Our parents may be hOUme but that doesn’t mean the parties will stop

Ohio University knows how to party so well parents don’t know if they should be mad or not. This weekend was filled with live music, dancing, and regrettable decisions for some.

  1. The Union sets the tone for this fun, music filled weekend.



Adam Remnant is a local folk artist on tour for his recently released EP, When I Was a Boy. He was the headline act for the show at The Union Bar & Grill. Breakers, and Smizmar shared the stage with Remnant Friday night. The show was an example of not only how good the music in Athens is, but also how there’s no typical “Athens band”.

2. Open Doors Casa Dance Party

The party is slayin' with DJ vampy kitty!!! @vampykitty @ouopendoors @casanuevaathens

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Open Doors, an LGBT student group on campus hosted their first dance of the school year with a stoplight theme dance party. The dress code for the party was simple but interesting. Everyone was to wear stoplight colors but they each meant different things. If you wore green, you were single and ready to mingle for the night while red meant you were off the market or weren’t interested.

Saturday night was also DJ Vamptykitty’s first solo act.

3. Country Night Lights 


Hundreds of people gathered at The Venue of Athens this past weekend to enjoy two booze filled days of country music in their cowboy boots. Two days of up-and-coming musicians entertained this rowdy crowd. The bars weren’t going to pass up on an opportunity to offer a place to pregame before pregaming outside the venue.

4. Skeletonwitch returns to Athens

Athens, thank you for a killer, sold-out show last night. There is no better way to start a tour.

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Skeletonwitch returns to Athens and play their show back at The Union Bar & Grill a year after it burned down. The Union was where former OU students began playing before gaining an international following in the metal scene. This show kicked off their five-week Curse of the Dead 2016 U.S. tour.

5. No matter what happened to you this weekend just be glad you didn’t end your weekend this way.

Everyone is told from day one to be very careful around the horse officers. After a night of drinking this man seems to have forgotten the sacred rule in Athens–always ask before petting a horse.

He took it a step further by actually mounting the horse when he saw there was no police around. Though no records have been found as of yet online his friends say he was arrested but is free and will have a trial on Monday.


You can be grateful you woke up this morning with just a simple headache.

The 6 types of people you’ll sell grilled cheese to

Fundraisers draw several consistent types of customers. Here are six folks you’ll meet while selling grilled cheese on Court Street.

1. The grilled cheese connoisseur
Everything you need to know about grilled cheese sandwiches, you will learn in the 5 minutes it takes to make this person’s sandwich. From the cheese (American? So basic. Have you ever tried it with provolone? Pepperjack?) to the butter application (I don’t know about you, but I put my butter directly on the bread. Only way to do it.), this person knows his or her way around the grilled sandwich.

2. The competitive eater
There was one seemingly sober, completely serious guy during a fundraiser who approached the table and asked for 10 grilled cheese sandwiches. Ten. Thankfully, the man lived just above where the table was set up on Court Street, so it’s very possible he managed to eat all 10 after he ate the first six in front of us.

3. The actually not drunk person who wants a grilled cheese for legitimate reasons
It is somewhat of an oddity speaking and having conversations with sober individuals roaming Court Street at, say, 1 a.m. These people are either designated drivers, your psychology professor or any other person not participating in drunken activity. So when these people stop and genuinely want a grilled cheese sandwich made by students in questionable cooking conditions, the reaction is either confusion or concern for that person’s judgment.

4. The indecisive one
Distractedness is common while intoxicated, so this one isn’t too unexpected. One minute they’re ordering, and the next they’re falling into the nearest bar — all while not eating the sandwich they ordered and even paid for. And that’s if they even decide to order one. A drunken person could stand and contemplate a donation for 15 minutes, and then just walk away. There is also the indecisive order. Do I want two? Three? Is bacon an option?

5. The fundraiser monitor
This person usually just asks one too many questions about your organization, its members or your fundraiser. It is completely reasonable to wonder where donations are going, but when you start discussing financial budgets and the ethics of the charity being sponsored, you’ve gone too far. It is much worse when the individual asking the questions is sober. Then the questions are actually legitimate.

6. The one who ignores you, even though they totally heard you
It kind of hurts when you reach out to a stranger only to see your grilled cheese get the cold shoulder. It is completely possible for someone to have better things to do than wait for a mediocre grilled cheese, but it would be nice to be acknowledged. Instead they pass by with an unpleasant look on their face from a grilled cheese-less life.