6 pieces of avocado toast that will make white people care about the border wall

As many are aware, white people love their avocados. In fact, they seem to care more about most things when avocados are impacted. So, before Trump’s border wall makes avocados more expensive than ever, enjoy these photos of America’s favorite brunch.

1. Fancy avocado toast

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

Wow, look at that. Delicious. Did you know that Trump has proposed paying for his $14 billion wall by charging Mexico a tax of 20 percent on items exported to the United States.

2. Simple avocado toast

Photo by Kjokkenutstyr Net via Flickr

So simple, yet so beautiful. Yum. Guess what, 70 percent of vegetables and 40 percent of fruits consumed by Americans, come from Mexico.

3. Anti-vegetarian avocado toast

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

Avocado + Bacon = ‘Merica.  Here’s a fun fact for you: 93 percent of avocados sold in the United States come from Mexico. Who knows how many of those are actually consumed due to the very small window of ripeness avocados have.

4. Avocado toast with an egg

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

See those tomatoes on there. Yep, there’s a pretty good chance they’re from Mexico. Seventy-one percent of tomatoes sold in the U.S. come from Mexico.

5. Avocado toast with watermelon radishes (?!?)

Photo by T.Tseng via Flickr

Does anyone actually know what watermelon radishes are? No. Did they come from Mexico? Very likely (if that’s even a real vegetable). Will they be more expensive after the border wall? Um, probably (looks more like Sour Patch Watermelons to me…)

6. “Fanciest avocado toasts. Period.”

Photo via Google Images

Quote courtesy of Sean Spicer (not really) Look at this little garden of avocado roses on toast. Oh and for the record, America imported over $1.3 billion worth of beer from guess who. That’s right, Mexico.


Spoiler alert:

White Americans make 16 times more than African Americans and about 12 times more than Latinos. So, this article might not mean much to them after all. Also, Sean Spicer did not contribute to this article despite attempts to contact him.