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Welcome back to SewThrifty, your monthly guide and inspiration for future thrifting projects! This month, we’ll be covering the essential tips for novice thrifters.

1. Sewing Basics

Have you been thrifting only to be met by ill-fitting clothes? Either the waist is too loose, the sleeves are too long or the buttons are, literally, hanging by a thread? Why not try your hand at sewing? If you’re new to pins and needles AND you’re on a budget, TheCraftyGemini has compiled a useful list for sewing beginners that will help during your next trip to the craft store.


2. Thrifty Tips

Image by Dwight Burdette via Wikimedia Commons

Sure you can spend the whole day at Athens’ Goodwill but what’s the point if you don’t come out finding any clothing item that is definitely “The One”? The Odyssey has dug deeper into the minds of fashion students to bring you 11 tips to help you grow your wardrobe while keeping your budget.

FUN FACT – did you know the Goodwill on East State Street has a 30 percent student discount every Wednesday?


3. Simply simple

TheSorryGirls‘s — Kelsey and Becky — YouTube series “Thrift Flip” has cute yet simple home decor that are easy enough for beginners while still looking perfectly insta-worthy. There are also several tutorials in the playlist for the non-sewing thrifting crowd, like their brilliant ideas to turn a TV tray to a laptop stand or plastic dinosaur toys to succulent planters.


4. Expert Advice

April from coolirpa has produced yet ANOTHER amazing Thrifted Transformations on YouTube. This time, she’s transformed a thrifted skirt to a stylish overall dress. Although April’s tutorials have been steadily increasing in its sewing difficulty level, her videos are always inspirational.


5. Pin It

If all else fails and you don’t feel your inspiration kicking in, why not browse through Pinterest for inspiration? Try out the simpler Do-It-Yourself projects such as magazine/paper baskets or cereal box storage bins.



Have fun and stay thrifty!

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