How do you make the perfect sandwich?

Hello! My name is Cullen and like you, I was once a clueless college student desperately trying to land an internship.

After finally receiving a call from a media company that I was thrilled to potentially work with, I immediately began to research anything I could get my hands on about the company to be prepared and well rehearsed before my upcoming interview.

However, to my surprise, nothing was about to prepare me for one of the most bizarre interview questions I had ever received.

With companies like Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon asking candidates off the wall interview questions, it’s important in today’s journalism field to be prepared because companies like The New York Times, Comcast, FOX, and The Walt Disney Company are catching on.
So, let’s dive in. What’s your answer to “How do you make the perfect sandwich?”
You may be questioning the correlation between preparing sandwiches to journalism and your future career, but actually, the answer does lie within the kitchen.

Three essential HallOUween actions to survive the night


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1) Do not lose your friends

On Halloween, especially in Athens, having a group of people to attack the craziness may be one of the essential HallOUween actions one must take. The population on campus will triple on Oct.31 and cellular services will be questionable due to the excessive amount of people. To avoid this, I would create a meeting point where everyone could come together.


Iron man




2) Wear a costume without a mask

If you can find a costume that is unique and creative without a mask, you will enjoy your night more. When you are wear a mask or something that covers your face, not only will you get sweaty, but you’ll have to adjust it, itch under it and every time you eat or drink, you’d take it off. It is an essential HallOUween action because without a mask your night will be easier.

3) Keep a string bag with your valuables in it

People nowadays have mastered the art of deception. My last HallOUween action is the first thing your parents tell you when you leave the house, “Keep track of your stuff!” Pockets are not protected and holding your valuables in your hand is risky because you can accidentally put them down. My solution… Put it all in a bag on your back. Just don’t get it stolen.