6 tacos you wish you could eat right now

Everybody loves tacos, right?! If you aren’t craving one right now, you will after finishing this article!

The Original Taco

There’s just something so appetizing about ground beef, salsa, and cheese inside of a hard shell.


Pulled Pork Taco

The proper name would be “carnitas” but some midwesterners aren’t up-to-date on taco lingo.


Shrimp Taco

I’m all about the avocado trend, especially combined with grilled shrimp, rice and a hint of lime. I could eat this everyday of my life.


Fish Taco

Fish tastes much better when it’s fried… Especially fried and topped with guacamole inside a tortilla.


Dorito Taco

We have Taco Bell to thank for this Dorito Taco creation. It’s a basic taco inside a Dorito Shell. Genius. I’ll take four.


Dessert Taco

A combination of my two favorite things- chocolate and tacos. What more could you want?

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