Top 5 baseball stadiums in the US

Baseball stadiums hold a special place in my heart as it is my favorite sport and has brought me great happiness in my life. Judging a baseball stadium depends what each person values and there is of course going to be some bias. Debates about sports topics are awesome because each person can have different opinions and it makes for interesting discussions.

Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 30, 2010 (Photo Credit: James Clear)

Honorable Mention: Great American Ballpark

The other Ohio MLB team brings its own charm with a river just over the right field that can be reached on a home run. My favorite part of the stadium is the firework stands in center field because fireworks are awesome and even better when they occur at a baseball field. It is a beautiful view from the stadium and is worthy of an honorable mention.

A clear day at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio April 29, 2012 (Photo Credit: Jeremy Burgin)

Honorable Mention: Progressive Field
Since I am in Ohio I probably should include a baseball stadium in this state. When a stadium is different than the most others there is something awesome about it and that is what the Indians’ stadium is. Having a tall wall in left field is awesome because it makes it a little difficult to hit the ball over the fence and can make the ball hit off the wall in weird ways. The right field fence is short enough that there is the chance that an outfielder can rob a home run. It is a beautiful stadium with a huge video board in left field.

Evening in Houston, Texan at Minute Maid Park April 6, 2015. (Photo Credit: Brian Reading)

5. Minute Maid Park
The home of the Houston Astros is the only one on the list that has a retractable roof. On the field, they have a little hill in center field so it is always interesting if the ball is hit up there anything can happen, it could be an inside-the-park home run or a highlight-reel catch. The best part of the stadium is above the left field stand with train tracks that have a train go through when an Astro hits a home run which is made easy by the short left field stands.

A sunny day at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 10, 2011. (Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz)

4. PNC Park
A bridge just over the center field wall makes the Pirates’ home awesome along with the view of downtown Pittsburgh. There is just a charm in this stadium that sets it apart from most of the other stadiums. I love stadiums with water just outside the park and PNC park is on the river’s edge with an occasional player that can hit a home run into the water.

Clouds over Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. May 22, 2009. (Photo Credit: Werner Kunz)

3. Fenway Park
The reason why it is one of the best stadiums can be described in a couple of word, the Green Monster. Seeing players hit the ball over the 37-foot wall in left field is awesome and if it hits off the wall it bounces back to the infield and the batter possibly can be thrown out if they are too slow. In right field, there I a very short wall so it is awesome to see player robbing home runs while falling over the wall. The tradition of the Red Sox makes the stadium even better but if the team was not that good the stadium would still be one of the best.

A day game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois July 29, 2009. (Photo Credit: Jauerback)

2. Wrigley Field
If people only know one baseball stadium it is most likely the home of the Chicago Cubs. The charm of the stadium that has been around since the early 1900s with is what makes it appealing. The wall around the outfield is covered in ivy so sometimes baseballs will get hit into the ivy and disappear. There are places around the stands where there are metal poles that block the view of the field, oh the charm. Being surrounded by a neighborhood is so cool with stands on top of some of the houses that can see the field and is the only stadium in the baseball that is in a neighborhood.

Night game at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California Aug. 1, 2006. (Photo Credit: Daniel Schwen)

1. AT&T Park
Even though I am slightly biased there is no doubt this is the best stadium in baseball. The field is beautiful but the best parts are outside of the playing field. In the left field stands there is a giant Coke bottle with a slide inside of it and a glove that sometimes players come close to hitting during batting practice. There is also the McCovey Cove right outside of the right field which is a place where you see diehard fans sitting in kayaks and boats waiting for home runs to be hit out there. Having the best team in baseball since 2010 with three World Series championships is just an added benefit.