Athena Cinema celebrates 100th year

The Athena Cinema is one of the oldest movie theaters in the nation. It opened its doors in 1915 and was restored by Ohio University in 2001. It is an integral part of Athens from a historic and entertainment standpoint.

Their mission statement reads, “Our goal as a community- based, mission-driven theater is to bring the finest premiere art house cinema to Southeastern Ohio. Today, we are a nonprofit cultural institution, dedicated
 to our mission and committed to creating a wide array of film-going experiences.”

The Athena has been celebrating its 100th year with monthly screenings of classic movies starting back in January. The screenings show how the art of movie making has evolved over the last 100 years.

All shows start at 3:00 PM and there are four more showings within the 100th Anniversary Film Series that you can’t miss!

9/26: Annie Hall (Drama/Romance 1977)

10/24: Do the Right Thing (Drama 1989)

11/21: Brokeback Mountain (Drama/Romance 2005)

12/26: The Artist (Drama/Comedy 2011)

You can check out more about the 100th Anniversary and other events or show times on their website. The Athena Cinema is an integral part of Athens and OU culture. Go out and celebrate 100 years of history with some popcorn and a good movie!