Graduating seniors reflect on Court Street

To some Ohio University students, the heart of Athens, Ohio, is Court Street. This brick road is located in Uptown Athens and is home to businesses that range from college bookstores to boutiques and pubs. In the video below, Heather Willard and Olivia Miltner, who are both graduating seniors studying journalism, mulled over what Court Street meant to them and to the city.

Is Pokemon Go still a thing?

We are all wondering the same thing. Is that guy outside my house in the middle of the night casing my place for a robbery, or is he catching a Pikachu? Pokemon Go took the world by storm in the summer of 2016, but its popularity rapidly declined. The trend may be gone but the game lives on. Court Street still has a few trainers lurking around trying to catch’em all!

Favorite spots to eat on Court Street

Court Street provides a wide variety of places to eat and drink. Whether one visits one of the many bars or one of the several coffee shops, uptown Athens knows how to please even the pickiest of eaters. In this video I take a trip on Court Street and interview two patrons about their favorite spot uptown.

The people of The Post

The Post has been at Ohio University for over 100 years. But with journalism being de-valued seemingly more and more by the day, it’s important to realize that it still takes a lot of work to produce content for online and a print copy.

This video talks to three students at The Post, detailing their jobs, and also what their work schedules look like each day to produce the best content they can.

Court Street offers students a wide variety of options

I focused my video on the multitude of options that Court Street has to offer.  Not only are there many bars that students frequent on a nightly basis, there are also several places to eat, both local joints as well as more well-known chain eateries.  Court Street is usually only thought of as a place where students go to drink, when in reality it offers so much more than just bars and alcohol.


The forgotten bookstore

Rich Purdy is the co-owner of The Little Professor Book Center on Court Street in Athens. He co-owns with his brother-in-law and the two have owned the store for 34 years. He first arrived in Athens in 1969 when his family moved here. The one thing he likes about his store in Athens is that it’s a prime location in a college town. The store sells books for classes as well as leisure reading.

The “other” bookstore

Book hunting adventures on Court Street

For all the book lovers in Athens, Court Street hosts two small but wonderful stores filled with comics, magazines, paperbacks and more! If you are a bibliophile looking for an afternoon browse, check out the University Bookstore and Little Professor, conveniently located right next to each other.

Bars don’t make for the best neighbors, but it’s not all bad

Everyone can see why Court Street is the most popular spot when it comes to having a good time on a Friday night or when they want to grab a quick bite to eat. What many people don’t know is the living arrangements on court street. Take a closer look into Jack and Aimee’s life living above Courtside.

I love Court Street, you love Court Street, we all love Court Street.

In this video I recap my conversations with a few alumni of Ohio University to see what they think about Court Street after leaving Athens, Ohio to pursue their careers. I asked them what they think about Athens’ iconic brick road and how it has changed over the years from when they were students.