5 cute pets to distract you from the political climate

The first week of Donald J. Trump’s presidency has left many people feeling stressed, angry and agitated. Take a break from the political climate and check out these cute pets!

  1. Feeling blue about your health insurance getting repealed?
    Photo courtesy of Poot The dutch via Flickr

    Bunnies like Pen Pen (pictured above) don’t have or need health insurance, but they can comfort you during this distressing time. Also, petting animals is proven to lower anxiety.

  2. Outraged by the Muslim Ban?
    Photo courtesy of Lisa L Widemeier via Flickr

    After donating to organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union that aid the people affected by the ban, you can unwind by looking at this cute Golden Retriever puppy.

  3. Distraught about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the fact that there is still no clean water in Flint?
    GIF courtsey of Giphy

    All living beings need clean water, including this adorable kitten. After voicing your concerns, chill out with this cat gif.

  4. Angered by the reimplementation of the Global Gag Rule?
    Photo courtesy of Roxie Prince via Flickr

    Call you senator, and then just look at this hedgehog taking a bath.

  5. Upset about the rise of racially and religiously charged acts of violence since the election?
    Photo courtesy of D Coetzee via Flickr

    This bird doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he just wants a cracker.

Being angered about change can only do so much. Make sure to speak up and contact government officials and voice any concerns you may have!

7 cats that are too fat and fluffy for their own good

Let’s be honest here; cats are better than dogs any day of the week. It’s a controversial topic that can get animal lovers pretty heated and fired up. But who isn’t a fan of big, cuddly cats who are always down for a snuggle session? Feast your eyes on these seven plump felines that are warm and adorably kissable.


Photo by Yukari via Flickr

Check out this fluffy cat whose owner is measuring the circumference of her bulbous tummy. She’s pretty freaked out in this photo and looks like she could use a nice belly rub after such a traumatic experience.


Photo via Google Images

All she needs is a remote in her paw and she’s set for the night… or until her owner fills the food bowl again. This pretty kitty is nestled comfortably on the couch and appears to be ready for a night of binge watching mouse videos and snacking on some tasty treats.


Photo by amfXZ via Pixabay

This brown-eyed beauty is lounging in style and, frankly, has a better manicure than I ever have. With a set of glossy claws and a pudgy belly like that, you can bet this cat is spoiled rotten by her owners.


Photo by Dania Do Svidaniya via Flickr

The haughty look on this kitty’s face is something I am all too familiar with as a fellow lazy being. Although it looks like she could really use some time outside to soak up the sun and get in a little cardio, I guarantee she’d rather be snoozing the day away in the cool comfort of the indoors. But alas, she stares in defiance as her human drags her outside and continues to document her disdain in photographs.


Photo by quinntheislander via Flickr

A cat with a love for greenery? Astounding! This chunky feline with a green thumb is ready to tend to her plant… or is patiently waiting for her owner to present her with more treats for all her hard work.


Photo by Tripp via Flickr

This chubby, ginger kitty is tuckered out from a long day of working on his fitness. Maybe his owners can invest in some low fat treats to help him reach his ideal figure.


Photo by b r e n t via Flickr

Cat or a loaf of bread? You decide. Perhaps this kitty has indulged herself on wet food a few too many times. Nonetheless, her human must love her a lot to let her take up the whole chair. But who could possibly say no to a face like that?


7 reasons why one of the most feared creatures is also one of the best college pets

Meet Dr. Ervin a veterinarian at Ohio Valley Animal Clinic, “Serving the Southeastern Ohio Region since 2011.”

1. Adorable tininess

Source: flickr ArtBrom
Source: Flickr, ArtBrom

Smaller than dogs, larger than hamsters, these little guys can curl up in your hand, or sit on your shoulder, just as long as you can keep them from scurrying away. They take up a lot less space in any room so they are perfect for cramped college quarters.

Bonus: Many landlords, who charge for other pets, omit the charges for rodents.

2. Loyalty

Source: Melanie Foster

After the interview, Dr. Ervin said he had removed a tumor from a rat and when the little guy was waking up, he heard his owner’s voice and that helped him regain consciousness and recover faster. Rats are also curious about what you’re doing and will come find you to say “hi” upon exiting their cages to play.

3. Cleanliness

Source: Youtube

Did you ever see a dog give himself a bath? Rats are very hygienic. Rats spend several hours each day cleaning themselves! Which is way longer than the average college kid.

4. Intelligence

Okay, they did help spread The Black Plague during The Dark Ages. That fact combined with the masses’ general fear of rodents probably keeps rats out of the running for world’s cutest pets.

5. Snack time

Melanie Foster via imigflip
Source: Melanie Foster via imigflip

While 80 percent of their diet should come from their fortified food, the other 20 percent can come from fruits and veggies that humans, like us, eat! They can even have chocolate, in moderation…like on Valentine’s Day and after a breakup.

6. They’re just so misunderstood

Okay, they did help spread The Black Plague during The Dark Ages. That fact combined with the masses’ general fear of rodents probably keeps rats out of the running for world’s cutest pets.

7. Fame

From Ratatouille to The Tale of Despereaux, rats have made appearances as cute, loveable creatures that largely come off as talented, smart and adorable. Speaking of famous, celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Rupert Grint have rats as pets!

Pet store prices in Athens, Ohio

As the saying goes, “dogs are mans best friends”. While we all love our dogs, we often forget how expensive they can be. College students at Ohio University can especially relate to this. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you purchase a dog like food, water, care, toys, and the list goes on and on.

College students often ask, where is the cheapest place to get these items? In Athens, Ohio, students choices are usually limited to three places; Walmart, Petland, and PetSmart. These three places have lots of different items that every dog needs, but what is the price we need to pay to make sure our dogs are taken care of?

I decided to take a look for myself. I went to the three places to compare the prices of six things I thought dogs needed: beds, toys, food, collars and leashes, flea and tick treatment, and treats. Here are the results:


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.33.35 PM

The cheapest option: Walmart or PetSmart where it is sold for around $12.99 at each location. This is for a 24X18 inch bed, other sizes and prices vary, but the comfort doesn’t.

Collars and Leashes

Collars and leashes

The cheapest option: This one was tough because they do not sell the same leash and collar at all three stores. Since this was the case, I decided just to find the cheapest option at each location. Walmart wins this category with a collar and leash set priced at $6.99. The other two locations did not sell collars and leashes together.



The cheapest option: This was another tough one considering the wide varieties of dog food. I chose the Royal Canin 30lb. German Shepard bag. Petland and PetSmart both have this food priced at $59.99 which was cheaper than Walmart by almost $15!

Flea and Tick Treatment


The cheapest option: Every dog should have flea and tick treatments considering they go outside often. Walmart has the cheapest prices in Athens. It’s $39.99 for three treatments for medium dogs(22-45 lbs.), which only makes it $13.33 per treatment!



The cheapest option: PetSmart wins this category. Greenies are a dog treat that also helps clean their teeth. These are a very popular brand of treats and only a little over $8 for a pack of six.


Tennis balls

The cheapest option: Every dog loves tennis balls and playing fetch in the park. PetSmart has the best deal on tennis balls at $4.19 for a pack of six.


Of course, these prices do change, especially if you are a rewards member or have coupons. Dogs can be a very expensive investment, so make sure before you buy one, you can handle that responsibility. Also, make sure to check the prices around Athens. Some stores will even price match if you are dedicated to one store. Do your research, save some money and one last thing….

Bob Barker

Do you have any favorite pet store prices in Athens, Ohio? comment below and tell us where you get your doggy products for cheap!