to offer students.

The most frightening likeness of Ben Franklin I’ve ever seen.

When the crowded mid-day escalator rides in Baker have made you hate people, head to the fifth floor of Alden. There, the five or six students separated by space and silence will not bother you. If you climb the short staircase from the fourth floor and push through the heavy double doors at the top, you will immediately see the elevators and wonder why you’d climbed the stairs at all, but you will not regret the trip. Home to the Dean’s office and a large, terrifying Ben Franklin doll, the fifth floor is populated by sturdy wooden desks equipped to seat four-to-five students a piece. Short bookshelves seem to be placed haphazardly between laptop-engrossed students and metal filing cabinets line a couple of the walls. On an average weekday afternoon, you may find a couple of students seated near the wall of windows, reading in the natural light. Though just about every student will be wearing headphones, the floor is pleasantly quiet. If you need a quiet corner of campus, the fifth floor is a great place to take a nap or cram for an exam.

The fifth floor also houses the Archives and Special Collections, as well as the library’s collection of government documents, making it a good spot to finish a research paper. The tables are usually clean, the chairs are fairly comfortable, and unlike some of the other floors in Alden, the fifth floor features both men’s and women’s restrooms. If you are like most introverts and you just need a quiet place to finish your afternoon power smoothie, the fifth floor of Alden just might become your favorite place on campus.