Learning to speak up while growing up with four siblings


This is Katie, a junior majoring in nutrition at Ohio University. She was studying for her medical-terminology exam when we chatted Monday night in the library. I found her to be pleasantly outgoing throughout our conversation, so I asked her where she thinks that quality might come from. “My mom is definitely more outgoing than my dad,” Katie said with a smile. “My mom has always been very open. And I grew up with four siblings, so I’m just used to speaking my mind and having to speak up if I want to be heard, because there’s a lot of them.”

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As I was walking around West Green leaving my friend's room around 10 pm when I ran in Maslin Cassidy, who was on his way back from a meeting. As we were talking, I found that we lived 10 minutes away from each other and attended each other's rival high school (I couldn't make this up). Once the "tensions" from our high school selves cooled, we started talking about our plans after college. "I would love to return to Kettering and teach english, because when I was at Fairmont (high school), I had a teacher named Mr. Payne who challenged me to read more and write more. That inspired me to go to college to pursue a major in English and education." I asked if he wanted to inspire his future students like Mr. Payne had done. "Of course, if I can be half as inspirational as Mr. Keating in 'Dead Poets Society' I would consider my job a sucess. I'm in love with books like 'A Tale of Two Cities' and I want a new generation of readers to realize that good literature exists in the world." We then bonded over the fact that we both are fans of Rush and we could care less about "Grease: Live," we then went our separate ways. The next day I ran into him on my way to class, and he told me to "Check my Facebook." I found that he requested me as a friend. Who knew that a Centerville Elk and a Fairmont Firebird could become friends, but we are both Ohio Bobcats now so a new friendship is possible. I accepted the friend request. #planetathens

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