The Athena Cinema is Athens’ Mecca of Film

Surrounded by the bustle of the Athens night life, The Athena Cinema sits reserved and dignified.

The Athena promotes its showings of "Carol," "Brooklyn" and "Spotlight."
The Athena promotes its showings of “Carol,” “Brooklyn” and “Spotlight.”

Like all movie theaters, The Athena offers escape from the everyday. However, the difference between The Athena and other movie theaters is a century-long demonstrated passion for film. This is where I go when I am stressed, or when I want something other than Michael Bay explosions and spandex-clad muscle men beating the crap out of each other.

While I love many different kinds of movies, sometimes I get sick of big budget films that often lack substance. Luckily, The Athena is around to offer something different.

Dedicated almost exclusively to independent films, The Athena is a self proclaimed “non-profit cultural institution.” I go to The Athena to see “Spotlight” or “Trumbo,” the kind of movie experiences I would not necessarily get at The Fun Barn or The Athena Grand. The Athena does more than simply show films, they celebrate them.

One example of this is when The Athena held a “What Does The Future Hold?” series that showed films, such as “The Imitation Game,” that were paired with talks on future scientific issues.

This analysis and discussion of great films is what sets The Athena apart. This is a film lover’s theatre, a place where you can feel free to nerd out about movies. As someone who lives in Athens and loves movies, The Athena is a home away from home.