Parents Weekend offered an array of activities

Luke Furman | Court Street Stories

Ohio University’s 2015 Parents Weekend provided a variety of familiar entertainment in athletics, theatrics and, not to mention, the bars.

Ohio Bobcats Football faced off against Southeastern Louisiana on Saturday attracting a total of 22,895 students, parents and everyone in between.

Despite two 30-minute lightning delays during its second half, the home football game ended favorably for the Bobcats with a final score of 35-14. This win propelled the Bobcats to a record of 3-0.

However, many did not see this victory live as the rain and lightning delays cleared the stands toward the end of the second half.

Later that day, many students and parents flocked from the rained-out game and crowd-flooded uptown to attend Second City’s skit, improvisational comedy show, which kicked off at 8 p.m. in The Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

The comedy troupe, which past members include Tina Fey, Steve Carrell and many other accomplished actors, performed for nearly two and a half hours, touching on and satirizing topics such as generational difference, romantic tension and, appropriately, parenting.

“It was a really great show,” Calvin Haines, a sophomore studying chemical engineering who was accompanied by his parents, said. “They paced the jokes very well and the skits were creative.”

Following the show, many students and parents headed down Court Street to the bars, with several establishments garnering sizable crowds outside waiting to get in.

But aside from scheduled events and the bars, some students chose to show their parents what day-to-day life in Athens is like.

“(My parents and I) ate at Union Street Diner, then went and shopped at a few bookstores, and I showed them around Ping,” Gianna Montague, a sophomore studying biology, said. “They had a lot of fun!”

The weekend most likely also included supply runs to Walmart, long waits at Casa Nueva, and many, many family portraits uploaded to Instagram.

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