The best kept secrets about Victoria’s Secret and the truth that goes on behind the magic

Health and fitness have become leading movements and have been capturing the attention of many young women. We have finally realized it’s important to treat the human body with respect.

This includes hydrating, working out, eating right and having a positive self-image. Coincidentally, the leader in this trend is Victoria’s Secret.

Recently, Victoria’s Secret has focused on their sports line. This has included a focus on health and fitness, especially in preparation for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This hoopla doesn’t happen without the angels’ effort in the gym and on the runway and the employees’ effort in the stores.

It’s not all fun and games for employees

Victoria’s Secret employs thousands of women in a range of locations. Most days they can be found folding panties or looking in the back for more leggings to be added to the shelf. The truth is as much as they the clothing and fragrances, sometimes it isn’t what it’s ideal. Between the awkward fathers trying to buy bras and the way the panties table looks after the Semi-Annual Sale the secrets of a Victoria’s Secret employee makes it sound a lot more intimidating.

Give Victoria’s Secret. Unwrap sexy. ’Tis the season, after all.

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“Train like an angel”

To become fit like the Victoria’s Secret angels it’s surprising to some that they focus on weight training, ballet techniques and being tone because lean is not the answer anymore. Training like an angel means bootcamp. The best techniques can be found online at the Victoria’s Secret Youtube channel. To your surprise your new routine might include more weight lifting and less cardio.

Eat healthy, be healthy

Balanced diets are the best and most successful. Regardless of vegan, high-protein or loads of vegetables and fruits eating enough, and eating right, is the best way to get results for that dream body. This does not mean having to eat small portions, but instead it means eating throughout the day and balancing the food groups. If you’re looking for ideas, check out some of the angels’ personal diet plans. Finding what’s best for your body helps keep you lean and toned. These plans may not be the biggest diet plans but shh, don’t tell anyone.

?? life!

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The glamorous runway lifestyle 

Yes. The angels are gorgeous when they hit the stage after months of training, but there’s many downsides that viewers of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show don’t take into consideration when they dream about being one of the angels. For starters, the fantasy bra is extremely heavy, the average heel height is 6 inches and the wings can weigh around 25 pounds. The heaviest pair of wings weighed in at 40 pounds. So next time you’re dreaming about being an angel read up on the runway secrets that can’t be seen from the television.

Au revoir, Paris. Here’s to the most fabulous #VSFashionShow ever!!

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Behind the scenes 

So what actually goes on behind the scenes? Natural beauty tips and tricks. This includes natural makeup application, natural hair and beach waves ideas and even health tricks. The day of the show the beauty tricks are loaded up and the health tricks are thrown away. All liquids, including water, are cut off. However, the year long diets and exercises are the key aspect to make the angels look the way they do on the night of the show. Next time you want to look your best and get “the look” of a Victoria’s Secret angel remember to keep it natural, stay healthy and exercise.

What’s not to ❤️ about a runway-perfect mani-pedi from @redcarpetmanicure? #VSFashionShow

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Do you even lift, bro?

“Well I tried, sorta.”

Listen, I totally get it. New Year’s resolutions are difficult and although you have yet to actually visit the gym in 2017 to get that ‘dream bod’, I’m sure today you’re feeling really motivated!

It’s time to put down that piece of bread, put on those brand new tennis shoes you swore you’d try on eventually, and find some fitness inspiration. Let’s walk around the neighborhood once and see if the guilt of ordering a pizza before the walk wears off before you get home!

For today’s newsletter edition, we are going to dive into an exercise craze that boarders on the line of a cult and an addiction: CrossFit. Finally, a workout routine you may stick to this time.

Here’s a quick CrossFit online guide to check out before you decide that you’ll start working out tomorrow:

1. Facebook

Wikimedia Commons | Rose Physical Therapy Group

Since it’s probable that you spend too much time on social media and too little time at the gym, I know the perfect solution. Follow the CrossFit Facebook page to clog your Facebook feed. Not only will you be bombarded by motivational videos, global testimonials, and wooed with CrossFitters who seemingly look just like you, but it will be the perfect way to get yourself annoyed enough to go offline and go join CrossFit!

2. Instagram

If Facebook’s 2.8 million ‘likes’ weren’t enough to entice you, maybe Instagram’s 1.7 million following will. Nothing screams #fitfam quite like posting a video of yourself lifting heavy stuff on social media. You’re obsessively stalking CrossFitters online and though self-doubt looms, you want to be them. By now, CrossFit is becoming more appealing, enough so to even follow them on Twitter.

3. CrossFit’s Official Website

Flickr | CrossFit Fever

One of your friends or coworkers yesterday was going on and on about their ‘box’ and how great yesterday’s ‘WOD’ was and you stared back blankly. Apparently there’s an entire CrossFit vocabulary you need to learn before starting. Is CrossFit expensive? Are the workouts as excruciatingly hard as they say? Will you really be flipping tires? There’s really only one way to find out, and that’s to check the official website.

4. CrossFit’s CEO & Founder

Wikimedia Commons | jblumenthol

Learning about the man behind it all can suffice through this article. Greg Glassman is quite extraordinary and your opinions on his business empire are practically useless. I know that whenever I start something new, my curiosity begins to creep in. It may seem odd how many people you know are joining CrossFit. It’s an odd hype that practically came out of nowhere. Yesterday seemed to be anything and everything about P90X but now it’s CrossFit, CrossFit, and more CrossFit. If the CEO can look like this and make millions on a fitness empire that he may or may not participate in, maybe CrossFit is worth a shot.

Wikimedia Commons | Rose Physical Therapy Group

5. The Red Flags

CrossFit can be dangerous, no doubt about it. Even if you watched the glamorizing 60 Minutes special regarding CrossFit, are you really convinced? Half of your friends give you insane looks at the idea of trying CrossFit while the other half gives you a lackluster response of encouragement. The thought of doing one pushup is horrifying but 30 of them in a row? And for how long? Some doctors praise the CrossFit benefits while others strongly criticize. This is a great reference to understand that behind every successful business are some flaws. CrossFit at your own risk.

Today’s friendly reminder: Become the type of person who can ask, “Do you even lift, bro?”

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Live Healthy Appalachia dedicated to improve wellbeing of SE Ohio

Live Healthy Appalachia is a non-profit organization that is actively working towards promoting a healthy lifestyle to the Athens and surrounding communities. They offer programs to children and adults on how to shop for healthier foods, get active, cook more nutritious meals, and more.

Live Healthy Appalachia’s mission is “to improve the health and wellbeing in the Appalachian Region through education, outreach, and advocacy emphasizing nutrition and other lifestyle choices.”

One major program that Live Healthy Appalachia is a part of is the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP). It is a nine week program dedicated to creating and sustaining healthy lifestyle changes. It can normalize blood sugar, lower cholesterol and BMI, help one lose weight, and many more positive changes. CHIP is not unique to only the Athens area; it is a worldwide campaign to promote healthy lifestyles.

A CHIP class is scheduled for February 4, 2016 and will continue to be held every Tuesday and Thursday in Baker Center. An information session is scheduled for January 12, 2016 in Baker Center, room 231 from 12:10-1:10 PM.

If the nine week program is too much of a commitment, there are alternative routes to live a healthier life through the CHIP program. There are various restaurants that sell CHIP approved items and even four Athens restaurants that are fully CHIP approved: Busy Day Market, The Farmacy, Gourmet Your Way, and Lui Lui.

Casa Nueva, Avalanche Pizza, Village Bakery, Fluff Bakery, Chelsea’s Real Food, and many other restaurants in town have CHIP approved options.

You can call 780-856-6100 to ask about booking a nutritious cooking class for your dorm room, class, or community. Live Healthy Appalachia also offers multiple 5Ks for adults and children to get outside and get active. There are grocery shopping tips and programs that are put on at Kroger on how to shop for healthy food on a budget (perfect for us college students!)

Here is a guide that Live Healthy Appalachia put out in regard to restocking your kitchen with better nutritious foods. Since they promote a mostly plant based diet, one of their tips is to have meat as an accent to a dish, not a main course.

Volunteers are needed to keep this organization going. Long-term and short-term volunteer opportunities are available. If you are interested, you can contact Live Healthy Appalachia and get started right away!

In a time where obesity and heart disease are common among American families, Live Healthy Appalachia is pledging to help the Appalachia area of Ohio live longer and better lives.