Buffalo Wild Wings: A necessity for sports fans living away from home

Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings iconic logo.

Upon moving to Ohio four years ago, I found myself wondering the streets of Athens trying to see what this new town I would be call my home for the next five years had to offer. I found it to be a quant college town that bares a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of a bigger city like Pittsburgh, where I grew up.

While wondering, I quickly found many places and buildings alike that would be critical to my success during my time spent in Athens while attending Ohio University. There was one place though, that I found early in my travels that would be far more important than all the rest, despite having nothing to with academics.

That place was the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant located on W. Union St. As a Pittsburgh native who proudly embraces the stereotype which assumes any Pittsburgher to a sports-crazed maniac when it comes to his or her hometown teams, Buffalo Wilds Wings was paramount in allowing me to maintain my reputation as a sports-crazed Pittsburgher, not to mention it gave me a little taste of home every Sunday.

As a fan of Pittsburgh sports, there really is no worse place to live than Ohio, surrounded by rival fans everywhere you look. Whether they are Cleveland fans or Cincinnati fans is irrelevant, they will hate all this Pittsburgh no matter what. This is something I have leaned over and over again throughout the past four years, where the last two of which I have I have spent with roommates who are die-hard Cleveland sports fans.

Due to my rather unfortunate living arrangement where the ratio of Cleveland fans to Pittsburgh sits at two to one, I often lose the battle over the TV remote and subsequently what game should be put on in the living room. An ironic and sad turn of events considering the living room TV is my TV, not my roommates.

Luckily for me, just a short walk from my Court Street apartment is Buffalo Wild Wings. The place where the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates are always on, and for a few hours every week it’s like I never left my beloved city where we bleed black and gold.