J Bar Thursday’s are the best Thursday’s for you and me: a real night out at The J Bar

For anyone who hasn’t spent their time at 41 N. Court St. it’s advised you make a trip to this local Athens establishment. Here’s a short recap of a typical Thursday night from the perspective of the bartenders and fellow OU students. From great drinks, an awesome staff and a wide variety of music, thanks to the DJ many Ohio U. students refer to as DJ Dick Slap, J Bar rarely disappoints. Check out a J Bar Thursday experience now!

Under 21 in Athens? Go Hiking.

Sometimes, you need to go on a true adventure to understand where you are in the universe. I’m not talking about a night of binge drinking with the bros/bras. I am referring to a journey of spirit and vigor. A hiking trip. Holla back. Below, I outline some of the many ways to have fun in Athens while under 21 years old. Drinking is overrated, dudes. #Straightedgeforlife #Killingit #Godsnotdead