7 cats that are too fat and fluffy for their own good

Let’s be honest here; cats are better than dogs any day of the week. It’s a controversial topic that can get animal lovers pretty heated and fired up. But who isn’t a fan of big, cuddly cats who are always down for a snuggle session? Feast your eyes on these seven plump felines that are warm and adorably kissable.


Photo by Yukari via Flickr

Check out this fluffy cat whose owner is measuring the circumference of her bulbous tummy. She’s pretty freaked out in this photo and looks like she could use a nice belly rub after such a traumatic experience.


Photo via Google Images

All she needs is a remote in her paw and she’s set for the night… or until her owner fills the food bowl again. This pretty kitty is nestled comfortably on the couch and appears to be ready for a night of binge watching mouse videos and snacking on some tasty treats.


Photo by amfXZ via Pixabay

This brown-eyed beauty is lounging in style and, frankly, has a better manicure than I ever have. With a set of glossy claws and a pudgy belly like that, you can bet this cat is spoiled rotten by her owners.


Photo by Dania Do Svidaniya via Flickr

The haughty look on this kitty’s face is something I am all too familiar with as a fellow lazy being. Although it looks like she could really use some time outside to soak up the sun and get in a little cardio, I guarantee she’d rather be snoozing the day away in the cool comfort of the indoors. But alas, she stares in defiance as her human drags her outside and continues to document her disdain in photographs.


Photo by quinntheislander via Flickr

A cat with a love for greenery? Astounding! This chunky feline with a green thumb is ready to tend to her plant… or is patiently waiting for her owner to present her with more treats for all her hard work.


Photo by Tripp via Flickr

This chubby, ginger kitty is tuckered out from a long day of working on his fitness. Maybe his owners can invest in some low fat treats to help him reach his ideal figure.


Photo by b r e n t via Flickr

Cat or a loaf of bread? You decide. Perhaps this kitty has indulged herself on wet food a few too many times. Nonetheless, her human must love her a lot to let her take up the whole chair. But who could possibly say no to a face like that?


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Everybody loves animals. Their, at times, lack of common sense and innocence tugs at everyone’s hearts. Sometimes people like to say what breed of dog they are or what kind of cat best represents them. I think these animals best represent humans.

tiger. By: Rennett Stow. Flickr

This is a face anyone with siblings will recognize. The is the face you see behind your mom while she yells at you for something your sibling got you in trouble for.  The face of victory. It is the face that no matter how hard you try to get your mom to notice, she never will. Everyone hates this face unless they are making it.

Owl. Google images.

This is a face you all know and hate to admit. This is the face you make when you hear your mom’s car pulling into the driveway and it hits you that you’ve been sitting on the couch all day and did not do the two chores she asked you to do before you got home. The worst part is that it’s the same chores every time: the dishes and sweeping.

r o f l m a o. by Trish Hamme. Flickr

Everybody hates to admit it, but they all like a good “dad joke.” They get a good chuckle but never they never win best joke of the night. But when you need something from your dad, all of his jokes are the best jokes ever. We’ve all been like Mr. Whiskers here when we need a few extra bucks to go to the movies or grab something to eat. Everybody else’s dad jokes suck, but your dad’s? GOAT.

zoo-85. by Colin Knowles. Flickr

“Oh, I”ll only nap for 3o minutes.” You tell yourself this every time you take a nap and every time you wake up looking like the picture above  wondering what year it is and how it has come to this. You tell yourself it won’t happen again but we all know it will.

running chasing ball. Google images

“The face you make when mom says the pizza rolls are done.” But seriously though, have you ever casually walked to get pizza rolls? I didn’t think so.


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