Welcome to the Jungle: Your up to date Newsletter on the Cincinnati Bengals

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If you are a Bengals fan who wants up to date information on everything Bengals this is the newsletter for you. It seems like over the last few years the Bengals have been in the news a lot. But, rest assured this letter will cover many of the Bengals social media outlets, local news on the team, and some off the field information regards to community involvement and partnering with other local Bengals neighborhoods around the greater Cincinnati area. Here are this weeks Top 5 headlines that you should know about.

1. The Bengals eyeing free agency signings.

For the Bengals, one problem that the team ran into this past season was failing to sign the right people and dealing with departures for more money from other teams. This year the Bengals are looking for experience, veteran leadership, and dynamic athletes.


Reports close to the team say the team doesn’t plan to pay a lot in free agency this year. The big dilemma the Bengals are faced with is bringing back that veteran leadership. With players like Andrew Whitworth and Domata Peko who are in their 30’s many wonder how many productive years they have left to give? Both have been great leaders for the team on both sides of the ball but the front office is left to wonder if it is time to move on.

2. Bengals preparing for upcoming draft.

After 6 consisstant years of making the playoffs the Bengals ended the 2016 season 6-9-1. The first losing record in 7 years. The Bengals now have the 9th overall pick in the draft and are looking to draft big. The last time the Bengals had a top ten draft pick they got wide receiver from Georgia, A.J. Green.

In Todd McShay’s Mock draft on ESPN.com he has the 9th overall pick in the draft being Marshawn Lattimore a cornerback from Ohio State University.

3. LB Trevor Roach retires at the age of 24.

Roach reported that his reason for retiring early is because he says, “I didn’t love football like I used too.”


4. Bengals claim rookie wide receiver from Dallas.

Last week the Bengals decided to sign unrestricted free agent Chris Brown from the Dallas Cowboys. The Bengals saw a lot of Brown at Notre Dame last year due to the fact the Bengals were looking at his teammate, Will Fuller, as a possible first round draft pick.


5. Get that special someone a Bengals Valentines Day card.

Hard to believe it but since today is Valentines Day the most popular traffic on the Bengals website and social media platforms are the really catchy Valentines Day cards.

I hope you all find this newsletter informative and insightful for all you biggest Cincinnati Bengals questions.





How are OU Students Watching Professional Sports?

As an upperclassman living off-campus who can’t afford over-priced cable packages, my boyfriend and I found ourselves at Buffalo Wild Wings on Union St. watching game three of the MLB World Series. Not to mention, beer and wings are always welcome while enjoying America’s favorite pastime. Now as the NFL season is in full-swing and basketball season approaches, students everywhere are getting creative when it comes to finding ways to watch their favorite teams.

Online streaming has become a very popular way for students and people everywhere to access professional sporting events. For students whose ride-or-die teams are out of the homestretch of Athens, OH, streaming services especially come in handy. Depending on the service students choose to use, some even have the option to stream on their smartphones at any location.

I watch (the game) on my phone and scare my roommates,” said passionate Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Kelsie Malloy. 

635748128968195773-NFLSundayTicket.TV-UDirecTV has created a promotion package that makes it easier for college students away from home to watch their home teams play. This promotion is called NFLSundayTicket.TV U and offers a discounted subscription for students to watch a full season of games via any streaming device of their choosing. The subscription requires students to be attending  a four-year university and confirms student enrollment by finding potential subscribers under student record. So, there’s no way anyone can pose for a student discount.

Although streaming is convenient, most quality services cost a fee of some sort. That doesn’t stop some students from finding the game.

“I download live stream links along with multiple computer viruses,” said Allyson Clifton, Ohio University junior and Cincinnati Bengals fan.

So it’s important to be careful when trying to (illegally) stream a game online.

The off-campus residents who actually pay for cable are few and far between. However, those who do have it for the main purpose of watching sports. These passionate fans bite the bullet of pricy cable packages out of love for their teams, although they’re still not happy about the bill that arrives in the mail box.

“I do watch them at home,” said Cleveland Browns fan Ben Rottersman, “the fact that I have to bundle to get what I want is outrageous.”

Some students say that a football game isn’t complete without a bar full of fellow fans surrounding them. Others disagree and think that groups of drunk football fans are too extreme and overwhelming.

Photo Cred: Cleveland.com
Photo Cred: Cleveland.com

Although Rottersman watches most football games in the comfort of his living room sofa, he still joins other Browns fans at Cat’s Eye Saloon on Court St. every Sunday. “It’s an official Browns backer bar, part of the Browns organization,” he said.

Even though she’s also a Browns fan, Allison Danielle said the bars are always too crowded. “I watch ESPN on my computer,” she said.

Most people who do go Uptown to watch football, find a bar and stick to it. Many of the bars are known for being representative of a certain NFL team. So when game day nears, be sure not to stumble into the wrong bar with the wrong name and number on your back.