Stand Up and Talk (Episode 1): Does Ohio have a shot against WMU in the MAC Championship?

In the first episode of Stand Up and Talk, host Ethan Felderstein is joined by  Ohio Bobcats super fan Clay Johnson and assistant sports editor of The Post, Andrew Gillis.

The three preview Friday’s Mid-American Conference championship game between Ohio and Western Michigan. Does Ohio have a shot at winning? Who should you place money on? Would Frank Solich beat P.J. Fleck in a fight? LISTEN:

Stumblin’ bumblin’ and fumblin’: The weekend in review of ugly football

Baseball might be America’s pastime, but football has become its favorite sport in recent years. The reason for the sport’s ascension through the ranks of America’s culture is usually attributed to the unique gladiator-esque action. Although sometimes, as we saw this past weekend, football can provide us with some real stinkers just like every other sport.

The weekend of ugly football began in our own backyard with Athens High School. The Bulldogs took on Vinton County and the outcome was apparent quickly. Athens scored the first three touchdowns of the game, and it never got much better from there. The 63-14 final was mercifully expedited by a running clock in the second half. It can be fun to watch a great team hit its stride, but when the sides are as mismatched as they were Friday night, the line between impressive and ugly gets thinner the longer the game goes on.

Fans who watched LSU play Auburn Saturday night may have wondered if they were watching the right kind of football. Eight field goals were kicked in the game, including the six that made up the entirety of Auburn’s 18 points. There were no “act like you’ve been there before” type comments in this game because, well, these teams didn’t get “there.” This game was so ugly that the losing coach got fired the next day, and the most exciting part of the game was the play that didn’t count.

This was the classic “neither team wants to win this one” game. The Ravens and Jaguars combined for 5 interceptions, two fumbles, a blocked kick, and three touchdowns as opposed to five field goals (and one missed field goal). Someone had to win this game, but the 3-0 Ravens didn’t look too superior to the 0-3 Jaguars.

While this game also had a hint of “neither team wants to win this one” it was ugly for all sorts of other reasons. For one, the Browns were playing. The same Browns that inspired someone at Bleacher Report to write an article legitimately asking if they were the least talented team of all time. If that wasn’t enough, the Browns started their third-string quarterback and were missing their two best wide receivers due to suspension and injury. The worst part is, the game was still close. The Dolphins couldn’t even beat down a depleted version of one of the most depleted teams in NFL history. Oh, and the only reason they won was because the Browns new kicker shanked three field goals, including one that would have won the game as time expired in regulation.

This one is a little more personal for me. Yes, the score was lopsided. Yes, the Steelers scored three points. But it was my connection to them that hurt the most. Growing up in LA without an NFL team and a father from Pittsburgh, I adopted the Steelers as my favorite team. This year’s iteration of the team is supposed to be one of the best versions in quite some time. The defense looked improved during the first two weeks of the season and the Steelers looked like a Super Bowl contender. I don’t want to overreact, but the lack of tackling ability in the secondary and the concept of a head-scratching loss to a less talented team brought my infinite optimism back down to earth. This team is super talented but still falls back into the same mistakes that can make them so frustrating to watch sometimes.

Maybe football can be more fun again next week.









The 7 faces coaches have when they realize they have to play Ohio State

When Urban Meyer came to Ohio State in 2012, the Buckeyes fell out of the perennial powerhouse conversations with the Alabama and Florida States of the world. Meyer’s record with Ohio State is an amazing 50-4 after four seasons. Most players on opposing teams have the Buckeye game circled on their calendars because it will be the biggest game of their season.

Here are the 6 faces of head coaches when they realize they have to play the Ohio State Buckeyes.

  1. Bob Stoops
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The Oklahoma Sooners lost week one to the Houston Cougars 33-23. Expect the same but worse this weekend in Norman, Oklahoma.

2. Paul Chryst

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The Wisconsin Badgers might have upset LSU week one 16-14 Unfortunately, for the Badgers the last time Ohio State played Wisconsin was two years ago in the Big Ten championship where the final score was 59-0.

3. James Franklin

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Penn State has been in a rough place since the Joe Paterno situation. The Nittany Lions haven’t beaten the Buckeyes since 2011 and it doesn’t look promising this year.

4. Mark Dantonio

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Michigan State is the only team with any sort of success in the Urban Meyer era. The Spartans were Ohio States only loss last season. Unlike the Buckeyes winning the national championship when they got in the final four two years ago. Michigan State got annihilated on national television 38-0.

5. Jim Harbaugh

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Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines were favorited in last years meeting between their arch rivals Ohio State. The Buckeyes embarrassed Harbaugh 42-13, if I were in Harbaugh’s khakis I would run over anything to get away as well (not shirtless).

6. Urban Meyer… the G.O.A.T

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Being the coach of Ohio State must be such a nice job. When you get the best recruits in the nation year after year and are ranked consistently in the top 10…

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