OU student hosts web show identifying counterproductive countertops

Junior Alexandra Greenberg hosts “Counter Productive,” a show in which she identifies poorly placed countertops and surfaces on which to place things in Athens. Check out the first — and likely only — installment of the web series.


Why my favorite place in Athens is a green, metal bench

My favorite place on Ohio University’s campus isn’t so much a building or object as it is a setting; the location is more important to me than the object itself. Keep that in mind, because my favorite spot can be pretty underwhelming without context. It may seem a bit disappointing, especially given the options available to me in Athens, but my favorite spot on campus is a green, metal bench that sits outside of the Academic and Research Center on West Green.

Honestly, the bench really isn’t that comfortable. I usually bring an extra sweatshirt with me to place on the seat to make sitting on it for long periods of time tolerable. And I usually don’t sit there before 4 p.m. on weekdays. The rush of students going in and out of the ARC can be pretty distracting. The bench is also right next to a bike rack. I — or I should say my elbows — learned very early on not to get too comfortable while students are adding and removing bikes from the rack. Elbow bruises cause more problems than you’d think.

The view from the bench

But the bench does have its redeeming qualities. It’s outside. As one can easily determine after looking at how pale I am, I don’t really get outside much. Spending an hour or two outdoors is not only good for my complexion, but it’s pretty relaxing as well. I also look forward to hearing birds chirp or seeing the famous Athens squirrels digging through trashcans to find dinner. It’s all part of the college experience, you know?

Don’t be fooled; I’m not a person who is extremely fond of nature. I flinch when I see an ant. I’ve never been a huge fan of outdoor pursuits, but there’s just something so calming about doing homework while sitting in a secluded part of campus and being able to glance over my shoulder to watch the sun set on the western horizon.

The best part about my favorite spot is I can still continue to work there after the sun goes down. Unlike other spots on campus, the area by my favorite bench is still illuminated at night. The spherical lamps and img_0244yellow light spilling from the windows and entrance to the ARC spreads across the area so well, I can still read notes I wrote by hand in light blue ink. Even when the sky becomes pitch black and the stars become visible, my favorite spot remains not only beautiful, but functional, too.

So here’s to you, green bench. Thank you for being something seemingly unimportant to most and a treasure to me.

Ohio University’s Emeriti Park makes an impression on students and faculty

One of the most beautiful and serene places in Athens, lies in the heart of the Ohio University campus. Past Baker Center, between Walter Hall and Clippinger Laboratories, sits a crystal-like pond and fountain, vibrant memorial gardens, monuments and a gazebo where many students and faculty sit to enjoy the scenery. This magical place is famously known as Emeriti Park.


The name “Emeriti Park” was derived from the many Emeriti faculty at Ohio University. To be given the Emeritus or Emerita status, the faculty or administrative member must be appointed by the president of the university. They also must have completed a period of meritorious, or praiseworthy, service during their retirement from Ohio University. Full library and email access, parking on campus and access to other campus events, are some of the special privileges awarded to those who are granted the Emeritus or Emerita status by the Ohio University Board of Trustees.

Emeriti Park is 4 acres in size. The park was designed by James Burkhard Associates and was dedicated to the Emeriti faculty in 2000.


Emeriti Park has been a popular place for romantic dates, quaint study sessions, graduation and other special occasions photos, marriage proposals, and even weddings. The park is known for its simplicity and romantic atmosphere. Emeriti Park also adheres to the natural “green” theme of the Ohio University campus. This picturesque spot, nestled on the bed of the Hocking River, provides yet another place in Athens centered on maintaining and respecting the natural environment of South Eastern Ohio.

Emeriti Park is open 24/7 to the public. Whether one is studying with a friend, having a peaceful lunch, taking photos of the pristine landscape, or enjoying a jog on the trail, Emeriti Park encompasses a unique intimacy, that students, faculty and community members can enjoy.






Clean or Dirty: The Fine Lines of Social Media in College

Since high school many students have always been told to keep a “clean” social media presence. In regards to “clean” students have assumed to not post anything that would come back to hurt them in the future. However, not all students have a similar belief in regard to social media.

Junior Brian Beckstedt feels social media is a form of free speech that should be used to express himself.

Ohio University Student tweet
Ohio University Student tweet

“It helps me to express myself better, and it let’s people know my feelings on a certain subject,” Beckstedt a business major said.

Beckstedt feels social media is for the benefit of getting the message out that he wants in the moment. Being a business major, he finds himself in a unique situation. Following college, he is going to join the family business.

Beckstedt recognizes not censoring his thoughts can be a potential threat to other employers but he wants people to appreciate him for who he is and what he believes.

“Social media can be threatening if you are using words too often it may shy a potential employer away,” Beckstedt added. “But for me I have a special circumstance where I work for my father, and other family.”

For Laura Garotti, a senior studying journalism she has a different tone in regard to social media. Garotti has to create a brand and an image around who she is for potential employers.

“I keep (social media) clean because as a journalist, I like to be transparent and be able to make all of my profiles public,” Garotti explained.

What employers think is important for Garotti. She feels future coworkers could additionally alter work life due to a social media experience.

“You also never know when a coworker will request to add you on Facebook and potentially show others what you post.”

Being a journalism major plays a big role in keeping her social media clean according to the senior. Having a major that is in the public eye is a major part of keeping social media clean.

Ohio University student tweet
Ohio University Student Tweet

“(Some other majors) aren’t in the public eye, but I also believe they don’t completely realize how little privacy you actually get when you go online,” Garotti added.

Most students have slipped up on social media from time to time and Garotti explained she is no different, but in regards to future job security she feels she is safe.

“Oh, I’ve definitely had bad posts that I’ve regretted, but nothing that I think would cost me a job, thanks to thinking before I post.”