The best kept secrets about Victoria’s Secret and the truth that goes on behind the magic

Health and fitness have become leading movements and have been capturing the attention of many young women. We have finally realized it’s important to treat the human body with respect.

This includes hydrating, working out, eating right and having a positive self-image. Coincidentally, the leader in this trend is Victoria’s Secret.

Recently, Victoria’s Secret has focused on their sports line. This has included a focus on health and fitness, especially in preparation for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This hoopla doesn’t happen without the angels’ effort in the gym and on the runway and the employees’ effort in the stores.

It’s not all fun and games for employees

Victoria’s Secret employs thousands of women in a range of locations. Most days they can be found folding panties or looking in the back for more leggings to be added to the shelf. The truth is as much as they the clothing and fragrances, sometimes it isn’t what it’s ideal. Between the awkward fathers trying to buy bras and the way the panties table looks after the Semi-Annual Sale the secrets of a Victoria’s Secret employee makes it sound a lot more intimidating.

Give Victoria’s Secret. Unwrap sexy. ’Tis the season, after all.

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“Train like an angel”

To become fit like the Victoria’s Secret angels it’s surprising to some that they focus on weight training, ballet techniques and being tone because lean is not the answer anymore. Training like an angel means bootcamp. The best techniques can be found online at the Victoria’s Secret Youtube channel. To your surprise your new routine might include more weight lifting and less cardio.

Eat healthy, be healthy

Balanced diets are the best and most successful. Regardless of vegan, high-protein or loads of vegetables and fruits eating enough, and eating right, is the best way to get results for that dream body. This does not mean having to eat small portions, but instead it means eating throughout the day and balancing the food groups. If you’re looking for ideas, check out some of the angels’ personal diet plans. Finding what’s best for your body helps keep you lean and toned. These plans may not be the biggest diet plans but shh, don’t tell anyone.

?? life!

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The glamorous runway lifestyle 

Yes. The angels are gorgeous when they hit the stage after months of training, but there’s many downsides that viewers of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show don’t take into consideration when they dream about being one of the angels. For starters, the fantasy bra is extremely heavy, the average heel height is 6 inches and the wings can weigh around 25 pounds. The heaviest pair of wings weighed in at 40 pounds. So next time you’re dreaming about being an angel read up on the runway secrets that can’t be seen from the television.

Au revoir, Paris. Here’s to the most fabulous #VSFashionShow ever!!

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Behind the scenes 

So what actually goes on behind the scenes? Natural beauty tips and tricks. This includes natural makeup application, natural hair and beach waves ideas and even health tricks. The day of the show the beauty tricks are loaded up and the health tricks are thrown away. All liquids, including water, are cut off. However, the year long diets and exercises are the key aspect to make the angels look the way they do on the night of the show. Next time you want to look your best and get “the look” of a Victoria’s Secret angel remember to keep it natural, stay healthy and exercise.

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Beauty brands brought to your doorstep

For Ohio University students, the nearest free-standing Sephora store is more than an hour away.

“A makeup store would be sweet (in Athens) — like a Sephora,” Gina Rossi, an OU senior studying strategic communication, said.

But now, people have the ability to get luxury designer brands delivered to their doorstep with the click of a mouse.

Makeup subscription services have become a new trend in beauty. Offering sample and full-size products, these services allow people to sample an array of products — without ever having to go to the store. 

Rossi said she has tried Mary Kay delivery service, and she would be interested in trying a new one if she likes the product.

Until buying makeup in Athens is no longer “awful,” as Rossi said, here are four services students can sign up for right now:


Probably one of the most well-known of the beauty subscription services, BirchBox boasts samples in either a “beauty box” catered toward women, or a “grooming box” for the men. The kits can be personalized based on categories like hair type, style and more. Boxes can also be gifted to another and include products from brands like Benefit and Smashbox.

Cost: $10 a month, or $110 for a year  


Brought to you by YouTube-celeb Michelle Phan, Ipsy sends “four to five deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products” each month, according to its site. Ipsy calls this a Glam Bag and it does in fact come with a reusable makeup bag every go-around. Glam Bags are personalized and include brands such as NYX, Smashbox, IT Cosmetics and Urban Decay.

Cost: $10 a month

PLAY! by Sephora

Sephora is a little late to the game, but is now offering up its products through another monthly subscription-box service. Six product samples are sent each month along with a PLAY! BOOK with tips and a PLAY! PASS “for a free one-on-one learning session with a beauty expert,” according to its website. Products are chosen by employees and include brands like Marc Jacobs, Sephora, and Bumble and bumble.

Cost: $10 a month. This service is only available in certain cities and by invitation-only sent via email.


Glossybox may be more expensive, but members receive five deluxe-size products each month from an extensive list of high-end brands. In a pink-and-black reusable box, products are picked by employees. Brands working with Glossybox include Fresh, O.P.I. and Oscar de la Renta.

Cost: $21 a month, $21 6-month plan ($122 paid upfront), $18.50 12-month plan ($222 paid upfront)