Think outside the box, get a fox

Here are five reasons why fox are the best pets, ever (and five pictures that will have you completely convinced that you need one!):

1. Nose rings really aren’t that unique anymore (Come on, look around any StarBucks…) but walking your pet fox down the street? Guaranteed to get a few reactions.

(Adam Lambert Flicker) Everyone gushes over puppies but how did foxes get lost in the mix? WHY AREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT THE CUTE, ADORABLE, CUNNING FOXES?!

2. You can ride the “pet fox” thing out to no end. Stumped at an interview? “Innovative problem solving skills…? Well, my pet fox…” Striking out at the bar? “I almost didn’t even come out tonight because my pet fox was acting up…” BOOM!

(TreeFarmer Flickr) We should all be getting on top of this pet fox idea. (Get it, “On TOP”? Haha…)

3. Once you commit to a fox it’s a game changer. You can maintain your I-Don’t-Do-Anything-Interesting-I-Just-Binge-Watch-Netflix lifestyle and still seem like the Dos Equis guy.

(JudeCat Flickr) Your poodle is basically Air Bud? Cool story, bro. A pet fox is pretty much owning a ball of fluffy warmth with the intelligence of Steve Jobs and athletic abilities of LeBron James.

4. “My dog ate my homework” doesn’t work but “I can’t watch your bratty kid next weekend, my fox will bite her finger off” totally works!

(Gary Ryan Flickr) You will love your fox and only your fox…
Not because you won’t have room to love anything else but because they are still wild animals and will drive everything else away. Parakeets and pet rabbits? Ate. Boyfriends? Drove them off. Friends? Well…fox smell. Bad.

5. Honestly, dogs are cute but those Instagram posts where your dog looks really guilty after destroying you pillows is only funny the first time. I promise you, a fox will give you something new every day (Okay, every time you turn your back) and they are never sorry. They won’t cuddle you to apologize but they will do it then sit and wait for you to see then laugh (“gekker”) hysterically while you react. Your Snapstory will never get boring!

(Franca Jasper Flickr) They will laugh at all of your jokes. They will also laugh at all the jokes they play on you…even if you aren’t laughing.


7 reasons why one of the most feared creatures is also one of the best college pets

Meet Dr. Ervin a veterinarian at Ohio Valley Animal Clinic, “Serving the Southeastern Ohio Region since 2011.”

1. Adorable tininess

Source: flickr ArtBrom
Source: Flickr, ArtBrom

Smaller than dogs, larger than hamsters, these little guys can curl up in your hand, or sit on your shoulder, just as long as you can keep them from scurrying away. They take up a lot less space in any room so they are perfect for cramped college quarters.

Bonus: Many landlords, who charge for other pets, omit the charges for rodents.

2. Loyalty

Source: Melanie Foster

After the interview, Dr. Ervin said he had removed a tumor from a rat and when the little guy was waking up, he heard his owner’s voice and that helped him regain consciousness and recover faster. Rats are also curious about what you’re doing and will come find you to say “hi” upon exiting their cages to play.

3. Cleanliness

Source: Youtube

Did you ever see a dog give himself a bath? Rats are very hygienic. Rats spend several hours each day cleaning themselves! Which is way longer than the average college kid.

4. Intelligence

Okay, they did help spread The Black Plague during The Dark Ages. That fact combined with the masses’ general fear of rodents probably keeps rats out of the running for world’s cutest pets.

5. Snack time

Melanie Foster via imigflip
Source: Melanie Foster via imigflip

While 80 percent of their diet should come from their fortified food, the other 20 percent can come from fruits and veggies that humans, like us, eat! They can even have chocolate, in moderation…like on Valentine’s Day and after a breakup.

6. They’re just so misunderstood

Okay, they did help spread The Black Plague during The Dark Ages. That fact combined with the masses’ general fear of rodents probably keeps rats out of the running for world’s cutest pets.

7. Fame

From Ratatouille to The Tale of Despereaux, rats have made appearances as cute, loveable creatures that largely come off as talented, smart and adorable. Speaking of famous, celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Rupert Grint have rats as pets!