Data Visualization for Journalists

With the rise of easily accessible information and datasets, it is becoming increasingly important for journalists to know how to extract stories and create an accurate visualization of the data. The goal of this podcast is to introduce data visualization and explain its importance.

In this episode I discuss the key concepts of creating an aesthetically pleasing infographic, as well as suggest some tools and software that journalists should learn to use to represent their data. Additionally, I define several terms that are used frequently in the field, and discuss the importance of being truthful and transparent.

I incorporate ideas from two prominent figures in the field of data visualization, Alberto Cairo and Enrico Bertini through out my discussion. Cairo is the Knight Chair in Visual Communication at the School of Communication at the University of Miami. Bertini is a professor of visualization at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.

Bertini states that a great visualization has five qualities:

  1. It is truthful.
  2. It is functional.
  3. It is beautiful.
  4. It is insightful.
  5. It is enlightening.

Check out the first episode of Data Viz for Journalists to learn more about these qualities:

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In the know about InDesign

Good afternoon, fellow designerds, and Happy Valentines day. Speaking of which, I included a link to a tutorial for those of you that need to make those last minute Valentines cards.

Here is the latest scoop:

Brand new to InDesign?

If you are a subscriber of this newsletter, you probably are not. However, in case you need a refresher and happen to have a couple hours of free time, @InDesign tweeted a link to not one, but 49 free tutorials last Friday:

Last minute Valentines

 of posted a cute tutorial today on how to make a heart pattern using conditional text. Even if you already have your valentines ready to go, the method discussed by Vaughn can be used for any of the glyphs included in your chosen font.

Meet the artist behind InDesign’s latest loading screen

Jean-Michel Verbeeck is his name, and killer illustrations are his game. Verbeeck is multidisciplinary Art Director from Los Angeles, California, currently working at BUCK. His piece, titled Andonian, was recently selected by Adobe to be the newest piece of art that is displayed while the software starts up. You can check out his piece, which is part of a series titled Moodfamily II, on his Behance page.

For those of you working in the publishing industry

Reddit user dr_doombot666 posted last Friday on /r/indesign about an issue that often plagues designers who have to rely on office networks to open and save .indd files. In my experience, working from a network can easily double the amount of time spent designing.  Networks are finicky things, but a few Reddit users had some suggestions for dr_doombot666.

InDesign 2015 CC runs real slow, constant spinning wheel especially when accessing the hyperlinks panel from indesign

Looking for more?

The capabilities of InDesign are astonishing, and I am constantly finding features tucked away in the software I never knew existed. YouTube is your friend, but it only goes so far. To find answers to your specific questions, I recommend subscribers check out the help forums at:

Until next time, design cadets.

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