Fit Chick’s Quick Check

Starting a plan:

The easiest way to stay on track is to have a S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Competitors and bodybuilders have figured this out and that is how the standard competition prep is set up. So, even if you aren’t planning to compete you can “Train like a bikini competitor” to get great results and stay motivated! This article gives you Specific instructions and your success can be Measured on how well you stick to it. Every competitor uses this model (and they are no better than you) so it’s Attainable and Realistic. Lastly, it’s Timely at only lasting 12 weeks (Which is 84 hours in the gym, or 4 seasons of your favorite show on Netflix).

Find new exercises:

The second you let yourself get bored or stop seeing results in the gym is the exact same second you will lose all motivation. The best way to keep things interesting and keep making improvements is to look for new exercises. Since you can look at any magazine rack and see new “Booty Busting Moves” here is a simple way to mix things up for Back and Bi’s:

Meal Prep:

Protein, Protein, Protein. Simple enough…but sometime’s that is too simple. If you are getting tired of the egg whites and plain oatmeal every morning here are some delicious but equally as protein packed alternatives:

Check you form:

The most common type of cardio, running, has gotten a lot of attention in recent years from Sports Medicine specialists. A team of musculoskeletal researchers recently decided to tackle the bare-foot/rear-foot/front-foot/how-the-heck-do-I-know running style debate.

Every active person can agree that lower-body injuries and acute pains are the most impactful once they occur because it hinders both exercise and everyday life. I know, we are ALL tired of hearing random people in the gym try to critique each other’s squat form… Unfortunately, that debate hasn’t ended yet BUT we do have an answer to the striking style debate:
What part of your foot hits DOESN’T matter in injury rates, what does matter is your tibia angle. For the least amount of harmful force on your joints and bones you want a larger angle of your foot to shin on impact. Typically, this would correlate with running on the balls of your feet (fore-front strikers) but if you are a heel striker (rear-foot) then simply making sure your foot it hitting the ground infront of you instead of directly under you will reduce your risk of injury in the same way.

Quick Reference Guide:

It’s not as if us girls need to prove ourselves in the gym any more than we already do when we show up and throw more 45’s up than the guy trying to spot us in the squat rack, but in case some macho head tries to make you feel dumb for not knowing his urban dictionary Brolanguage here is a quick guide to all the gym slang currently in circulation:

Fit Chick’s Quick Check is a weekly newsletter aimed at female fitness freaks. There is too much Broscience out there that makes it hard enough to figure out what is true or not but it’s even trickier finding FEMALE focused fitness advice. This weekly newsletter will help you in every area from your workout regimen, diet, to staying up-to-date on new findings.

Do you even lift, bro?

“Well I tried, sorta.”

Listen, I totally get it. New Year’s resolutions are difficult and although you have yet to actually visit the gym in 2017 to get that ‘dream bod’, I’m sure today you’re feeling really motivated!

It’s time to put down that piece of bread, put on those brand new tennis shoes you swore you’d try on eventually, and find some fitness inspiration. Let’s walk around the neighborhood once and see if the guilt of ordering a pizza before the walk wears off before you get home!

For today’s newsletter edition, we are going to dive into an exercise craze that boarders on the line of a cult and an addiction: CrossFit. Finally, a workout routine you may stick to this time.

Here’s a quick CrossFit online guide to check out before you decide that you’ll start working out tomorrow:

1. Facebook

Wikimedia Commons | Rose Physical Therapy Group

Since it’s probable that you spend too much time on social media and too little time at the gym, I know the perfect solution. Follow the CrossFit Facebook page to clog your Facebook feed. Not only will you be bombarded by motivational videos, global testimonials, and wooed with CrossFitters who seemingly look just like you, but it will be the perfect way to get yourself annoyed enough to go offline and go join CrossFit!

2. Instagram

If Facebook’s 2.8 million ‘likes’ weren’t enough to entice you, maybe Instagram’s 1.7 million following will. Nothing screams #fitfam quite like posting a video of yourself lifting heavy stuff on social media. You’re obsessively stalking CrossFitters online and though self-doubt looms, you want to be them. By now, CrossFit is becoming more appealing, enough so to even follow them on Twitter.

3. CrossFit’s Official Website

Flickr | CrossFit Fever

One of your friends or coworkers yesterday was going on and on about their ‘box’ and how great yesterday’s ‘WOD’ was and you stared back blankly. Apparently there’s an entire CrossFit vocabulary you need to learn before starting. Is CrossFit expensive? Are the workouts as excruciatingly hard as they say? Will you really be flipping tires? There’s really only one way to find out, and that’s to check the official website.

4. CrossFit’s CEO & Founder

Wikimedia Commons | jblumenthol

Learning about the man behind it all can suffice through this article. Greg Glassman is quite extraordinary and your opinions on his business empire are practically useless. I know that whenever I start something new, my curiosity begins to creep in. It may seem odd how many people you know are joining CrossFit. It’s an odd hype that practically came out of nowhere. Yesterday seemed to be anything and everything about P90X but now it’s CrossFit, CrossFit, and more CrossFit. If the CEO can look like this and make millions on a fitness empire that he may or may not participate in, maybe CrossFit is worth a shot.

Wikimedia Commons | Rose Physical Therapy Group

5. The Red Flags

CrossFit can be dangerous, no doubt about it. Even if you watched the glamorizing 60 Minutes special regarding CrossFit, are you really convinced? Half of your friends give you insane looks at the idea of trying CrossFit while the other half gives you a lackluster response of encouragement. The thought of doing one pushup is horrifying but 30 of them in a row? And for how long? Some doctors praise the CrossFit benefits while others strongly criticize. This is a great reference to understand that behind every successful business are some flaws. CrossFit at your own risk.

Today’s friendly reminder: Become the type of person who can ask, “Do you even lift, bro?”

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