6 reasons why aliens won’t invade planet Earth

There is no doubt that there are other life forms chillin’ out somewhere in the universe. But it is often up for debate as to if our little alien friends would ever pay a visit to planet Earth. The answer is no; aliens want nothing to do with us “earthlings”. Not only do they not want to get involved in the hot mess that is the current political climate, but aliens just have better sh*t to do.

AXGJXF Alien Encounter
  1. Meet Gringo, Sid, and Lucii. Here is a photograph of them doing research on pine trees on their home planet, HerbDerb. Our three little botantist alien friends are tree lovers. They despise the people of Earth for destroying so many trees and ecosystems. Gringo, Sid, and Lucii would much rather spend time working on their favorite hobby than visit a place that treats nature so horribly.
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2. Next meet Lenny, Grr, and their child Babel. Lenny and Grr are far too busy raising a child to even think about invading another planet. And little Babel is still wearing a seat belt, so clearly he won’t be participating in any planet takeovers anytime soon.

transparent aliens

3. Fonny and Nonny are cat sitting this weekend so no alien invasions for them. =/

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4. Booppy prefers to mess with planet Earth at her local arcade. With this UFO gaming device, she can abduct cows and any other creatures that she pleases, without setting a foot on Earth.

Pizza, Aliens and Love on Pinterest

5. This picture is pretty self explanatory. Dingy has pizza. Why invade another planet when you have pizza??

alien aliens

6. Finally, we have Neep, Nop, Lurb, and Eek. They find joy in token up and making fun of the idiots that inhabit planet Earth.

“Can you really believe that they ACTUALLY elected a giant cheeto to run a country?! Smh.” Eek exclaims as he passes his intergalactic bong to Neep.

No need to visit such a horrific place when you can laugh about it with your pals in your peaceful homeland.

So there you have it. Aliens don’t need to waste their time trying to takeover a planet that is already self destructing. They would rather just sit back and watch the show.

Five skylines that make America great

The United States is known for having distinguishable features like burgers, weekend football games and rock n’ roll. Another memorable U.S. trait is the diversity of its cities. In particular, visitors to big cities often want to head downtown, where the colorful lights and patterns of skylines bring a culture to life.  The American skylines below are among the most famous not only in the U.S., but in the world.

  1. New York City
Provided via architecturaldigest.com

What would America be without New York City? Along with being the largest city in the U.S., New York arguably has the country’s most breathtaking aerial scenery. The Empire State, Chrysler and Woolworth Buildings brand NYC as a place most seasoned travelers would instantly recognize. Whether in the morning when the sun gleams over buildings or nighttime when they illuminate the landscape, it is hard to take your eyes off the Big Apple skyline. Imagine going to Times Square on New Year’s Eve to feel the city in full force. Imagine saying goodbye to an old year and bringing in a new one full of wonders and goals, while under some of the brightest lights and vivid confetti imaginable. Alicia Keys was in an Empire State of Mind when she sang, “No place in the world that could compare.”

  1. Las Vegas

    Photo via Pinterest/Dee Whittaker

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but for now, “What happens in Vegas stays on this listicle.” The MGM Grand Vegas, Bellagio and the Mirage are among the hotel casinos that make the Las Vegas Strip one of the best party streets in America, if not on Earth. The Stratosphere even has a rollercoaster on top, which gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘amusement park.’ Vegas is home to all ten of the world’s largest hotels, so make sure to stay a few nights to sleep in style. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful surroundings when gambling on earning the finer things in life?

  1. Chicago

    Photo via sohohousechicago.com

The Windy City is often referenced for its history of mob bosses and the Prohibition age, but also for its downtown which at first glance seemingly never ends. The John Hancock Center, Crain Communications Building and the Two Prudential Plaza can be thought as metaphorical fish that stand out in the sea of buildings on Michigan Avenue, famously known as the Magnificent Mile. The Willis Tower, also known as the Sears Tower, bulges out the most. It is of the tallest buildings globally, standing at 1,450 feet (443 meters) high – 1,730 feet (520 meters). A popular Chicago tourist adventure is to travel to the top of the building and stare down at the city. This is the ultimate high, literally. The Chicago River and Lake Michigan add watery icing to the cake.

  1. San Francisco

    Photo via newsnxt.com

San Francisco could be thought of as the Golden Gate to great architecture. With the 44 Building, Millennium and Salesforce Tower in view, you know it’s time to wave your west coast sign. The building that’s San Francisco’s best is the Transamerica Pyramid. The pyramid is composed of two impressive buildings in a complex that encompasses one city block. San Francisco is next door to Oakland, which also offers a visually appealing skyline. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is so iconic that it was featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, one the highest-selling video games in history.  This proves the Bay Area has more distinguishable features than just the Golden State Warriors record-setting professional basketball team.

  1. Seattle

    Provided via biddingowl.om

It is never too late for the Emerald City to round out my listicle. Having great mountains and legal recreational marijuana may be a plus to some, but this is not why Seattle is on this list. The Space Needle is not just a symbol for Seattle, but one for Pacific Northwest paradise. The building was so epic that it was used as the NBA Seattle SuperSonics logo before the team moved to Oklahoma City. Sightseers look up to marvel at the Rainier Tower and Safeco Plaza standing tall. Seattle is probably too far for Ohioans to visit on a regular basis, so hanging a panoramic poster in your dorm room can ensure you’re always there.

5 pleasant vacation photos and their assumed unpleasant backstories

The stories behind these vacation photos will haunt your dreams and possibly change your perspective on life.

Vacations are a time to relax, unwind, and let go of the stresses of your life. They can be a time to try something new, to be spontaneous and exciting. The folks in these photos appear to be enjoying their vacations, but take a closer look and you will just barely make out the tragedy in their eyes.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Petr Kratochvil

1.) An afternoon of sea kayaking took a turn for the worse when the cruise ship behind these adventurers ran into the massive iceberg just out of the frame.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via kai Stachowiak

2.) Edith, an avid motorcyclist and self proclaimed badass, rode out on that dusty road with no intentions of ever looking back at the life she once knew. Until she realized she forgot her suitcase.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Piotr Wojcicki

3.) Seymour prefers to spend his vacation in his backyard, deep in thought and silent reflection. He always makes sure to leave his phone, keys, pants, wallet, and other everyday distractions inside before venturing out into nature.

Photo by PublicDomainPhotos via Jean Beaufort

4.) All Penelope ever wanted was to be able to enjoy a refreshing week out on the slopes. Upon arriving at the lodge, however, she was forced into volunteering for the search and rescue team, and has not left the resort since.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Petr Kratochvil

5.) Sebastian wanted to go to Disney World. Instead, his forgetful and utterly incompetent parents took him and his sister to some lame island resort in the middle of the Caribbean or whatever.

What Kanye West is really thinking

Kanye West- a modern mystery. Though no one can explain some (read: most) of his wild behaviors, here are some pretty good theories of what is really happening inside his head.

Photo by Hollyscoop via YouTube
  1. Kanye’s reaction when he asks Kim to stop at McDonald’s and she says “we have food at home”
Photo by realmusiq via Flickr

2. “Maybe if I wear these sunglasses indoors I’ll be invisible…”

Photo by Mathieu Lebreton via Flickr

3. Although it looks like Kanye may be having a good time, he’s actually genuinely worried about the planet’s future in regards to global warming “where are the polar bears going to go…”

via redfin.com

4. When someone is trying to call Kanye out about a public relations nightmare… “The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead though.”

Photo by ORSVP NYC via Flickr5. “lfkjlarfa”

5.  Honestly, no one knew what Kanye was thinking here.

Photo by KimandKanye via Flick

6. While Kim seems totally ready for the picture, something seems to be bothering Kanye…. “Did I remember to close the garage before we left?”

Top 5 baseball stadiums in the US

Baseball stadiums hold a special place in my heart as it is my favorite sport and has brought me great happiness in my life. Judging a baseball stadium depends what each person values and there is of course going to be some bias. Debates about sports topics are awesome because each person can have different opinions and it makes for interesting discussions.

Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 30, 2010 (Photo Credit: James Clear)

Honorable Mention: Great American Ballpark

The other Ohio MLB team brings its own charm with a river just over the right field that can be reached on a home run. My favorite part of the stadium is the firework stands in center field because fireworks are awesome and even better when they occur at a baseball field. It is a beautiful view from the stadium and is worthy of an honorable mention.

A clear day at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio April 29, 2012 (Photo Credit: Jeremy Burgin)

Honorable Mention: Progressive Field
Since I am in Ohio I probably should include a baseball stadium in this state. When a stadium is different than the most others there is something awesome about it and that is what the Indians’ stadium is. Having a tall wall in left field is awesome because it makes it a little difficult to hit the ball over the fence and can make the ball hit off the wall in weird ways. The right field fence is short enough that there is the chance that an outfielder can rob a home run. It is a beautiful stadium with a huge video board in left field.

Evening in Houston, Texan at Minute Maid Park April 6, 2015. (Photo Credit: Brian Reading)

5. Minute Maid Park
The home of the Houston Astros is the only one on the list that has a retractable roof. On the field, they have a little hill in center field so it is always interesting if the ball is hit up there anything can happen, it could be an inside-the-park home run or a highlight-reel catch. The best part of the stadium is above the left field stand with train tracks that have a train go through when an Astro hits a home run which is made easy by the short left field stands.

A sunny day at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 10, 2011. (Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz)

4. PNC Park
A bridge just over the center field wall makes the Pirates’ home awesome along with the view of downtown Pittsburgh. There is just a charm in this stadium that sets it apart from most of the other stadiums. I love stadiums with water just outside the park and PNC park is on the river’s edge with an occasional player that can hit a home run into the water.

Clouds over Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. May 22, 2009. (Photo Credit: Werner Kunz)

3. Fenway Park
The reason why it is one of the best stadiums can be described in a couple of word, the Green Monster. Seeing players hit the ball over the 37-foot wall in left field is awesome and if it hits off the wall it bounces back to the infield and the batter possibly can be thrown out if they are too slow. In right field, there I a very short wall so it is awesome to see player robbing home runs while falling over the wall. The tradition of the Red Sox makes the stadium even better but if the team was not that good the stadium would still be one of the best.

A day game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois July 29, 2009. (Photo Credit: Jauerback)

2. Wrigley Field
If people only know one baseball stadium it is most likely the home of the Chicago Cubs. The charm of the stadium that has been around since the early 1900s with is what makes it appealing. The wall around the outfield is covered in ivy so sometimes baseballs will get hit into the ivy and disappear. There are places around the stands where there are metal poles that block the view of the field, oh the charm. Being surrounded by a neighborhood is so cool with stands on top of some of the houses that can see the field and is the only stadium in the baseball that is in a neighborhood.

Night game at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California Aug. 1, 2006. (Photo Credit: Daniel Schwen)

1. AT&T Park
Even though I am slightly biased there is no doubt this is the best stadium in baseball. The field is beautiful but the best parts are outside of the playing field. In the left field stands there is a giant Coke bottle with a slide inside of it and a glove that sometimes players come close to hitting during batting practice. There is also the McCovey Cove right outside of the right field which is a place where you see diehard fans sitting in kayaks and boats waiting for home runs to be hit out there. Having the best team in baseball since 2010 with three World Series championships is just an added benefit.

5 animals reacting the same as humans

Everybody loves animals. Their, at times, lack of common sense and innocence tugs at everyone’s hearts. Sometimes people like to say what breed of dog they are or what kind of cat best represents them. I think these animals best represent humans.

tiger. By: Rennett Stow. Flickr

This is a face anyone with siblings will recognize. The is the face you see behind your mom while she yells at you for something your sibling got you in trouble for.  The face of victory. It is the face that no matter how hard you try to get your mom to notice, she never will. Everyone hates this face unless they are making it.

Owl. Google images.

This is a face you all know and hate to admit. This is the face you make when you hear your mom’s car pulling into the driveway and it hits you that you’ve been sitting on the couch all day and did not do the two chores she asked you to do before you got home. The worst part is that it’s the same chores every time: the dishes and sweeping.

r o f l m a o. by Trish Hamme. Flickr

Everybody hates to admit it, but they all like a good “dad joke.” They get a good chuckle but never they never win best joke of the night. But when you need something from your dad, all of his jokes are the best jokes ever. We’ve all been like Mr. Whiskers here when we need a few extra bucks to go to the movies or grab something to eat. Everybody else’s dad jokes suck, but your dad’s? GOAT.

zoo-85. by Colin Knowles. Flickr

“Oh, I”ll only nap for 3o minutes.” You tell yourself this every time you take a nap and every time you wake up looking like the picture above  wondering what year it is and how it has come to this. You tell yourself it won’t happen again but we all know it will.

running chasing ball. Google images

“The face you make when mom says the pizza rolls are done.” But seriously though, have you ever casually walked to get pizza rolls? I didn’t think so.


The 5 best smart phones you can buy right now

With so many manufactures making great smart phones in today’s market, the options can become overwhelming. These are the 5 best smart phones you can buy right now and why they may be the best communication device for you over the next two or more years.

1. Google Pixel XL

Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bestboyzde/30108406540

The Google Pixel XL is the first phone that Google controlled the entire production process. For this phone Google manufactured the hardware and the software for the fastest and cleanest version of Android ever. It’s still Android though so it’s as customizable as ever and you will always get the newest software updates first straight from Google themselves. The Pixel has a top of the line price tag but it also has top of the line specs to match.

2. IPhone 7 Plus

Photo Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:IPhone_7_and_iPhone_7_Plus.jpg

You can never go wrong with an IPhone. There is a reason that it seems that everyone owns one, it’s a great phone. The IPhone 7 Plus is no exception. This is Apple’s fastest IPhone yet by a wide margin and it is as smooth as can be. There are tradeoffs with this phone however. In this generation IPhone you gain water resistance but you lose a headphone jack.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/91265124@N03/25159150443

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is hands down the best looking smart phone on the market today. With its curved, almost bezeless display, it is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It also touts the best screen on any smartphone as well. Not to mention it is water resistant and the only phone on this list with wireless charging. It is hard to go wrong with the S7 edge if you have the money for it, this phone really is the full package.

4. OnePlus 3T

Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/91265124@N03/32410918832/

The OnePlus 3T is definitely the no-name smartphone of this listicle, even though it should’t be. The 3T is the best value in smartphones right now. it gives you 95% of the performance of all the other smartphones on this list for less than half of the price. With a premium build and specs, if you’re looking for a great smartphone on a budget, look no further.

5. LG G5

Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bestboyzde/26557355775

The LG G5 is sort of a mixed bag of a smartphone, but if you are a heavy power user it is the best phone on this list. LG took a risk trying to make this smartphone modular, but it ended up being more gimmicky than actually useful. The important thing is that the G5 has a removable battery, so you can always keep one charged and swap it on the go, something that no other phone on this list can do. You literally never have to plug this phone into the wall if you don’t want to, removable batteries are a dying breed in smartphones these days.

6 pieces of avocado toast that will make white people care about the border wall

As many are aware, white people love their avocados. In fact, they seem to care more about most things when avocados are impacted. So, before Trump’s border wall makes avocados more expensive than ever, enjoy these photos of America’s favorite brunch.

1. Fancy avocado toast

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

Wow, look at that. Delicious. Did you know that Trump has proposed paying for his $14 billion wall by charging Mexico a tax of 20 percent on items exported to the United States.

2. Simple avocado toast

Photo by Kjokkenutstyr Net via Flickr

So simple, yet so beautiful. Yum. Guess what, 70 percent of vegetables and 40 percent of fruits consumed by Americans, come from Mexico.

3. Anti-vegetarian avocado toast

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

Avocado + Bacon = ‘Merica.  Here’s a fun fact for you: 93 percent of avocados sold in the United States come from Mexico. Who knows how many of those are actually consumed due to the very small window of ripeness avocados have.

4. Avocado toast with an egg

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

See those tomatoes on there. Yep, there’s a pretty good chance they’re from Mexico. Seventy-one percent of tomatoes sold in the U.S. come from Mexico.

5. Avocado toast with watermelon radishes (?!?)

Photo by T.Tseng via Flickr

Does anyone actually know what watermelon radishes are? No. Did they come from Mexico? Very likely (if that’s even a real vegetable). Will they be more expensive after the border wall? Um, probably (looks more like Sour Patch Watermelons to me…)

6. “Fanciest avocado toasts. Period.”

Photo via Google Images

Quote courtesy of Sean Spicer (not really) Look at this little garden of avocado roses on toast. Oh and for the record, America imported over $1.3 billion worth of beer from guess who. That’s right, Mexico.


Spoiler alert:

White Americans make 16 times more than African Americans and about 12 times more than Latinos. So, this article might not mean much to them after all. Also, Sean Spicer did not contribute to this article despite attempts to contact him.


Elderly tourists that are #goals

In a sea of Millennials who are known for their desire to experience life through traveling vacations, the elderly Baby Boomers are somewhat overshadowed.

However, it is these elderly tourists who prove that you can still enjoy vacations and rock a pair of Depends. Not only are they smiling with few to no teeth, they seemingly make the most of their vacation experience as they joke that they’re almost dead anyways.

With a fanny pack, glasses larger than life, and the struggle of traveling with close to zero knowledge of how to work their smart phone, they feel more alive than ever.

It may be easy to mock their ways, yet, they are the very people that we someday aspire to be. 

So meet some of elderly folks who will serenade you with a, “Back in my day…” while snapping selfies at tourist hot spots to send to their grandkids.

1. Dorris and Earl

“Old tourist couple | Cascais, Portugal | Flickr| By: pedrosimoes7”

They’ve been married for 42 years and Earl still refuses to ask for directions. Repeatedly, Dorris has recommended they call their grand-daughter Lacey to help them use this thing called “Google Maps” but Dorris struggles with understanding what an app is.

Earl has been complaining for 15 minutes that he can’t figure out where they are in relation to the art museum but he remains persistent because Dorris will ignore him at dinner if she doesn’t get to see her favorite Monet painting.

2. Eugene

“Geography – Wikipedia | By: Beyond silence”

Eugene is a retired computer engineer who has picked up a knack for photography. Though the camera he’s using has been considered obsolete for 9 years now, he insists that it takes the best photos out there. He has plenty of film that he intends to develop one day, but for now it just sits in his suitcase.

He may never impress his ex wife with his new found hobby, but he sure does have something new to talk about at his upcoming golf outing once he returns from vacation.

3. Eileen 

“File: Tourists on an open-top bus tour of Paris, France.jpg | Wikimedia Commons | By: zoetnet”

Eileen did not live her entire life to have her view of the Arc de Triumph blocked by other tourists. She’s got her bright pink jump suit on despite the dismay of the travel agent who warned her of attracting the attention of thieves.

She’s frustrated the French speak French when she’s certain they know English and don’t even get her started on how ridiculously warm today has been.

Oh, and next to her is John, her husband, who has learned that after many years, it’s best to let her be.

4. Joan and Murray

“Free photo Driver Auto Tourists Mini Car | Google Images | By: hurk”

When approaching this couple to get some insight on their life story, the lady barked that her name was Joan telling me that I interrupted her conversation with her boyfriend Murray.

From the looks of it, he likes when she gets feisty. 

5. Pearl

“File: Granma Granma.jpg | Wikimedia Commons | By: Granma”

She’s 82 years old and her dream has always been to visit Ocean World. Pearl still giggles at the sound of the word ‘cowabunga’ and loves the memories of visiting the beach as a child.

She may be widowed but is surrounded by her loving family of three children and 7 grandkids. This photo was the highlight of her vacation because she got up on the surfboard all by herself. And of course, she’s wearing her favorite floral sweater.

She keeps reminding everyone that complaining about the heat is a ‘you problem’.

As you can see, old age takes #goals in a variety of forms, wrinkles and all.

7 reasons why one of the most feared creatures is also one of the best college pets

Meet Dr. Ervin a veterinarian at Ohio Valley Animal Clinic, “Serving the Southeastern Ohio Region since 2011.”

1. Adorable tininess

Source: flickr ArtBrom
Source: Flickr, ArtBrom

Smaller than dogs, larger than hamsters, these little guys can curl up in your hand, or sit on your shoulder, just as long as you can keep them from scurrying away. They take up a lot less space in any room so they are perfect for cramped college quarters.

Bonus: Many landlords, who charge for other pets, omit the charges for rodents.

2. Loyalty

Source: Melanie Foster

After the interview, Dr. Ervin said he had removed a tumor from a rat and when the little guy was waking up, he heard his owner’s voice and that helped him regain consciousness and recover faster. Rats are also curious about what you’re doing and will come find you to say “hi” upon exiting their cages to play.

3. Cleanliness

Source: Youtube

Did you ever see a dog give himself a bath? Rats are very hygienic. Rats spend several hours each day cleaning themselves! Which is way longer than the average college kid.

4. Intelligence

Okay, they did help spread The Black Plague during The Dark Ages. That fact combined with the masses’ general fear of rodents probably keeps rats out of the running for world’s cutest pets.

5. Snack time

Melanie Foster via imigflip
Source: Melanie Foster via imigflip

While 80 percent of their diet should come from their fortified food, the other 20 percent can come from fruits and veggies that humans, like us, eat! They can even have chocolate, in moderation…like on Valentine’s Day and after a breakup.

6. They’re just so misunderstood

Okay, they did help spread The Black Plague during The Dark Ages. That fact combined with the masses’ general fear of rodents probably keeps rats out of the running for world’s cutest pets.

7. Fame

From Ratatouille to The Tale of Despereaux, rats have made appearances as cute, loveable creatures that largely come off as talented, smart and adorable. Speaking of famous, celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Rupert Grint have rats as pets!