Back to school again, parents at OU relive their younger days

Every year, hundreds of Ohio University parents prepare for a weekend throwback to their college days. One of the many, many, weekends geared towards families. The University ensures that there is plenty to do around campus to keep the elders busy by things other than booze.

So, what were parents up to this weekend?

Many families opted to check out the football game. Some students stayed to watch the whole thing, even after they saw Marching 110 perform. If you missed the game, never fear, tons of reporting was done because everyone loves sports. In short, OU won and Garden-Webb lost.

Ohiobobcats, a CBSi affiliate do an excellent job of serving up exactly how the game played out and offers readers a chance to go in-depth or just stick with the basics.

Sticking with some outdoor fun, Outdoor Pursuits offers students and their families activities such as zip lining, and campfires!

Some families prefer nightlife at Ohio University choosing to check out special events and shows. The Union featured Athen native musicians, check out some cool photojournalism done by WOUB’s Joe Votaw.

Maybe, you were looking for a laugh or wanted to see a professional illusionist, parents weekend was filled with shows right on campus. Including a magician from Broadway and a famous improv group from Chicago. Ohio University event services break down all the events on an easy to use calendar. So, no excuses missing anything else that’s coming up!

For a complete list of events that occurred this week the best site, is actually the most generic coming straight from Ohio Universities Compass. Listing loads of events, prices, and details it’s easy to find what went on this weekend.

Of course, some parents still opted to relive their rowdy college days and ignored all school functions…

If you’re like me your parents probably didn’t even know it was their weekend. Don’t worry, there’s three other designated weekend for family fun. Up next, dad’s weekend (Nov. 4-6)! In 2017, siblings and moms are invited up during February and March respectively. Luckily, no planning goes into these weekends because OU won’t fail to have plenty to choose from.

The scoop: Parents bring a blast from the past, plus a look at the near future

Happy Monday bobcats! It may just be the beginning of the semester, but we’re rolling into week six with lots of news and upcoming events. Here’s your weekend recap, plus what events you should be looking out for this week.

Give me the deets.

Last week’s conversation was all about free speech. Once again OU’s free speech wall has been defamed with graphic images. This led to a meeting, which took place last Thursday, about how to stop racism on campus.

What to know.

OU’s Black Student Union and OU’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People are trying to get an anti-hate speech clause added to the student code of conduct.

Anything else?

Last year, a similar event occurred with the free speech wall. President Roderick McDavis addressed the situation, but students seem to think there won’t be a change since we didn’t see anything happen after the December 2015 incident.

On a lighter note…

Moms and dads from all over came to visit their bobcats for Parents Weekend. From good eats with UPC’s “There’s No Place Like…” brunch to good games with the football team’s first win of the season, there were lots fun activities for parents.

Looking ahead…

The Career and Leadership Development Center is holding a Career and Internship Fair Monday, Sept. 26th and Tuesday, Sept. 27th from 10a.m. to 3p.m. in the Baker University Center Ballroom. It’s a chance for students to come network and make connections with business in their career field. A follow up networking event will take place Monday night from 5:30p.m. -6p.m. in the Konneker Alumni Center for students to gain connections with other OU alums.

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  • Bring multiple copies of your updated resume
  • Have your business card on hand and be prepared to collect other company business cards
  • Dress professionally, but also comfortable
  • Do bring a notebook and pen to take notes
Then when you need something fun…

The Campus Involvement Center is screening free movies every other Monday. Yep, you read right, FREE. They rent recently screened movies like Finding Dory and Central Intelligence from a company called SWANK Motion Pictures. Grab your best friend and a bowl of popcorn for tonight’s showing of Star Trek Beyond at 8p.mCheck out the rest of the schedule below.

What else is there to do?

Glad you asked. A debate is to be held this Tuesday, Sept. 27th between Republican nominee Jay Edwards and Democrat nominee Sarah Grace, who are both candidates for Ohio’s 94th District representative. The debate will be split into two parts, the first being time for candidates to discuss their platforms on five pre-determined issues – the economy, the environment, healthcare, education, and community. The second round will allow students to ask questions.

Should I attend?

Yes. With such a heated presidential election, it’s important to recognize other political candidates at the local level who can still have an impact on policies. Here’s your opportunity to see the candidates in person and ask them questions.

Check back next week for the latest insight on Ohio University.