6 cat pictures describing the process of writing an article

Being in college is hard and frustrating. Daily assignments, a part-time job at the dining hall and classmates who can’t seem to pull their own weight in group projects are just a few of many problems that most of us face. But combine all of these with having to write weekly articles can make us struggle to comprehend what we ate for lunch, much less how we feel.

However, rest assured because these cat pictures are here to help you express your true feelings during these trying times.

1. The planning stage

Photo by GalgenTX via flickr

Trying to figure out a good angle for your article is always the hardest part. But this time, you planned ahead by talking with your editors and doing some background research prior to starting, so you should be fine, right? Wrong. Suddenly, your sources aren’t replying, the Pew Research survey you wanted to use is irrelevant and you’re up at 3 a.m. screaming at your empty inbox because no one wants to reply.


2. Interviews and more interviews

Photo by Christopher Sessums via flickr

You begin interviewing random people on the street out of desperation. These interviews are more miss than hit, but by chance, you meet someone who seems genuinely interested in the subject! You eagerly begin to record your conversation, listening to every word they say and asking the right questions. Maybe everything will be alright, you think to yourself as you thank the stranger and run home to your laptop.


3. Typing it out

Photo by Wilson Afonso via Wikimedia Commons

Armed with your caffeine of choice, you seat yourself in front of your laptop and begin reading your notes and transcripts of your interviews. The clock ticks as you stare at a blank screen. You type something down only to furiously smash the backspace key because it didn’t seem right. This step will repeat itself for the next few hours until you suddenly realize you have less than three hours till your meeting with your editors. By then, inspiration finally strikes and you find yourself able to type clearly with a goal in sight.


4. Killing your darlings

Photo by wenliang chen via flickr

At this point you start crying. You’re 20 inches over the maximum inch count and you know deep down that your editor is going to tell you to cut out a lot of graphs. It’s difficult to decide which graph is less important than the others, especially when you have spent a long time researching this topic. The deed has to be done though and you do it, shedding silent tears over the loss of your babies.

5. Stressed and kind of a mess

Photo via Max Pixel

It’s done. Your glasses sit on your face messily and you blink anxiously at your editors while they proofread your article. While peering over your editor’s shoulder, several AP style errors seem to appear out of nowhere. You consider crying because you’re sure you reread this article at least three times before submitting it for editing and those errors must have came crawling out of AP style hell just to spite you.


6. A finished product

Photo by Steve Jurvetson via flickr

But at the end of the day, all the anxiety of finding sources and crying over the article seemed to be worth it. You produce a pretty cool clip that gets compliments from your peers and you’re proud to add to your collection. Lying in your bed, you tuck yourself under the blankets, comforted by the thought that you’ve already started the research for your next story… But did you?

7 cats who are totally over President Trump’s executive orders

You’ve probably heard by now that there’s a new president in town, and he’s not afraid to use the power of the pen. As of Jan. 31, President Donald Trump has signed 17 executive orders, some more controversial than others. While many Americans and international figures have taken to social media to denounce and debate the consequences of the acts, some have opted to just pretend none of this is happening. Fear not; you’re not alone. These seven cuddly cats, cute as they are, have no clue what’s going on either.

  1. The Kitty Congress

    As official as they look in their frilled collars, these senapurrs were powerless when Trump ordered federal agencies to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement” of the Affordable Care Act that imposes a “fiscal burden” on states, individuals and health care providers. Rest assured, the Kitty Congress is working diligently to purrsuade our human Congress to approve replacement legislation that will keep both Medicare and MediCat intact.

  1. Creamsicle


Creamsicle is a very good cat who just finished reading the president’s executive order regarding regulations:

“If there’s a new regulation, they have to knock out two. But it goes far beyond that, we’re cutting regulations massively for small business and for large business,” Trump said.

As a cat, Creamsicle isn’t very fond of rules himself, but he is very confused. It seems to Creamsicle as though this order will make an arbitrary distinction between necessary regulations and frivolous ones.

  1. Smokey Mittens


Smokey Mittens has worked for the National Parks Department for 20 years, so he was one of the first to learn of Trump’s order that both froze the hiring of federal employees and halted all pay raises. Smokey understood because the national debt is substantial. Then he learned the hiring/pay freeze didn’t apply to the U.S. Armed Forces. He didn’t like that one bit.

P.S. Wondering which National Parks employee went rogue on the Twitter account last week? Look no further.

  1. Jasper


This is Jasper. As one of the biggest environmental advocates in the cat community, Jasper was thrilled to hear construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline was halted. When the president reinstated construction of DAPL and the Keystone XL pipelines with a Jan. 24 executive order, this was Jasper’s face.

  1. Orange Kitty

https://flic.kr/p/Lmx2E1This precious feline asked to remain anonymous, and wants to make it very clear that just because he is the same color as Trump, he in no way endorses the funding of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. The projected costs, which range from $12-$15 billion, are enough to make him close his eyes in shame (but also open one again because he really can’t look away from this train wreck).

  1. Sofia


Sofia is an American-born Iranian cat. Many of her relatives went back to Iran for the holidays. When Trump passed the “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States” executive order suspending immigration from Iran, Iraq and five other Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, Sofia’s family members could not return, as the order bars green card holders from these countries from entering the United States. Sofia is very sad.


  1. Midnight


Like many Americans, Midnight is an active voter and concerned citizen. He reads the news every morning, even if he doesn’t always like what he learns. (He is a very good boy.) Today, Midnight learned the president is restructuring his National Security Council to promote his chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Midnight is aghast, knowing that Bannon is a former chief executive of Breitbart News and a very controversial figure. (And he hasn’t even gotten on Twitter yet to see the #StopPresidentBannon posts.)

Athens County Humane Society works to end cat overpopulation

Rural counties tend to have high populations of stray and feral cats, and Athens County is no exception. One organization that works to help homeless cats and kittens is the Athens County Humane Society, an all-volunteer group with no physical location.

The ACHS holds four spay/neuter clinics every month with the goal of cutting down on cat overpopulation by providing services to the community at a low cost.

Most of the cats that have been rescued by the ACHS are kept at Petsmart, but others, like Ted E. Bear, are taken in by the volunteers themselves.

7 stages of a journalism major in statistics class as told by cute animals

I don’t know about you, but I’m a journalism major because math is not my forte. Does Mr. E.W. Scripps himself really expect me to be able to calculate z-scores and find the standard deviation when all I want to do is write listicles for Buzzfeed? Alas, I’m stuck in Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences with the other Scripps kids, lost in a sea of numbers.

Here’s the 7 stages of an aspiring journalist in a PSY 2110 lecture:

1. Lethargy

Flickr, Aldo Tapia
Flickr, Aldo Tapia

You start off with an apathetic sigh as you crack open your PSY 2110 textbook to prepare for the next 55 minutes of hell.

2. Drowsiness

Flickr, K-nekoTR
Flickr, K-nekoTR

Ten minutes in, you eyes start to close as you snuggle up next to your stats equations and dream about winning a Pulitzer for your groundbreaking exposé on the gender wage gap.


Flickr, Alex Ulanov
Flickr, Alex Ulanov

You when the professor calls on you for the answer but you’ve been drooling on your histogram instead of figuring out what the standard deviation is.

4. *eye roll emoji*

Flickr, Luz Rovira
Flickr, Luz Rovira

The smug look on the stats major’s face next to you when he knows the answer and you don’t…

5.  Confusion

Flickr, John C Bullas
Flickr, John C Bullas

You and the kid in VICO staring blankly at the next problem on the PowerPoint because statistics is a foreign language.


Flickr, Nina
Flickr, Nina

The face you make when class ends but you leave in PANIC because you need this class to graduate and the midterm is next week but you know NOTHING.

7.  ¯\_()_/¯

Flickr, Christin Gain
Flickr, Christi Gain

And finally, you when you’ve given up on life and drop PSY 2110 because you’re a journalism major and not a mathematician.


You’ll still be the next host of the Today show even if you’re three credits short of graduating, right?

Give thanks by playing with a cat this Thanksgiving

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