New “Counter Productive” episodes feature investigations of Ohio University’s odd fences, leaf problem

Junior Alexandra Greenberg is back with two new episodes of her hit web series, “Counter Productive.” The first installment — and the series’ namesake — showed the student on her mission to find Ohio University’s worst countertops. In her latest videos, she finds the weirdest fences and most annoying fallen leaves on Ohio University’s campus in Athens, Ohio. Watch and cherish these episodes, as they almost didn’t exist, and it’s unlikely a fourth installment will ever be filmed.

Counter Productive Episode 2: Offensive

Counter Productive Episode 3: Unbelievable 


OU student hosts web show identifying counterproductive countertops

Junior Alexandra Greenberg hosts “Counter Productive,” a show in which she identifies poorly placed countertops and surfaces on which to place things in Athens. Check out the first — and likely only — installment of the web series.