Think outside the box, get a fox

Here are five reasons why fox are the best pets, ever (and five pictures that will have you completely convinced that you need one!):

1. Nose rings really aren’t that unique anymore (Come on, look around any StarBucks…) but walking your pet fox down the street? Guaranteed to get a few reactions.

(Adam Lambert Flicker) Everyone gushes over puppies but how did foxes get lost in the mix? WHY AREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT THE CUTE, ADORABLE, CUNNING FOXES?!

2. You can ride the “pet fox” thing out to no end. Stumped at an interview? “Innovative problem solving skills…? Well, my pet fox…” Striking out at the bar? “I almost didn’t even come out tonight because my pet fox was acting up…” BOOM!

(TreeFarmer Flickr) We should all be getting on top of this pet fox idea. (Get it, “On TOP”? Haha…)

3. Once you commit to a fox it’s a game changer. You can maintain your I-Don’t-Do-Anything-Interesting-I-Just-Binge-Watch-Netflix lifestyle and still seem like the Dos Equis guy.

(JudeCat Flickr) Your poodle is basically Air Bud? Cool story, bro. A pet fox is pretty much owning a ball of fluffy warmth with the intelligence of Steve Jobs and athletic abilities of LeBron James.

4. “My dog ate my homework” doesn’t work but “I can’t watch your bratty kid next weekend, my fox will bite her finger off” totally works!

(Gary Ryan Flickr) You will love your fox and only your fox…
Not because you won’t have room to love anything else but because they are still wild animals and will drive everything else away. Parakeets and pet rabbits? Ate. Boyfriends? Drove them off. Friends? Well…fox smell. Bad.

5. Honestly, dogs are cute but those Instagram posts where your dog looks really guilty after destroying you pillows is only funny the first time. I promise you, a fox will give you something new every day (Okay, every time you turn your back) and they are never sorry. They won’t cuddle you to apologize but they will do it then sit and wait for you to see then laugh (“gekker”) hysterically while you react. Your Snapstory will never get boring!

(Franca Jasper Flickr) They will laugh at all of your jokes. They will also laugh at all the jokes they play on you…even if you aren’t laughing.


8 dogs that have had enough of your sh*t

Admit it. We’ve all teased our four-legged friends here and there, whether it be a faux ball throw or grabbing their tails. But you know it’s gone too far when your dog starts to look like De Niro on a Monday morning. (Just guessing here, but you get the image.) Here are 8 canines that have a real bone to pick with their soon-to-be former owners.

1. The Switcharoo

Photo via Flickr/waldopepper

“Nah, that’s cool. Lure me in with a solid kibble shake then snag me with the leash. Joke’s on you – I’m holding this one in for that first bite of pizza you ordered.”

Ding dong.

2. Christmas Joy

Photo via Pixabay/evastupica

Meet Joy. She is 8 years old, has two boys and a supreme hatred of both fields and hats. Every year, Christmas comes and she just stops giving a damn. This is why her existential crises haunt her.

3. On fleek

Photo via Flickr/-kasey-

Oh, boy. Roberta did not ask for this, and nor did she want it. As far as she’s concerned, her owners can envy-cry over the Kardashians alone tonight.

4. Why?

Photo via Flickr/Drew Mokris

5. One big letdown

Photo via Flickr/Randi Deuro

You just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you? Tom had his sights set on Malibu this year. He would have settled for the standard half-assed dinner at Chili’s, but no. Party hats and a “quiet dinner at home with the kids,” will just have to suffice.

That’s okay though. Thanks to your years of incessant “cute talk,” he’s already dead inside.

6. A walk in the park

Photo via Flickr/wombatarama

Craig was sure he heard her say “scenic” when she mentioned the walk. “Given the utterly disappointing aesthetics I have thus far encountered, I’m baffled she even knows the word.” What has lead her to believe anything this common and mundane could even be considered photo worthy?

No matter. Greg has his eye on the squirrel carcass just 2 meters away from being his family’s next pillow-present.

Craig: “Do it.”

7. The classic

Photo via Flickr/Monster

Ah, yes. This.

As if this didn’t haunt every dog’s waking moments. Either you throw the ball or you don’t, man. We can’t read your mind. And your insufferable laughter following our chasing of the ball you didn’t throw? That’s not impressive. We’re still dogs.

8. You pushed too far.

Photo via Max Pixel

Here we go. I knew this day would come. You just pushed Ivan too far. He agreed to check his temper if you didn’t bring up his past in the dog park anymore. You remember, the “tail painting” incident? Except the paint wasn’t paint?

Yeah. He wasn’t proud of that. But you had to mention it in front of his girl, didn’t you? Well now, ironically, he’s heading somewhere two letters away from the sandwich that started this mess. Don’t even worry about how he packed his bags, or how he’s getting to Germany by car. He’s gone.

Probably rooftopping in Tokyo by now. He’ll send postcards, though, I’m sure.


7 dogs that are better at life than most Americans

Many dogs are looked at as “A man’s best friend.” However, it never seems to occur to anyone that dogs live life better than most people. Not all  dogs care to play the role of the “best friend”. Here are some images of dogs being “The Man”.

  1. George
Photo via Google Images

Most Americans complain about finding the time to workout. Instead of talking about it, George decides to be about it. He squeezes in cardio while the kids take their afternoon nap.

2. Max

Gif via Google Images

Unlike most Americans, Max researches both sides of political issues and keeps his opinions to himself. Instead of posting a status on Facebook for his 367 friends to not read.


Photo via Google Images

Many people refer to America as the land of opportunity; a place where dreams come true. But so many Americans give up on their dreams. Not Ryan though, he took surf lessons for six months before moving to Florida so he could spend his weekends doing what he loves.

4. Michael

Photo via Google Images

In today’s world, people can’t seem to put down the phone. However, Michael can’t relate. His car has a blue tooth car stereo that is voice activated. When he passes people texting while driving, he laughs as he sees them risking their own lives. “What stupid Americans,” he thinks, all the while never taking his paw off the wheel.

5. Ron

Photo via Google Images

The kids were begging Ron for a pool. Instead of buying a crappy, above-ground pool, similar to the one in their neighbor’s yard, Ron decided to rent an Excavator and do the job himself. He plans on the in-ground pool being done in a few months. What a good dad.

6. Tim

Photo via Google Images

For all the women who complain about their boyfriends not doing enough nice gestures for them, find yourself a new man. Tim holds down the water fountain button for this girl. Chivalry is not dead.

7. Mark

Photo via Google Images

Mark came across “couple goals” on social media the other day. He saw so many posts about boyfriends taking pictures of their girlfriends, a thing Americans refer to as “candids”. Mark decided to up the ante. He went and bought a complete set of film equipment to video tape his wife doing every-day things. He only shoots the best angles of her in the best lightening. Only a dog can be so thoughtful. Talk about goals.

7 stages of a journalism major in statistics class as told by cute animals

I don’t know about you, but I’m a journalism major because math is not my forte. Does Mr. E.W. Scripps himself really expect me to be able to calculate z-scores and find the standard deviation when all I want to do is write listicles for Buzzfeed? Alas, I’m stuck in Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences with the other Scripps kids, lost in a sea of numbers.

Here’s the 7 stages of an aspiring journalist in a PSY 2110 lecture:

1. Lethargy

Flickr, Aldo Tapia
Flickr, Aldo Tapia

You start off with an apathetic sigh as you crack open your PSY 2110 textbook to prepare for the next 55 minutes of hell.

2. Drowsiness

Flickr, K-nekoTR
Flickr, K-nekoTR

Ten minutes in, you eyes start to close as you snuggle up next to your stats equations and dream about winning a Pulitzer for your groundbreaking exposé on the gender wage gap.


Flickr, Alex Ulanov
Flickr, Alex Ulanov

You when the professor calls on you for the answer but you’ve been drooling on your histogram instead of figuring out what the standard deviation is.

4. *eye roll emoji*

Flickr, Luz Rovira
Flickr, Luz Rovira

The smug look on the stats major’s face next to you when he knows the answer and you don’t…

5.  Confusion

Flickr, John C Bullas
Flickr, John C Bullas

You and the kid in VICO staring blankly at the next problem on the PowerPoint because statistics is a foreign language.


Flickr, Nina
Flickr, Nina

The face you make when class ends but you leave in PANIC because you need this class to graduate and the midterm is next week but you know NOTHING.

7.  ¯\_()_/¯

Flickr, Christin Gain
Flickr, Christi Gain

And finally, you when you’ve given up on life and drop PSY 2110 because you’re a journalism major and not a mathematician.


You’ll still be the next host of the Today show even if you’re three credits short of graduating, right?

No Pets Allowed: Student Takes a Chance

Taking him on his daily walk, mathematics senior Becka Klingensmith tells me, “If I got caught with him, I’d have to pay a thousand dollar fine.” It is a risk she is willing to take. “My landlord doesn’t live nearby or come around often enough for me to be too concerned,” she said. She has had the two-year-old dog for almost a year now. His name? “Chance, named after one of my favorite artists, Chance The Rapper.” #planetathens

OU students help dogs with Paws for a Cause

Each year during the holiday season, many children will find robots, action figures, or other toys under the tree or given to them on one of the nights of Hanukkah. For a special few, a Christmas morning I wish I got to experience while growing up, some children will pull out of a box, a new, four-legged best friend.

This is Juno. A one-year old hound mix who is a big lover. Check out her profile here:
This is Juno. A one-year old hound mix who is a big lover. Check out her profile here:
This is Goldie #2, a Boxer mix who loves people and belly rubs. Check her profile here
This is Goldie #2, a Boxer mix who loves people and belly rubs. Check her profile here

Dogs are one of the most influential beings in some peoples lives. They quickly become members of the family and are treated just as anyone would treat a close friend or family member. While some dogs get to be the luck ones with a bow tied to the collar, others live their lives in shelters and in the care of the Athens community and one local organization in town, Paws for a Cause.

Paws for a Cause is a student organization on campus centered on helping out with the Athens County Dog Shelter and the Friends of Shelter Dogs and the employees there. The organization raises fund for the shelter and dogs, donate supplies and especially their time to helping these animals get the love and attention they need. Vice President of Paws for a Cause Savannah Williams elaborated more on the organization,

Paws for a Cause is a non profit organization that was formed by Ohio University students,” Williams said, “every penny that we raise goes directly back to the shelter for their needs including the sick and injured fund where we help to provide medical treatment to the dogs that normally wouldn’t be able to have those procedures done due to limited funding.”

Not only do they spend their time working at the shelter and with the dogs, members of the organization also spend their time raising awareness for shelter dogs.

Paws for a Cause Vice President Savannah Williams with her dog, Ahsoka. Williams adopted Ahsoka from the shelter a year ago
Paws for a Cause Vice President Savannah Williams with her dog, Ahsoka. Williams adopted Ahsoka from the Athens County Dog Shelter a year ago

Play Time with Puppies is at the residential halls where the RA’s put on an event for their residents and we bring dogs from the shelter that they can play with for an hour or two,” Williams said, “we also do numerous bake sales/raffles here on campus with the dogs throughout the year that tend to be holiday themed, we had one for Halloween where we put the dogs in costumes, it was a blast.”  

Other events the organization puts on include adoption events at the local PetsMart on Saturdays as a way of bringing the dogs to potential families as well as trips to Laurel’s nursing home, where residents get a chance to interact with the dogs and give the dogs some attention.

Shelter dogs, unlike those bred from a private breeder, face more challenges. Not only do dogs brought to a shelter have some form of a past, one that could lead to the dog being a certain way or looking a certain way, they also have to deal with finding a home. Dogs can not stay in the shelter forever, there is not enough room to hold every dog that needs a temporary home until the right family walks in the door and that causes some dogs to be put down when they have been in the shelter for too long.

 “I often get asked “How can you volunteer and see them all and not want to adopt every single one?”  That was hard for me at first, you’d leave feeling sad that you couldn’t do more,” Williams said, “But now I look at it and see how many families get to adopt an amazing new member into their home, and my work is just the in between.  To be a part of that is all I could ever ask for”

Many loving dogs are in shelters just waiting for the right owner, and as a benefit of adopting from a shelter, dogs get treated, vaccinated, and taken care of before being introduced to their new family. Not only are the animals properly cared for before adoption, it is also a cheaper option for most families with adoption costs usually around the $200 mark as opposed to the $1,000+ price tag of a pure bred dog.

“Every time that I see one of the dogs find it’s forever home due to an event that we put on I couldn’t be happier,” Williams said. 

The shelter also has started a foster program for people to foster dogs at their homes while they continue to search for a new family for the dog. This program lets people help the dogs, while also getting the experience of what it is like to have a dog in the house, a great idea for those interested in potentially adopting.

This is Hook. He is less than a year old and is a terrier mix. Check out his profile here:
This is Hook. He is less than a year old and is a terrier mix. Check out his profile here:
This is Levi. A pit bull mix. Very energetic and full of love. He prefers no small children however! Check out his profile here:
This is Levi. A pit bull mix. Very energetic and full of love. He prefers no small children however! Check out his profile here:

It is important to note that when adopting a dog, one should be ready for the commitment and responsibility it takes to own and raise a dog. One of the hardest things a shelter can see is a dog return back to their shelter because of something that happened.

Paws for a Cause meets every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Grover, but if you feel like helping in a different way the group is always looking for donations of things such as dog food, blankets, and first-aid items. Pine Sol is also the biggest need of the shelter. If you would like more information about the organization follow @oupawsforacause on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and look for events involving the organization on campus.

*All photos used in this piece are of dogs currently available for adoption at the Athens County Dog Shelter, follow the link here for the complete list of adoptable dogs in Athens:!adopt/cihc

Pet store prices in Athens, Ohio

As the saying goes, “dogs are mans best friends”. While we all love our dogs, we often forget how expensive they can be. College students at Ohio University can especially relate to this. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you purchase a dog like food, water, care, toys, and the list goes on and on.

College students often ask, where is the cheapest place to get these items? In Athens, Ohio, students choices are usually limited to three places; Walmart, Petland, and PetSmart. These three places have lots of different items that every dog needs, but what is the price we need to pay to make sure our dogs are taken care of?

I decided to take a look for myself. I went to the three places to compare the prices of six things I thought dogs needed: beds, toys, food, collars and leashes, flea and tick treatment, and treats. Here are the results:


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.33.35 PM

The cheapest option: Walmart or PetSmart where it is sold for around $12.99 at each location. This is for a 24X18 inch bed, other sizes and prices vary, but the comfort doesn’t.

Collars and Leashes

Collars and leashes

The cheapest option: This one was tough because they do not sell the same leash and collar at all three stores. Since this was the case, I decided just to find the cheapest option at each location. Walmart wins this category with a collar and leash set priced at $6.99. The other two locations did not sell collars and leashes together.



The cheapest option: This was another tough one considering the wide varieties of dog food. I chose the Royal Canin 30lb. German Shepard bag. Petland and PetSmart both have this food priced at $59.99 which was cheaper than Walmart by almost $15!

Flea and Tick Treatment


The cheapest option: Every dog should have flea and tick treatments considering they go outside often. Walmart has the cheapest prices in Athens. It’s $39.99 for three treatments for medium dogs(22-45 lbs.), which only makes it $13.33 per treatment!



The cheapest option: PetSmart wins this category. Greenies are a dog treat that also helps clean their teeth. These are a very popular brand of treats and only a little over $8 for a pack of six.


Tennis balls

The cheapest option: Every dog loves tennis balls and playing fetch in the park. PetSmart has the best deal on tennis balls at $4.19 for a pack of six.


Of course, these prices do change, especially if you are a rewards member or have coupons. Dogs can be a very expensive investment, so make sure before you buy one, you can handle that responsibility. Also, make sure to check the prices around Athens. Some stores will even price match if you are dedicated to one store. Do your research, save some money and one last thing….

Bob Barker

Do you have any favorite pet store prices in Athens, Ohio? comment below and tell us where you get your doggy products for cheap!