Live Healthy Appalachia dedicated to improve wellbeing of SE Ohio

Live Healthy Appalachia is a non-profit organization that is actively working towards promoting a healthy lifestyle to the Athens and surrounding communities. They offer programs to children and adults on how to shop for healthier foods, get active, cook more nutritious meals, and more.

Live Healthy Appalachia’s mission is “to improve the health and wellbeing in the Appalachian Region through education, outreach, and advocacy emphasizing nutrition and other lifestyle choices.”

One major program that Live Healthy Appalachia is a part of is the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP). It is a nine week program dedicated to creating and sustaining healthy lifestyle changes. It can normalize blood sugar, lower cholesterol and BMI, help one lose weight, and many more positive changes. CHIP is not unique to only the Athens area; it is a worldwide campaign to promote healthy lifestyles.

A CHIP class is scheduled for February 4, 2016 and will continue to be held every Tuesday and Thursday in Baker Center. An information session is scheduled for January 12, 2016 in Baker Center, room 231 from 12:10-1:10 PM.

If the nine week program is too much of a commitment, there are alternative routes to live a healthier life through the CHIP program. There are various restaurants that sell CHIP approved items and even four Athens restaurants that are fully CHIP approved: Busy Day Market, The Farmacy, Gourmet Your Way, and Lui Lui.

Casa Nueva, Avalanche Pizza, Village Bakery, Fluff Bakery, Chelsea’s Real Food, and many other restaurants in town have CHIP approved options.

You can call 780-856-6100 to ask about booking a nutritious cooking class for your dorm room, class, or community. Live Healthy Appalachia also offers multiple 5Ks for adults and children to get outside and get active. There are grocery shopping tips and programs that are put on at Kroger on how to shop for healthy food on a budget (perfect for us college students!)

Here is a guide that Live Healthy Appalachia put out in regard to restocking your kitchen with better nutritious foods. Since they promote a mostly plant based diet, one of their tips is to have meat as an accent to a dish, not a main course.

Volunteers are needed to keep this organization going. Long-term and short-term volunteer opportunities are available. If you are interested, you can contact Live Healthy Appalachia and get started right away!

In a time where obesity and heart disease are common among American families, Live Healthy Appalachia is pledging to help the Appalachia area of Ohio live longer and better lives.