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The Boston Celtics continue its hot streak coming off a fiery win at Dallas on Feb. 13. Here are some things that have happened in the past month that have led to the Celtics being on a roll and attaining the second spot among the east behind the defending Champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Isaiah Thomas, the Saint

Thomas is by far, one of the top point guards in the east and even among the league. With his second-consecutive All-Star nomation to All-Star weekend, Thomas is fueled to continue building his image as one of the East’s best PG’s. On top of that, he was named Player of the Month in the Eastern Conference in Jan. Move over King James and Kyrie Irving, save room for IT.

No Bradley, no problem

Avery Bradley has been battling an achillies injury for the past few weeks. Last year in the postseason, the Celtics were struggling, trying to find a player that can fill the gap Bradley provides defensively. They couldn’t, resulting in a 4-2 series loss to the Cavs. This year, the Celtics have figured out a way to play without one of its more prolific defenders.

Boston Celtics v/s Washington Wizards April 11, 2011 | Keith Allison (Flickr)

Pierce’s last jab

For the last time, though he wasn’t in the right uniform, Paul Pierce walked into the TD Garden on Feb. 5 and played his last game on the Celtics court. No better way to end his last game in Boston than this…

Trade Rumors

Boston is about one franchise player away from becoming a championship contenting team. Serge Ibaka was looking for a new home after arriving in Orlando last season. Boston wanted him, but weren’t willing to give up a key young player to make that happen. So this happened… 

All-Star Weekend

The most fun weekend of the NBA season has officially arrived…ALL-STAR WEEKEND, BABY!!! Isaiah Thomas is the only Celtic represented in the events this weekend, but that’s all good. He deserves it. There’s plenty more years for the youthful Celtics to crowd the All-Star lineup.

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Five-On-Five: This week in Cavs basketball

“All for one, One for all.”

When it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers, there is seemingly news on them every day.  Whether it is good, bad or indifferent, reading the latest news on your favorite team is something that is usually done on a daily basis.  This newsletter has congregated the top information over the last week and brings it all to you in one nicely formed package. Here is the top five stories that you should know about, they range from injury updates, player accolades and player signings.

1.) Cavs travel to Minnesota to take on the Timberwolves, but Kevin Love will not make the trip. reported that Cavaliers F Kevin Love will miss Tuesday’s game after experiencing pain in his knee on Saturday night. The Cavs press release was not very informative, but luckily the expanded on the news release by the Cavs by reporting the Cavs were getting a second opinion on Love’s knee and the injury is apparently ‘concerning.’ With the All-star break fast approaching, the team may be inclined to sit Love for a little while and Love will more than likely be forced to miss the All-star game this coming Sunday.

2.) Cavaliers sign F Derrick Williams to a 10-day-contract

@dwxxiii got those Wine & Gold threads ? #DefendTheLand

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ESPN’s Brian Windhorst was one of the first to report that the Cavaliers decided to sign recently released F Derrick Williams to a 10-day-contract last Thursday.  ESPN is usually one of the first outlets to report information on the Cavs, they even dedicate a number of reporters to cover all aspects of the team. From the Cavs Instagram post above you can see Williams working out pre-game before the teams game last Thursday night. He made an impact right away, scoring 12 points in a loss at Oklahoma City.  Head coach Tyronn Lue spoke to ESPN about Williams, saying, “He can play the 3 and the 4,” Lue said of Williams. “He’s a good defender on-ball. Has athleticism. So, I’ll just try to work him in with that second unit.”

3.) LeBron is already calling for the Cavaliers to sign Derrick Williams “long-term.”


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Williams has been impressive in his brief time with the organization, including the thunderous dunk he unleashed this past Saturday, as you can see from the post above.  This led LeBron James to tell media members, including ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, that he hopes the team can sign Williams “long-term” and that, “Obviously, we know that he’s on a 10-day contract, but we believe it’s going to be long-term.” So the fact that LeBron told media members multiple times he wants Williams to be here past his 10-day-contract is a not-so subtle hint that James wants Williams around for the foreseeable future.  When LeBron speaks, people listen and when he drops hints, it usually means he wants to see something happen.

4.) LeBron James wins Eastern Conference Player of the Month award for the 4th time this season and NBA-record 57th time in his career. 

This afternoon, news broke via multiple outlets, including the Cavs own website, that LeBron James was awarded the Eastern Conference Player of the Month award after he averaged 25.5 points, 5.8 rebounds, 11.3 assists and 1.8 steals in a week that saw the Cavs go 3-1 and included a crazy game-tying three-point shot against the Wizards last Monday night as you can see below.

#Repost @nba ・・・ Poetry in motion… @kevinlove to @kingjames! #PhantomCam

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Even in his 14th season James continues to impress and put up numbers that many players only dream of. James will also head off to his 13th All-star game this weekend, which is just another model of James’ consistency.

5.) J.R. Smith could be only a few weeks away from returning to the court. 

The Cavaliers Bleacher Report section reported today that J.R. Smith, who has been out with a thumb injury since late December, is nearing a return to the Cavaliers lineup.  McMenamin, one of the leading reporters for the Cavs, along with Chris Haynes, was one of the first to report this information.

However, J.R. Smith took to Twitter to refute this claim by both Haynes and McMenamin.

It might be longer than expected until Smith returns to the court for the Cavs, but now that multiple Cavs sources are starting to report on Smith’s possible return, it is a safe bet that his return is not too far off.  Stay tuned to all the latest Cavs sources for the latest Smith return updates.

Five-on-five is a weekly newsletter dedicated to the Cleveland Cavaliers and all the latest information surrounding the team.  The information is taken from all the top Cavaliers sources, including the team website and social media accounts to provide you all with the best, most accurate information regarding the team. 

The six best point guards in the NBA today

Let’s face it, when it comes to debating the top point guards in the NBA today, there is no definitive list of who is No.1, No.2, etc. With so much talent to choose from alone, this list should tell who is without a doubt, the best of the best in the NBA today.

1. Russell Westbrook

The way Russell Westbrook is playing the game of basketball today, there isn’t anyone who can contain him.  He is exciting and entertaining to watch because on any given night, he is a walking triple double.  This season he is averaging 30.8 points, 10.6 rebounds and 10.2 assists.  When it comes to point guards, Westbrook is the best right now and he is essentially doing it all by himself since Kevin Durant left the Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.

2. Stephen Curry

Steph Curry is absolutely lethal from behind the three point line, probably the best shooter this league has ever seen. His numbers have taken a bit of a hit with Kevin Durant joining the team, but he is still averaging 25 points, 6.1 assists on 47 percent shooting from the field. Curry is still a guy capable of putting up 40+ points every time he steps out on the floor and has a lethal handle that can embarrass even the best defender. That is why he is No. 2 on this list.

3. Kyrie Irving 

Kyrie Irving has ascended up this list rather quickly in the last few years thanks to the help of LeBron James.  Irving is finally healthy and back playing at an elite level this season, which is a great sight for Cavs fans.  This season he is averaging 24.6 points (a career high), 5.7 assists and shooting 47.3 percent from the field (also a career high).  While Irving’s defense is suspect at times, his offensive game is no joke and he showed during the Cavs run to a championship in 2016 that he is worthy of the No. 3 spot on this list.

4. Chris Paul

Paul has been a model of consistency in the NBA as a point guard over the last decade. Paul has averaged 18 points and 10 assists for his career.  He has helped both the New Orleans Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers reach the playoffs nearly every season he was apart of the team. Not the most athletic point guard but usually makes the right pass and is one of the best leaders in the NBA today. Paul also prides himself on his defense as well, he averages 2.3 steals for his career and is known to lock down the opposing teams point guard. Even though Paul is (only) 31 right now but still is in the prime of his career and is the focal point of a Clippers team primed to make another playoff run.

5. John Wall

John Wall is a having himself a career year for a Washington Wizards team that is rising in the Eastern Conference.  Averaging 22.9 points and 10.3 assists, Wall is the only guard in the East averaging double digit points and assists. At first glance, Wall should be higher on this list.  However we have to take into account his lack of leadership and his temper on the court.  Wall is an elite player and yet no other talented star wants to play with him.  Wall’s combination of offensive and defensive talent puts him in the top five, but prevents him from being higher on the list.

       6. James Harden

A year ago I would not haven’t even considered Harden for this list, but this season has been eye-opening for me as well as many others around the NBA.  Harden has revolutionized his game as the leader of the Houston Rockets.  Not only is he averaging 28.8 points, but also is averaging a league best 11.5 assists.  While those numbers are impressive, the most eye-opening statistic is the fact that Harden has led the Rockets to a 35-16 record, the third best record in all of basketball.  Harden needs to improve his defense, but just like Irving, his offensive game is one of the best in the league today. With all those accomplishments under his belt this season, Harden has earned his spot on the list.

7 Reasons to stop freaking out about the Cavaliers recent struggles

Image result for cleveland cavaliers
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The Cleveland Cavaliers went a dismal 7-8 and in January. Players and fans are frustrated and trying to figure out where things aren’t working, but there isn’t too much cause for concern. Things will work themselves out and you will probably see the Cavs in the Finals for a third straight year.

1) Eastern Conference Strength

NBA basketball lebron james cleveland cavaliers lebron

Think about LeBron’s first year back in Cleveland. The Atlanta Hawks were the No. 1 seed with homecourt advantage and the Cavaliers swept them. The same result happened last year in the playoffs. Not much need to worry about the East.

2) January was cold to all

Image result for badjanuary
Via USA Today on Google Images

The Cavs went 7-8 in January, doubling their loss total on the season. But let’s look around the league. The Oklahoma City Thunder went 7-7, the Toronto Raptors went 7-9. Looking at the NCAA, the 1,2, and 4 ranked teams all lost on the same night. January is over now. Look for teams to warm back up in the upcoming months.

3) LeBron’s subtweets/public criticisms led to title


Last season, James went to twitter to vent a little of his frustration with the team and critics. Even over the offseason, he subtweeted to Dan Gilbert about getting contracts negotiated for key players J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson. Eventually, those tweets meant nothing, then the Cavs won a championship. Expect these recent comments and tweets to fire up the team and expect a return trip to the Finals.

4) There are 82 Games in a season

Image result for 82 games in a season  nba
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The Cavaliers are 32-16 and the top seed in the Eastern Conference. The season is almost half over and even if they continue their mediocre play, they will be back in the playoffs and most likely their 3rd straight Finals. Don’t think that the Cavs will stay this way. They have a lot of time to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

5) Key players are injured
Via Google Images

Kevin Love is continuing to struggle with back issues that are causing him to miss time and not perform at his highest levels. J.R. Smith has been out with a thumb injury. He is a catalyst to offensive runs. Without the two, the Cavs lose two great three-point shooters. Don’t worry, they’ll be back and itching to help the team. Blowouts have happened before

6) Blowouts have happened before

Image result for warriors blow out cavs
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Last season on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Golden State Warriors put an epic beatdown on the Cavaliers, winning the game. This season, the Warriors bashed the Cavaliers in Cleveland 132-98. Are the Cavs nervous? N, because they realize they don’t care about beating the Warriors during the season. They care about beating them in June. The Warriors Blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals

7) The Warriors Blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals


Okay, okay, enough memes and jokes. In all seriousness, both teams are itching to get back to the Finals. It will be the decisive rubber match. Who will win? Will the Warriors avenge the blown opportunity from last season or will the Cavaliers prove they are top dog? Book your calendars you will see them go at it in June.


NBA players that easily relate to college students


College students have a reputation as more or less a walking struggle. From loans, midterms and hangovers, we rock at needing help. NBA players on the other hand are in quite the opposite situation. Money, in great physical shape, career made and healthy dieting, (which most of us are probably lacking). Whether its shown on the basketball court or on Court Street, NBA players are doing a good job at representing several college enounters.


                                                        when you hear a freshman complaining about “how hard their required general education class” is….




“The exam will not be curved.” Enough said. Thanks, James Harden.








When your team KILLS the group presentation.

Yes GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When you get home from your exam and hear your roommate ask “Did you do as bad as you thought you were gonna?”

Nba GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

….. And after convincing yourself you failed, you check blackboard in awe because you at least received a C, and C’s get degrees!


all gifs courtesy of


Does your team have what it takes to make a run in the NBA playoffs? Listen to these NBA fanboys tell you why or why not.

With more than a quarter of the NBA season in the books, it’s about time for  sportswriters and basketball junkies alike to get together and start arguing about the impending NBA playoffs.

The amount of time my friends and I have spent discussing the landscape of the NBA is mind-boggling. While we may not be professionals, we certainly do know an awful lot about the teams and players that can shape the future of the league.

Not only do we love the NBA, but college football is wrapping up and that can only mean one thing: OSU vs. Michigan. With both teams seasons on the line, we wrap up the podcast with a short discussion on who we think has the edge in the biggest game of the season.

Find out below who we think will make some noise this season and reach the playoffs and who will win this years edition of “The GAME.”

Listening Guide:

2:15 – Picks for Eastern Conference Playoffs

12:50 – Can anybody stop the Cavaliers?

18:57 – Picks for Western Conference Playoffs

41:12 – Are the Jazz real contenders?

43:42 – Lakers or Timberwolves for first out of the playoffs?

48:52 – NBA MVP picks

54:28 – Picks for OSU vs. Michigan game

Five bad NBA players that are fun to watch

The NBA is a spectator’s event. The league’s athletes achieve incredible athletic heights every night. However, just because a player plays with flash doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best. Here are five of the NBA’s most entertaining below average players.
1. Nick “Swaggy P” Young


(via Google Images)

Swaggy P can stroke it as well as anyone… when he’s feeling it. When he’s not, that doesn’t stop him from hogging the ball like he is. There has yet to be a coach able to get him to commit on defense, and he frustrates some of his more competitive teammates. But man is he fun to watch when he is feeling it.

2. Javale McGee


(via Google Images)
Javale McGee is as athletic of a seven-footer as you’re  ever likely to see. He blocks shots by grabbing them out of the air and never saw a poster he didn’t think he could emulate. However, part of his entertaining quality is how spacey he can be on the court at times.

3. Marcelo Huertas


(via Google Images)

Huertas is an electrifying maestro of the pick and roll off the Lakers’ bench. He makes passes most players wouldn’t think of attempting, and if they did they’d be benched for turning the ball over. The problem is that pesky other side of the court. He can’t stay in front of a parked car and often ends up on the wrong ends of highlight reels himself.

4. Brian Scalabrine


via (Google Images)

An honorable mention. Scalabrine, aka the “Red Mamba” was a lifetime NBA benchwarmer that warmed the heart of every fan of every team he played for. Scalabrine will live on forever.

5. Gerald Green


(via Google Images)

Gerald Green is maybe the greatest in game dunker of all time. He sports a highlight reel unlike any other. He never developed into much of an NBA player, however. He’s been a role player most of his career and his jump shot has been come-and-go. Like most people on this list, he cannot guard a soul, but you better stay out of his way in transition.

HAN: Here, Applicable, Now.

World News

Pentagon admits to using drones over U.S. soil

If there’s one thing Americans have problems with, its the idea that the government could be spying on them. Grab your tinfoil hats, folks, because the Pentagon admitted to sending out spy drones over your backyard. Yea, the Pentagon claimed that the flights were “rare and lawful,” but flights have included search and rescues, floods, fires and National Guard exercises. When it comes down to it, we just don’t have the laws to regulate that sort of activity now.

U.S. used Vietnam-era planes to combat ISIS

If you thought the car you drove in high school was old, you should see the two Vietnam-era planes the U.S. is using to fight ISIS right now. Why? They’re cheaper than fighter jets, and goodness knows the U.S. spends enough on cool new toys. The planes originally were retired in the 90s. They brought these planes back from the 60’s; who knows, they may be bringing Woodstock back next.

North Korea fires ballistic missiles into the sea

After watching South Korea and North Korea team up to play some “war games,” North Korea was feeling a little left out and fired a missile into the ocean last Thursday. While North Korea tossing around a few missiles in a fit of rage isn’t totally unheard of, the Thursday launch probably happened because of tightening U.N. sanctions on their nuclear program. It’s doubtful, though, that North Korea could even get a nuclear missiles very far.

Newark, New Jersey’s public schools have lead in the water

When I was in school, they were required to let students out if the building didn’t have running water for water fountains; that isn’t the case for nearly half of Newark, New Jersey’s public schools. Students at the public school better bring a water bottle, because the schools’ water was found to have lead in it. No sign of when the schools will be addressing the issue, but if it’s anything like Flint, public outcry will make it sooner, not later.


Facebook buys face-swapping app MSQRD and its many selfie filters

Snapchat and all of its selfie filters have been all the rage recently, so naturally Facebook jumped on the trend with their recent purchase of MSQRD. This purchase is not terribly surprising, since Facebook has been known to purchase existing software, like Instagram and WhatsApp, as opposed to developing their own applications in-house. To me, selfie filters seem like more of a fad than anything substantial, however it appears that Facebook will not be taking any chances.

Facebook will soon let you Like and share 360-degree videos in the Gear VR

If you have ever wanted to like and share Facebook posts in stunning 360-degree VR picture, then you are probably pretty ecstatic right now. Facebook, owners of Oculus VR, will allow Samsung Gear VR wearers to like and share posts within the headset. The Samsung Gear VR is partnered with Oculus, so this move makes perfect sense. Users of Samsung Gear VR are also be able to 360-degree videos that are posted to Facebook. drops international barriers, now ships video games overseas

Video game players around the world can now import games straight from Amazon’s Japanese marketplace. Until made this move, gamers would have to import games and game merch through sites like PlayAsia. This move by Amazon has the potential to damage sites that focus on video game imports from Japan, however this move helps consumers greatly and attaches a trusted western company to Japanese game importing. There are, however, some limitations to the international importing. Foreign Nintendo games will still not work with North American consoles, and some Japanese items still say that international importing is unavailable.




Plans to travel to Rio while pregnant? Sit back down with that heating pad.

It seems like our Facebook feeds are perpetually inundated with friends having babies. Feeling left out? At least you’ll be able to jet to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Pregnant women: stay home! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a travel advisory saying women who are pregnant should “consider not going to the Olympics.” The C.D.C. said the precautions were necessary “because Zika virus infection in a pregnant woman is linked to a serious birth defect of the brain called microcephaly and miscarriage.” Manage to grab one of the male athletes going for the gold this summer? You need to be careful, too; the CDC recommended, “If you have a male partner who goes to the Olympics, either use condoms or abstain from sex for the duration of your pregnancy.”

The Zika Virus: Coming To A Bar Near You?

“I’m safe,” you think. “I’m not going to Rio and I don’t know anyone who is. No way that Zika thing is headed my way.” Really guys, it’s time to not be over-confident. Zika is spreading to new countries, according to the World Health Organization. It noted local transmission has now been reported in 31 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean. The UN health agency also said there is increasing evidence that a spike in disturbing birth defects and neurological problems are caused by Zika, which is mostly spread by mosquito bites.

Sharapova Suspended for Performance-Enhancers

As Justin Beiber would say: “Maria, why you gotta play me like that?” Really, Maria Sharapova, why? The Russian tennis super-star has been suspended from the game after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. It’s called meldonium: not approved by the FDA in the US but is used across the world to help regulate metabolism. It has, though, also repeatedly shows an increase in endurance performance of athletes. Sharapova’s attorney told CNN said the tennis player took the drug regularly for 10 years. Her defense? She was taking it for actual medical reasons: in 2006, tests revealed that “she had some immune deficiency, abnormal EKG results, diabetes indicators, low magnesium and asthenia.” Why the investigation, then? the drug’s label says the normal amount of time someone should take it is a matter of days to weeks. People are now trying to figure out why Sharapova’s doctor continued to prescribe the drug for years.

Green Juice? Oh KALE No!

It’s Saturday morning and you’re trying to get over a hangover. Please, Golden Throne That Is The Fridge, please say my roommate has leftover cold pizza… ew, green juice? Don’t worry, that reaction and general hatred of the juice is warranted, after all. Your daily green juice may even be making you fat. The stealth sugar lurking in “healthy” foods—green juices, whole wheat bread (yes, whole wheat), Greek yogurt with fruit, granola, almond milk, coconut water, marinara sauce, and condiments like ketchup and fat-free balsamic vinaigrette—can increase calories and fat, FAST. And if the taste and the price of these green juices isn’t enough to make you shed a tear, these same sugars may do the same; sugar leads to spikes and dips in blood sugar, leading to depression, the inability to focus, fatigue, gas, bloating and inflammation.


Golden State Warriors smashing NBA records

With 19 games left in the NBA regular season, the Golden State Warriors (57-6) are on pace to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ NBA-best record of 72-10. The 2014-2015 NBA champions have already surpassed those Bulls (44) in setting the NBA record for most consecutive home wins (46). Led by last year’s MVP and frontrunner to repeat, Steph Curry has broken his own NBA record of 286 made 3-pointers in a season, hitting 304 with 19 games left.

USWNT wins SheBelieves Cup in preparation for the Summer Olympics

The United States women’s soccer national team (USWNT) won the inaugural United States-hosted SheBelieves Cup after going 3-0-0 in the tournament that featured four of the top five ranked women’s national teams in the world, including England, France and Germany. The champions continued their dominant start to 2016, winning all nine of their matches this year. The USWNT will look to continue their success in the upcoming Summer Olympics in Brazil, where the four teams could meet again.

NCAA March Madness is almost here  

Get ready to fill out your NCAA March Madness brackets for your office pool — college basketball’s season-end tournament is right around the corner. The annual round-robin tournament is made up of 68 teams – 31 of whom receive automatic bids for winning their conference tournament taking place this week. The participants are announced and seeded accordingly during Selection Sunday on March 13, and start play two days later.

MLS kicks off, looks to increase popularity in the U.S.

After 12 weeks off, the Major League Soccer (MLS) season kicked off last Sunday (March 5). All 20 teams opened their season on Sunday, highlighted by the defending champion Portland Timbers defeating last year’s runner-up Columbus Crew 2-1. However, ESPN’s featured game saw a 33 percent decline in viewership compared to last year’s opener. Still lacking top-class competition and popularity in the U.S., the MLS might not see an increase in fandom until the likes of Swedish superstar forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Portuguese superstar forward Cristiano Ronaldo come over, as rumors claim could happen in the following two years. For now, the MLS can only boast players that are at the end of their careers, including Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo, English midfielder Steven Gerrard and Brazilian midfielder Kaka, as well as possible future stars, such as Italian forward Sebastian Giovinco and American forward Jordan Morris.


Pop Culture

Have No Fear, Game of Thrones Fans

In case you haven’t heard, Sir George Martin died at the age of 90 this Wednesday morning (March 8). While the internet was mourning the death of the producer who gave the Beatles their big break, many Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter users were panicking for different reasons. According to the Independent, thousands of people believed George R.R. Martin, the author of the popular Game of Thrones series, was the one to have passed away. The writer reassured his fan base that he was, indeed, still alive. So relax. The end of Wind of Winters is coming.

Dr. Luke and Kesha’s Legal Battle Gets a New Twist (Maybe)

Rumors have been floating around about Sony possibly shortening its contract with Dr. Luke, the producer of pop sensation Kesha, as a result of sexual assault allegations. Dr. Luke denied the rape allegations as well as the contract termination rumors, and his attorney stated the producer had a great relationship with Sony. Sony hasn’t said a word about it.

What the Heck Is A Zingle?

Former 1-D musician Zayn Malik dropped his new single, “Like I Would,” Thursday morning (March 9).  A mixture of club beats and trippy rhythm, “Like I Would” is comparable to hits such as “Can’t Feel My Face,” by The Weeknd. Twitter users have been buzzing about the “zingle.” It will surely creep into all of your Pandora stations several times each day in the weeks to come.

We May Know Who Banksy Is

Data miners at Queen Mary University of London may have discovered the real identity of Banksy, the mysterious street artist through a process called geographic profiling, which is used by police to track criminals. The researchers analyzed certain sites where Banksy created street art, and many of the sites were associated with a man named Robin Gunningham, who Daily Mail hypothesized was Banksy back in 2008.

History of Magic in North America Series Is Getting Major Criticism

J.K. Rowling has been working on a four-part series about the history of magic in the U.S., and her portrayal of Native Americans as the original witches has many people upset. Of course, people took to Twitter to vent. Users criticized her creation of a new term, “Animagi” (people who can transform into animals at will) instead of using the existing term, “skin walkers,” as well as classifying all Native American tribes into one group.