In my place: Alden Library

This is the second floor entrance to the Learning Commons, the location Savoldi works at as a Multimedia Specialist.
The view from behind the Learning Common's Desk. As a Multimedia Specialist at Alden Library, Savoldi assists patrons with everything from printing to checking out books.
The view from behind the Learning Common’s Desk. As a Multimedia Specialist at Alden Library, Savoldi assists patrons with everything from printing to checking out books.

I hate Ohio University.

Yes, you read that right.

This is no home away from home for me. I knew from the moment I arrived freshman year that this was not the place I was meant to be. From the party scene reputation to the small town vibe, I just don’t fit in here. After considering transferring, I decided on graduating a year early and staying busy with work in the meantime. So then began the journey to find a job, but little did I know that this job would actually end up finding me.

I started working at Alden Library as a Multimedia Specialist in September of last year. Every day the tasks remain the same: addressing printing issues, checking items out to patrons, making sure the supply table is stocked, answering online chat questions, the list goes on. Some may think I’m crazy for enjoying such a mundane line of work; however, it’s the morale of Alden’s Learning Commons that invigorates each shift.

This job is more than just a place where I clock in and out. It’s allowed me to meet some of my dearest friends while also gaining valuable experience to build my resume. Not only do I get to interact with my fellow coworkers, but I also get the pleasure of helping fellow Bobcats discover the tools they need to better their studies.

Every time I walk through those double doors, I forget about the melancholy Athens brings me. Whether it’s a hectic Monday afternoon or late night Friday shift, the positivity never fades. Alden has given me the ability to see my potential, find my passions and ultimately recognize the radiant person I’m supposed to be.

Although hate may be a strong word, so is love and I absolutely love my job at Alden Library. It’s my favorite place to be.

Author: Hadley Savoldi

Ohio University Scripps School of Visual Communication Interactive Multimedia // Journalism Minor

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  1. First of all – preach, Hadley. I, too, refuse to drink the Cool-Aid and strongly dislike this place for a number of reasons. So, let me take a moment to commend you for you’re bravery in stating your hatred for this place in your first sentence. Second, I think it is really cool you’ve found a place you can enjoy and grow from. That, I think, is the reason why a lot of people like Athens, because they find a place, person or activity that brings them happiness.

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