Peden Stadium is old, crumbling and my favorite place on campus.

Peden Stadium is not the prettiest site on campus by any means.

Aesthetically, it’s underwhelming. Inside, it’s quite barren. And on the outside, it’s literally falling apart.

With all of it’s apparent faults, Peden is still my favorite place on campus. But, let me explain why.

There’s no better welcome to OU than seeing Peden Stadium from Route 50.

It is about a six-hour drive for me from my hometown of Baltimore to Athens. The road trip is long and boring. The drive through West Virginia takes up about three-quarters of my trip and it’s scenery isn’t very visually pleasing.

But, when I make that turn onto Richland Avenue and see ‘OHIO UNIVERSITY’ plastered on the side of Peden, it makes it all worth it.

With its brick facade foreshadowing the rest of Athens architecture, Peden is a sneak peak of how beautiful Athens and OU really is.

How could you not fall in love with the first building you saw at Ohio?

Saturday afternoons at the Peden are the best.

Ohio’s football will never be national champions. They are historically a below-average program and only as of late have become contenders in their conference.

2Unlike that fancy schmancy program in Columbus, we’ll not regularly on ESPN, we’re not regular national title contenders and we won’t pack 100,000 fans inside of our stadiums on Saturday afternoons.

But, spending a Saturday at Peden is one of the best uses of your time at Ohio.

Weather in Athens is usually incredible, so getting outside and watching some college football on a sunny afternoon is a great past time for all students at OU.

Peden is a tradition like none other.

If you come from a long line of Bobcats, it’s likely your great grandparents, your grandparents and your parents all visited Peden during their four (or five) years in Athens.

Built in 1929, Peden is one of the oldest college football stadiums in the nation.

Though it certainly has shown its age, Peden still has the charm that’s kept it operating for over 87 years. Sure, it may not be high-tech, but you have to feel a little bit of nostalgia knowing that generations of Bobcats have sat in your same exact seat.

I know I feel a piece of OU history when I sit in Peden, and I hope it stays that way for another 87 years.