Favorite Place in Athens

I honestly don’t I have a single favorite place on Ohio University’s campus.  My favorite places on campus differ through the seasons.  Early in fall semester I love being down at the intramural fields playing softball.  Softball is one of my favorite hobbies.  I play in the summer on a couple of different teams, and by the time it ends and I’m on my way back to school intramural softball begins so I am still 100% devoted.  For the past four years I have been on a softball team with my fraternity brothers and each Monday night I can’t wait to get back down there.

Once winter turns the corner, my favorite place turns into wherever I’m living, which is my apartment this year, above Casa Nueva.  Winter time means cold weather (well maybe not Ohio) and football.  My roommates and I usually invite some friends over to watch some football, play some video games and crack open a few cold ones.  In my opinion, that’s the best part about college, cherishing you friendships and being around friends as much as you can.  So that’s why my favorite place on campus in the winter time is my apartment, it’s kind of hard not to like it.

Now, it’s time for the flowers to bloom and pools are about to start opening.  Spring time rolls around and I have yet a couple more favorite places on campus.  The first being 20 S. College St., home of the FIJI fraternity.  We have a nice porch where we all sit out there, listening to music and watching people walk passed our house, which is one of my favorite things to do on campus.  Honestly, I guarantee if you asked half of the campus what their top five things to do on campus are, one of them would be people watching.  My second favorite becomes the River Park apartment complex pool.  On really nice days, a bunch of us like to go down there play music, hang around the pool, play games and honestly become true college kids.  I think that’s what I like best about it.  We don’t have to worry about anything.  We just relax and enjoy the day.  I think I will especially like it this spring since it will be my last time enjoying the pool and the atmosphere with all of my college friends.

I think I’m a little bit different than most students on campus because most people I know have one, maybe two places that really stand out to them and they love to be there each and every week.  That’s not me, I don’t have just one place, but I think that’s what makes me like Athens the most.



Punk, funk and everything in between. A journey into the Athens, OH music scene.

By Haadiza Ogwude


Haffa’s Records, a 30-year-old vinyl store and a staple in the Athen’s music community.

Located in the southeastern town of Athens, OH exists a thriving underground music scene where genres from across the spectrum are welcomed. From touring alternative bands, to local Pink Floyd tribute acts, there is no shortage of interesting music in this small town. With the collaboration of the Do It Yourself music community, the All Campus Radio Network, Haffa’s Records and more the music scene continues to be a prominent entity in the Athens’ community.

Want to know more about this independent music scene? Check out the video below.




What happens to our favorite Bobcat bands after graduation?

College is a chance to discover the real person that’s been cultivating under the parental units for the last 18 or so years. For some it’s exploring the vices their parents attempted to curtail, others it’s the chance to think differently how they were raised, but in general it’s a time for self-discovery.

A few braves souls chose to do this in front of crowds atop one of the many stages in Athens. The music scene in Athens is unique as the influx of new blood from the university allows for a large diversity of musical acts to form and flourish.

The constant flow of new musicians is sadly accompanied by the older generation leaving Athens as they graduate or decide to move on. While the desire to play may linger on, it can be extremely difficult to continue when members may be scattered across the country. As their time in Athens comes closer to the end Wes Gilbert of Smizmar and Evan Amerio of Apemode spoke of their personal experiences.

Our parents may be hOUme but that doesn’t mean the parties will stop

Ohio University knows how to party so well parents don’t know if they should be mad or not. This weekend was filled with live music, dancing, and regrettable decisions for some.

  1. The Union sets the tone for this fun, music filled weekend.



Adam Remnant is a local folk artist on tour for his recently released EP, When I Was a Boy. He was the headline act for the show at The Union Bar & Grill. Breakers, and Smizmar shared the stage with Remnant Friday night. The show was an example of not only how good the music in Athens is, but also how there’s no typical “Athens band”.

2. Open Doors Casa Dance Party

The party is slayin' with DJ vampy kitty!!! @vampykitty @ouopendoors @casanuevaathens

A photo posted by Ohio University LGBT Center (@oulgbtcenter) on

Open Doors, an LGBT student group on campus hosted their first dance of the school year with a stoplight theme dance party. The dress code for the party was simple but interesting. Everyone was to wear stoplight colors but they each meant different things. If you wore green, you were single and ready to mingle for the night while red meant you were off the market or weren’t interested.

Saturday night was also DJ Vamptykitty’s first solo act.

3. Country Night Lights 


Hundreds of people gathered at The Venue of Athens this past weekend to enjoy two booze filled days of country music in their cowboy boots. Two days of up-and-coming musicians entertained this rowdy crowd. The bars weren’t going to pass up on an opportunity to offer a place to pregame before pregaming outside the venue.

4. Skeletonwitch returns to Athens

Athens, thank you for a killer, sold-out show last night. There is no better way to start a tour.

A photo posted by @skeletonwitch on

Skeletonwitch returns to Athens and play their show back at The Union Bar & Grill a year after it burned down. The Union was where former OU students began playing before gaining an international following in the metal scene. This show kicked off their five-week Curse of the Dead 2016 U.S. tour.

5. No matter what happened to you this weekend just be glad you didn’t end your weekend this way.

Everyone is told from day one to be very careful around the horse officers. After a night of drinking this man seems to have forgotten the sacred rule in Athens–always ask before petting a horse.

He took it a step further by actually mounting the horse when he saw there was no police around. Though no records have been found as of yet online his friends say he was arrested but is free and will have a trial on Monday.


You can be grateful you woke up this morning with just a simple headache.

5 of the best meals in Athens you probably didn’t know about


1. Get yourself a sexy dog at O’Betty’s Red Hot!

O'Betty Red Hot!
O’Betty Red Hot!

Near the end of Court Street, this little hotdog shop is a sharp turn off the main drag and onto West State Street. It churns out some of the most delicious and diverse hotdogs in town. The inside of the shop is decorated with old school showgirls, red walls and cheetah print drapes. This is a great place to go if you want great local food late night or a quick bite midday. I usually order either the Varla which has sauerkraut, horseradish, bacon bits and 1000 Island Dressing all mounted on a bratwurst, or I get the Tempest which is a hot dog smothered in Casa Nueva’s Hot Habanero Salsa with chopped jalapeños, shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream. And if you are from Cincinnati and feeling a little homesick, their chili cheese fries are the closest thing to homemade Skyline chili you will find in Athens. The only menu item I advise against is the fresh garlic fries. They are literally covered in raw garlic – not my thing. Other than that side warning, everything else here is great. Prices range from $4 to $10.


2. Start your Saturday off with a saucy brunch at Casa Nueva.

Casa Nueva
Casa Nueva

If you are sick of dining hall brunch and want to try something a little different, walk down to Casa Nueva near the intersection of Court Street and West State Street. I am a sucker for a Mexican-inspired brunch, and this place has a reputation for creating tasty dishes with local ingredients. This restaurant gets everything local and even changes part of their menu with local seasonal ingredients. No matter what time of day, I always order the Enchiladas Verde, stacked. Their isn’t actually a brunch version of this, so I just order the stacked breakfast enchiladas and add green chilies, cream cheese and salsa verde. They have a wide variety of homemade salsas and all of them are delicious. It really is a great way to start off any Saturday. Prices range from $7 to $20.


3. Netflix and chill with takeout from Thai Paradise.

Thai Paradise
Thai Paradise

This may sound weird, but for some reason a big bowl of pho is my version of comfort food. It has a flavorful warm broth, lots of basil, bean sprouts, jalapeños, noodles and meatballs – just a lot of amazing things. It is the perfect food for a cold, rainy night when you just want to snuggle up in your sweats and binge watch Dexter on Netflix. The only place to properly complete this Netflix and chill bonanza is Thai Paradise. Call ahead and take a quick trip down Union to this cozy spot to grab your take out. This is one meal experience that will relieve you of your FOMO anxiety. Prices range from $11 to $30.


4. Get away from the crowded restaurants on parents weekend at Zoe Fine Dinning.

Zoe Fine Dinning
Zoe Fine Dinning

If your parents are coming to town, this little city-slicker’s gem snuggled next to Passion Works Studios on East State Street is the perfect place to get away from the crowds. It is one of the few places that will take reservations. A lot of underclassmen don’t know about Zoe, so it is a nice meal with a short wait. The restaurant serves a wide variety of upscale cocktails, and the menu features a lot of Hungarian-inspired cuisine. Prices range from $11 to $30 a plate, depending. So, like I said, it is a good place to take your parents!


5. Enjoy a heaping spoonful of soul at OMG! Rotisserie.

OMG! Rotisserie
OMG! Rotisserie

It’s a small adventure down Columbus Road, but the trip is well worth it. In the center of a concrete parking lot next to the Sunset Motel is this tiny orange restaurant lined with orange and yellow flowers. If you are in need of some fresh soul food, this is the perfect place to reach a comatose bliss. The menu is filled with  sweet and savory options, but there are a few absolute must haves when you venture out here. The chicken and sausage gumbo is a cup of flavor you won’t regret trying, the sweet potatoes are lathered in warm butter and sugar and the sweet tea has unlimited refills. Grab a breast and a wing and sit under the sun as you enjoy these delicious southern flavors. Prices range from $5 to $12.


Feel like I’m totally full of it and have no clue what food is? We want to hear what you think of these places and what your five favorite meals are. Join our conversation about what the best places are in Athens on Slack!

Athens’ little secrets

Here is something that may surprise you: Athens has a lot to do! But not every student makes the effort to check out some unique spots in-and-around Athens. So we decided to take you to a few places beyond Court Street that students may not think about when they explore Athens.


Athens Farmers Market

Make sure to check out this market on Saturdays from 9am-12pm on Saturdays, 9am-12pm Wednesdays (April-December) and 4pm-7pm Thursdays (May-September). Athens favorites such as Jackie O’s and Casa Nueva have booths where they sell some of their best foods (such as bread and salsa). Check it out though to see all the vendors, you can even grab a slice of pizza or a vegetable taco for lunch!

The Athens Farmers Market is located on 1000 East State Street, inside the parking lot of the Athens Mall. Here is the map if you want to find it. Starting in the fall of 2016, there will be a bus that will take you to the farmers market if you do not have a car.

Directions to the market from Court Street (in front of College Green)
Directions to the market from Court Street (in front of College Green) via Google Maps


Strouds Run State Park

About 15 minutes outside of Ohio University is a state park that stretches over 2,606 acres and includes hiking trails and a beach for anyone to enjoy. On a perfect day, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the weather. At Strouds, there are almost 80 campsites and 35 miles of trails that you can hike on (25 of those miles can be open to bikes).

The park is located on 11661 State Park Road in Athens, here is a map for directions.

Directions to Strouds Run from Court Street (in front of College Green)
Directions to Strouds Run from Court Street (in front of College Green) via Google Maps

Premiere Video



Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.48.21 PM


In an age where video stores close in favor of websites like Netflix and Amazon, Premiere Video serves as the exception that video stores cannot compete against the Internet. This store has hundreds of movie titles (both DVDs and VHS tapes) and offer great deals on a regular basis. So if you have a DVD player and/or a VCR, look no further than Premier Video for your movie needs.

Premiere Video is located on 284 East State Street.

Directions to Premiere Video from Court Street (in front of College Green)
Directions to Premiere Video from Court Street (in front of College Green) via Google Maps


ReUse Thrift Store

You can't miss the colorful facade of ReUse, their sign is just as quirky as the store.
You can’t miss the colorful facade of ReUse, their sign is just as quirky as the store.

ReUse is located on 100 Columbus Rd. On a nice day, enjoy a 40 minute walk from Campus taking W Carpenter St. all of the way until you hit Columbus Rd. There is also a bus that you can take for that costs a dollar per trip. Honestly, this thrift store has character. They have everything from clothes for 25 cents to cheap silverware and the occasional Hula girl. If you want to pull together a complete look for under five dollars while simultaneously getting a taste of real Athens county, ReUse is a must-go.

The Antique Mall 

I had a hard time leaving the antique mall without feeling sentimental.
There is something about antique malls that makes one feel mighty sentimental.

Make a day of thrifting on the West side of Athens. Just down the road from ReUse at 180 Columbus Rd. rests an AMAZING antique mall. The Athens Antique Mall is two floors of Appalachian gold. They have vintage clothing, mirrors, old books, records, trinkets and boxes galore. Even if you don’t have the money, making a trip to look around and see artifacts and history is well worth it. Plus you never know what you will find …



Hopefully none of you will say, “oh I wish I visited…” once you graduate from OU. These three places are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many places around town to visit and experience.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and explore Athens!





What’s up, Athens!


We are finally done hibernating! Now that the nasty winter is over it is time to take to the streets and have some fun. Here are some things you are not going to want to miss this spring.


3/12 ACRN presents: Pinegrove, Palm, Warehouse and Wished Bone. Doors open at 7 p.m. at Galbreath Church. The chapel is going to radiate the sounds of “Post-country indie rock jams you know & love,” “Rock that makes you feel like yr floating in water,” “Artsy-ass rock,” and “local magic folk,” according the event’s Facebook page.

Flyer by Sara Krivicich
Flyer by Sara Krivicich


3/12 The Crooked Spines, a local folk, pop-rock Athens band, is playing with Chicago band MAKS the Fox at Casa Nueva this Saturday at 9 p.m. “This will be our celebration after successfully achieving our fundraising goal, and completing our new EP, which will be out later in March,” according to the Facebook page.

Crooked Spines EP cover

3/14 When the Monday blues get you down and all you want to do is go to a grimy place and listen to some harsh music, you are covered. Neutral Fixation II, a punk band from Massachusetts, is playing at the Smiling Skull. Locals Weird Science who are coming off of a tour and newly released album and Stardaddy Dixie are also on the bill. Note: bring your earbuds.

Upcoming Sports Events:


3/10  Ohio men’s basketball defeated Northern Illinois, 79-62, Thursday night at Quicken Loans Arena. The second-seeded Bobcats now advance to the MAC Tournament semifinals to play the third-seeded Buffalo Bulls on Friday, March 11 at 9:00 p.m.

PHOTOS: Ohio vs. Northern Illinois

3/11 –  Four things to know ahead of Ohio (21-10) vs. Buffalo (18-14) MAC Tournament semifinals matchup.

Follow Ohio Men’s Basketball: @OhioMBasketball


3/11 – The Bobcats play its 2016 home opener today at 4:00 p.m. against IPFW. In their last game on Wed., March 9, Ohio won, 4-1, against Marshall to improve its record to 5-7 on the season.

Follow Ohio Baseball: @Ohio_Baseball


3/12 – Ohio softball travels to Bloomington, Ind. this weekend to participate in the Indiana Classic. The Bobcats (8-6) will kick-off competition with a doubleheader on Saturday, beginning at 12:15 p.m. against Drake University (7-7) then playing Indiana (11-8) at 2:30 p.m. Check out a preview of the Indiana Classic here from ohiobobcats.com

Follow Ohio Softball: @OhioBobcatSB


3/17 – The Ohio wrestling team will play in the 2016 NCAA Wrestling Championship, which takes place Thursday, March 17, to Sunday, March 20, at Madison Square Garden (NY). Three Ohio Bobcats drew overall seeds for the tournament (ohiobobcats.com).

Click here to purchase tickets for the event.

Follow Ohio Wrestling: @OhioU_Wrestling

Campus Events:

Pride Week at Ohio University

3/7 through 3/12 – Pride Week is hosted by the OU LGBT Center from now until Saturday. Check out the Pride Week event calendar and stay connected by following @OULGBTcenter on Twitter and using the hashtag #bobcatpriderainbowstyle

Egg Shells for Shelter Dogs

3/20 – Help raise money for Bobcats of the Shelter Dogs at this family-friendly event hosted at 1 p.m. in TailGreat Park by Her Campus Ohio U and Tau Beta Sigma. There will be a door prize, 50/50 raffle, and some furry friends, too!

Mom’s Weekend

4/1 through 4/3 – While you’re out there shaking what your mama gave ya for fest season, you should give Ma a good time during Mom’s Weekend. Yeah, bar-hopping is a popular choice, but check out the calendar of events for all the other cool activities going on, including concerts, comedy, food and more.

Strictly Social:

Photo by Andrew Spear https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwivkKrEybnLAhWGRiYKHZ1KDVYQjB0IBg&url=http%3A%2F%2Fandrewbspear.blogspot.com%2F2009%2F05%2Fpalmerfest-few-more.html&psig=AFQjCNGNA847gDaB729A84xPttis-Ikz-Q&ust=1457818030326243
Photo by Andrew Spear


3/12: It’s the second half of spring semester, Bobcats, and everyone knows what that means: fest season. Saturday, March 12th marks the official start of the season with Mill Fest. If you’re jonesing for a fest fix, check out last year’s video from the party.


If you’re one of the thousands of partygoers who will be hitting the streets this fest season, consider taking a look at these tips from the Athens News on how to stay safe.


And while you’re at it, here’s the lineup for the rest of fest season!


3/18: If you’re a Bobcat looking for big hair, bold colors and bomb bands, Casa is the place to be on March 18th. 80’s Night will be in full swing with DJ Barticus. Stop by for a good time with good people.


Official flyer for 80's Night at Casa on March 18th.
Official flyer for 80’s Night at Casa on March 18th.


If you’re like most of us and are counting down the minutes until Fetty Wap, The Chainsmokers, Niykee Heaton and more arrive in Athens, this video from a previous #Fest will get you pumped.






4/16: The official site for The Number Fest even has a real-time countdown for the big day. Until then, keep calm and party on.


Top 5 places to eat before a night out

Are you trying to decide on a place to eat before going out with your friends for your 21st birthday? Maybe you’re going to see a touring Broadway show at Memorial Auditorium but need to find a place to have a quality meal beforehand? With so many wonderful places to eat in Athens, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. No need to worry; I’ve done the research for you! These five eateries, all of which can be found on or just off of Court Street, are the best places to enjoy a meal before any kind of occasion.

Casa Nueva – 6 West State Street (All photos by Brooke Robinson)

Casa Nueva is a classic Athens favorite, and with delicious Mexican-style food, vegan and gluten-free options, and live music, it’s no wonder why. Casa even uses ingredients like pawpaws when they’re in season for a truly unique dining experience. Friendly service, a casual ambience, and some of the best quesadillas in town make this restaurant a hit.

O’Betty’s Red Hot – 15 West State Street

Perhaps you need to grab your food and run? Just across the street from Casa Nueva, O’Betty’s is a great little hole in the wall with famously delectable hot dogs. All the hot dogs on the menu are named after famous exotic and burlesque dancers, and vegetarian options are available. My personal recommendation is the Lily, which comes topped with homemade baked beans and cole slaw. Also, if you’re a cheese fan, their cheesy fries are the bomb. You can’t go wrong with O’Betty’s.

Sol – 33 North Court Street

Athens is known for having a variety of exotic cuisines, and Sol is the epitome of that. This restaurant specializes in Cuban dishes along with traditional college student favorites such as loaded nachos (with cheese, black beans, lettuce, tomato, fire-roasted salsa, red onion, and sour cream – yum). Many of their dishes are vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Try their Cuban fusion wrap, fish tacos, or maduros (slightly cartelized plantains) and enjoy the friendly staff.

Salaam – 21 West Washington Street

The minute you step into Salaam, the atmosphere sets the stage for the meal you’re about to have. Beaded curtains, colorful tapestries, and the hospitable employees make you feel right at home and ready for some amazing Mediterranean food. Try a plate of their Mediterranean pasta (penne pasta with basil pesto, feta, and sun-dried tomato) or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, the vegan vegetable curry with tofu (fresh vegetables with fried tofu and a tomato/coconut milk curry sauce served over basmati rice with coriander chutney and papadum).

Fluff Bakery – 8 North Court Street

Or maybe you’re more of the Leslie Knope-type and prefer to just fill up on dessert or baked goods before going out. Although Fluff Bakery also carries entrée-type food (sandwiches, salads, and salmon, just to name a few), they’re best known for their bakery, as you may have guessed. Their cannoli, pumpkin and red velvet cupcakes, macaroons, cinnamon twists, etc., are to die for. If you’re not hungry before walking in, the smell of the kitchen will have your mouth watering in no time.

Top 7 relationships in Athens, Ohio

We have all heard about the Hollywood celebrity dating scene, but I bet you didn’t know we have our own celebrity couples in Athens, Ohio. The rich and famous have made their way to our college town and I bet you run into them more than you think. That’s right, I’m talking about the bars and restaurants that are open after dark. We crowd them, take pictures, and follow their every move. You have been so focused on your favorite that I’m sure you haven’t noticed that they are all secretly in relationships. It’s true, and we have the inside scoop for you!


Jackie-O’s and Uptown Grill

Let’s start with two of the most famous establishments in Athens, Jackie-O’s and Uptown Grill. These love birds have been eyeing each other from across the street for years. After hanging out, listening to music, and enjoying the unique beers Jackie-O’s has, you can walk down the street and order the famous Chicken and Waffle sandwich. This is one couple you do not want to mess with.


Big Mamma’s Burritos and Casa Nueva

Big Mamma’s Burritos and Casa Nueva is one couple that is juat too hot to ignore. They are both so bold, but together would be a powerhouse. If you start to get hungry after too many margaritas, your next stop should be Big Mamma’s for one of their signature burritos. While there is a separation between them, these star crossed lovers can’t be separated. Te amo!


Broney’s Alumni Grill and D.P. Dough

Our next couple may be long distance, but Broney’s Alumni Grill and D.P. Dough will always be close at heart. With the word “alumni” in the name, it’s safe to assume that a lot of alums visit while reliving their glory days. Since they are veterans, they know how to beat the hangovers. They can order their calzones and meet it in the hotel, just in time for bed!


Tony’s and Insomnia Cookies

What is better than cookies and coffee? Nothing. Tony’s and Insomnia Cookies is a match made in Heaven. After drinking a Hot Nut, a mixture of coffee and liquor, the only thing that would make your night better would be a warm cookie! The best part is that Insomnia is open until 3 am, so you can pick it up on your way home!


Pigskin and Kisers on Court BBQ

Life would be a “boar” without Pigskin and Kiser’s BBQ together. This relationship was a no brainer. Nothing goes together like beer, BBQ, and country music. These two have just that! Kiser’s on Court is now open until 3 am on Friday and Saturday. This combination would be the perfect “cure” for any weekend night!


Union Street Diner, Cat’s Den, and The Smiling Skull

Here in Athens, Ohio, we don’t judge. When we heard that Union Street Dinner, Cat’s Den, and The Smiling Skull were in a relationship together, we welcomed them with open arms. All three of these places are located on Union Street and you can’t have one without the other. While these bars are considered “townie” bars, students just can’t resist them. After listening to the music and sitting on the patio, the only other logical stop would be the dinner. Thankfully it’s open 24/7.


Buffalo Wild Wings

And, of course, there’s always that one friend that will fall into the “forever alone” category. That friend is Buffalo Wild Wings. This restaurant serves food and alcohol late into the night. Between the beer, wings, and giant TV’s, why would you need anything else? Don’t worry BW3’s; we still love you!

Since the lifestyles of the rich and famous are constantly changing, what relationships are your favorites? Comment below and tell us your favorite duo in Athens, Ohio. You never know who might be next!

All photos and graphics of Athens, Ohio were taken and made by Hannah Funderburg

Gluten free me, Athens, Ohio

By a show of hands, how many of you have been to a restaurant and seen the tiny font at the bottom of the menu that reads, “We will gladly accommodate special dietary needs?” I know I have! It has become increasingly popular. This is mostly because of the high growth of dietary needs.

Now let’s imagine for a minute that you are gluten-free. Most people who live a gluten-free lifestyle have celiacs disease. If you have celiacs, you can’t eat bread, pizza, or even drink certain beers. You can’t eat anything with wheat, barley, or rye grains. If you do consume these things, you can get very sick. This could make things increasingly difficult.

Luckily, the town of Athens, Ohio has many different options for people who are gluten-free.

Fancy Pants Veggie Plate , Photo curtsey of chelseasrealfood.com/
Fancy Pants Veggie Plate , Photo curtsey of chelseasrealfood.com/

Chelsea’s Real Food Truck

According to Chelsea’s Real Food Truck’s website they are a “full-service mobile kitchen, serving locally-sourced, made from scratch, gluten-free foods.” This unique truck gets most of their food from local Athens farmers so their food is always fresh and unique according to the season. You can find this option at the Athens Farmers Market, 1000 East State Street, every Saturday from 9am-noon. She also travels to many different festivals and events during the year.

Casa Nueva

Casa Nueva Enchiladas. Photo courtesy of JoyusJoy Blog.

Another very local Athens treat is Casa Nueva. While this restaurant is known for its Bloody Mary and music, it also houses its own gluten-free menu. You are guaranteed the best local products when you visit, which makes it even better. One of my favorite Casa meals is an enchilada with pulled pork and BBQ sauce, mixed with cheese and onions. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The best part, it’s gluten free!  If that doesn’t strike your fancy, try something else on their gluten-free menu! Casa is at 4 W. State St.

Lui Lui

If you are looking for something a little different and higher end, Lui Lui’s in the place to go. With a wide variety of sushi and curry products, there are many gluten-free options. If you stop in, you should try their chicken jalfrezi. It will really get your taste buds working. They have many other options that you can browse here. They are located at 8 Station St. and are very accommodating if you let your server know.

Avalanche Pizza

The Avalanche Ranch Pizza. Photo Provided by avalanchepizza.net
The Avalanche Ranch Pizza. Photo Provided by avalanchepizza.net

Pizza is a huge staple in the lives of college students. Avalanche Pizza has trained its employees and is dedicated to serving gluten-free pizzas and subs. You can order a make your own 12” pizza with whatever toppings you can imagine on it. If you don’t feel like pizza, try one of their six subs. They range from veggie, to steak and are full of wonderful and fresh ingredients. You can take a look for yourself at all of the mouthwatering products they offer.

Last but not least

Boyd Dinning Hall

West Green Market is open for 3 meals a day and plays a part in the special diets on campus. Photo curtosey of Ohio Culinary Service
West Green Market is open for 3 meals a day and plays a part in the special diets on campus. Photo curtosey of Ohio Culinary Service

Ohio University spent all of spring semester 2015 renovating Boyd Dining Hall. Located on West Green, Boyd features new special dining options to accompany its redone look.  In the far back corner sits a station dedicated to serving students with special diets. Here, they serve gluten-free noodles, cakes, cupcakes, and sandwiches. They even have deep fryers dedicated to special needs. This is to help serve the growing population of gluten-free students on campus.

While there are many more places in and around Athens to eat and explore, these are some of the best choices for gluten-sensitive residents. Do you have a favorite spot that has a gluten-free menu? Comment below and share! Happy eating!