The 5 best smart phones you can buy right now

With so many manufactures making great smart phones in today’s market, the options can become overwhelming. These are the 5 best smart phones you can buy right now and why they may be the best communication device for you over the next two or more years.

1. Google Pixel XL

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The Google Pixel XL is the first phone that Google controlled the entire production process. For this phone Google manufactured the hardware and the software for the fastest and cleanest version of Android ever. It’s still Android though so it’s as customizable as ever and you will always get the newest software updates first straight from Google themselves. The Pixel has a top of the line price tag but it also has top of the line specs to match.

2. IPhone 7 Plus

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You can never go wrong with an IPhone. There is a reason that it seems that everyone owns one, it’s a great phone. The IPhone 7 Plus is no exception. This is Apple’s fastest IPhone yet by a wide margin and it is as smooth as can be. There are tradeoffs with this phone however. In this generation IPhone you gain water resistance but you lose a headphone jack.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is hands down the best looking smart phone on the market today. With its curved, almost bezeless display, it is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It also touts the best screen on any smartphone as well. Not to mention it is water resistant and the only phone on this list with wireless charging. It is hard to go wrong with the S7 edge if you have the money for it, this phone really is the full package.

4. OnePlus 3T

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The OnePlus 3T is definitely the no-name smartphone of this listicle, even though it should’t be. The 3T is the best value in smartphones right now. it gives you 95% of the performance of all the other smartphones on this list for less than half of the price. With a premium build and specs, if you’re looking for a great smartphone on a budget, look no further.

5. LG G5

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The LG G5 is sort of a mixed bag of a smartphone, but if you are a heavy power user it is the best phone on this list. LG took a risk trying to make this smartphone modular, but it ended up being more gimmicky than actually useful. The important thing is that the G5 has a removable battery, so you can always keep one charged and swap it on the go, something that no other phone on this list can do. You literally never have to plug this phone into the wall if you don’t want to, removable batteries are a dying breed in smartphones these days.

Students give mixed reviews over Apple’s newest iOS update

Apple’s latest iOS model didn’t make any dramatic changes anywhere, but that didn’t keep the reactions from being polarizing across the board.

According to its website, Apple claims the newest software, iOS 9, is supposed to make its Siri feature more proactive, improve security, and make battery life last longer. It also added new built-in apps, such as the News app, which gathers stories from user-chosen outlets into one place and is continuously updating, and the Wallet app, which organizes the user’s credit cards and other rewards cards for accessibility through the phone, even from the lock screen.

The update did not, however, come without drawbacks. Four significant bugs have been announced by Apple in the short time since the new software was made available, with each one getting repaired in a semi-timely manner. But some things aren’t that easy to fix. Some people complained about the update taking up too much space, and either couldn’t get the update at all, or could only download it after removing a significant amount of data from their phone.

For many users, the ultimate feeling about the update was that there was plenty of give and take.

“I haven’t noticed a huge difference but I like the way you close out of apps, sliding them up is so much easier,” junior Shannon Altenbach said. “But I hate the update on the music, it’s awful. And the update is a lot like a Mac setup so I get a notification, like, daily to update my phone, which is annoying.”

Student responses on Twitter carried just as many mixed emotions:

While the new apps were the most newsworthy changes made in the new software, some users were drawn more to the aesthetic twists offered in the update.

“I like the slightly-altered font,” sophomore Jordan Horrobin said. “It doesn’t make a big difference in the grand scheme of things, but it gives you the feeling of having a newer phone and that’s sort of cool.”