What is a basic?

Let’s take time to discuss what it means to be #basic.

There is a lot of basic hate, but is that because no one really understands the term? Even those who come to the defense of basic girls can’t accurately define the phrase. I have found only one video that came close to describing the phenomenon: “In a way everyone can be basic but not everyone can be basic.”

There is nothing wrong with affixing the term basic to your description of a person. So often people are quick to assume basics are materialistic trend followers when in reality there are so many different kinds of basics who choose to be that way. As a self-described basic girl, I like to keep the words from Buzzfeed video editor Keith Habersberger in mind whenever I hear basic hate: “After all, when you call someone basic you are judging a book by its cover. You are judging a person’s character by the material items they possess and really that superficial judgmental behavior is so basic.”