Cincinnati Zoo babies

There is a large amount of controversy over the idea of zoos and if they really are a safe place for animals. There are some zoos that definitely are not open in their animal’s favor; however, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is ranked #3 on USA Today’s 10 Best zoos zoos in the country for their extensive care for their animals, hospitality, and visitor attractions. One thing that the Cincinnati Zoo is also highly accredited for is their animal breeding program, which means lots of zoo babies. And if there one thing that most people can agree on, it’s that baby animals are absolutely adorable. Here is an update on the Cincinnati Zoo’s latest zoo babies:

3 Malayan tiger cubs being cared for in the nursery at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Born on Friday, February 3, 2017 are these three sweet, little Malaysian tiger cubs. The babies are in extensive care in the Zoo’s nursery and are expected to be moved to their outdoor habitat in Cat Canyon in early spring. Check out the Cincinnati Zoo’s blog for the full story.

Daily updates on baby Fiona from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Born six weeks early, baby hippopotamus, Fiona was born on January 24, 2017.  Being premature, she only weighed 29 lbs when she first came out, which is about 25 lbs less than the average new born hippo. However, she has been on around the clock care in the Zoo’s nursery and is gaining the weight and strength that she needs.


Next are the twelve painted dog pups! Born on Oct. 16, 2016 from their mother Imara (ee-MAH-rah). These twelve little rascals seem like they would be a handful, however, Imara raised ten pups back in 2015, so she is used to puppy shenanigans by now!

Then there are these two adorable baby giraffes, Cora and Zoey! Born just two months apart, Zoey was born on Sept. 13, 2016 from her mother Jambo and Cora was born on July 27, 2016 from her mother Cece.

Finally, there are the premature cheetah cubs, Redd, Willow, and Cathryn. These three were born in a literal of five on March 8, 2016. The babies were born prematurely and were receiving round the clock critical care for months. After months of staying in the nursery, they have finally been moved into Cat Canyon and are being trained to join the Zoo’s Cat Ambassador program!

The Cincinnati Zoo is highly recognized for their animal care and breeding program. For more updates on their wildlife and zoo babies, visit This is a bi-monthly newsletter, featuring updates on births of new babies and updates on growth and wellness of current babies.

Think outside the box, get a fox

Here are five reasons why fox are the best pets, ever (and five pictures that will have you completely convinced that you need one!):

1. Nose rings really aren’t that unique anymore (Come on, look around any StarBucks…) but walking your pet fox down the street? Guaranteed to get a few reactions.

(Adam Lambert Flicker) Everyone gushes over puppies but how did foxes get lost in the mix? WHY AREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT THE CUTE, ADORABLE, CUNNING FOXES?!

2. You can ride the “pet fox” thing out to no end. Stumped at an interview? “Innovative problem solving skills…? Well, my pet fox…” Striking out at the bar? “I almost didn’t even come out tonight because my pet fox was acting up…” BOOM!

(TreeFarmer Flickr) We should all be getting on top of this pet fox idea. (Get it, “On TOP”? Haha…)

3. Once you commit to a fox it’s a game changer. You can maintain your I-Don’t-Do-Anything-Interesting-I-Just-Binge-Watch-Netflix lifestyle and still seem like the Dos Equis guy.

(JudeCat Flickr) Your poodle is basically Air Bud? Cool story, bro. A pet fox is pretty much owning a ball of fluffy warmth with the intelligence of Steve Jobs and athletic abilities of LeBron James.

4. “My dog ate my homework” doesn’t work but “I can’t watch your bratty kid next weekend, my fox will bite her finger off” totally works!

(Gary Ryan Flickr) You will love your fox and only your fox…
Not because you won’t have room to love anything else but because they are still wild animals and will drive everything else away. Parakeets and pet rabbits? Ate. Boyfriends? Drove them off. Friends? Well…fox smell. Bad.

5. Honestly, dogs are cute but those Instagram posts where your dog looks really guilty after destroying you pillows is only funny the first time. I promise you, a fox will give you something new every day (Okay, every time you turn your back) and they are never sorry. They won’t cuddle you to apologize but they will do it then sit and wait for you to see then laugh (“gekker”) hysterically while you react. Your Snapstory will never get boring!

(Franca Jasper Flickr) They will laugh at all of your jokes. They will also laugh at all the jokes they play on you…even if you aren’t laughing.


7 stages of a journalism major in statistics class as told by cute animals

I don’t know about you, but I’m a journalism major because math is not my forte. Does Mr. E.W. Scripps himself really expect me to be able to calculate z-scores and find the standard deviation when all I want to do is write listicles for Buzzfeed? Alas, I’m stuck in Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences with the other Scripps kids, lost in a sea of numbers.

Here’s the 7 stages of an aspiring journalist in a PSY 2110 lecture:

1. Lethargy

Flickr, Aldo Tapia
Flickr, Aldo Tapia

You start off with an apathetic sigh as you crack open your PSY 2110 textbook to prepare for the next 55 minutes of hell.

2. Drowsiness

Flickr, K-nekoTR
Flickr, K-nekoTR

Ten minutes in, you eyes start to close as you snuggle up next to your stats equations and dream about winning a Pulitzer for your groundbreaking exposé on the gender wage gap.


Flickr, Alex Ulanov
Flickr, Alex Ulanov

You when the professor calls on you for the answer but you’ve been drooling on your histogram instead of figuring out what the standard deviation is.

4. *eye roll emoji*

Flickr, Luz Rovira
Flickr, Luz Rovira

The smug look on the stats major’s face next to you when he knows the answer and you don’t…

5.  Confusion

Flickr, John C Bullas
Flickr, John C Bullas

You and the kid in VICO staring blankly at the next problem on the PowerPoint because statistics is a foreign language.


Flickr, Nina
Flickr, Nina

The face you make when class ends but you leave in PANIC because you need this class to graduate and the midterm is next week but you know NOTHING.

7.  ¯\_()_/¯

Flickr, Christin Gain
Flickr, Christi Gain

And finally, you when you’ve given up on life and drop PSY 2110 because you’re a journalism major and not a mathematician.


You’ll still be the next host of the Today show even if you’re three credits short of graduating, right?